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What do you name your pokemon?

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This thread is for talking about what you name your pokemon.

Some of my examples,are my ponyta named Epona,and a pachirisu named Yachiru. I plan to catch a swinub,and name it Ganon.

XD Mewtwo

I don't nickname my pokemon, mainly because I suck at coming up with names, and because I don't want to.

Pokemon Z RPG

Little Squirt
Sometimes I just don't name them, but most of the time I name them either after my friends/family or whatever random names I can think of at the time.
I don't usually name my pokemon except for in my Platinum. The only good names were Inferno for my Infernape and Gordo for my Snorlax. My Torterra's name is Twigy but that kinda lost its glory after Turtwig evolved...


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I don't normally name my Pokemon. There was one time that I named a Flygon "Diggon" because it knew Dig. I have a friend who would name his pokemon weird things like "3x+4y=12."


i name my pokemon based on people i know, people from tv shows, or just whatever pops up into my mind


Only time I do is for friendly matches with my friends, or for the ingame, I always name my water type 'firefiter' for the heck of it

The Seer

I use my friends and family's names for some of my pokemon.
Only if I'm in the mood for it. Some of my nicknamed Pokémon are: Lalita (Latias), Kissy (Togekiss), Gripper (Dusknoir), Stallord (Forretres) and Milkshake (Miltank). Yeah, my nicknames suck XD

Fossil Man

Depends, Some pokemon I see a resemblance to other people or characters in games, books, or other media.

My Marowak "Flint" and my Heracross "Duster" are both named off of two of the main characters from the game Mother 3 for example. I like them both a lot so I decided to make a tribute to the two greatest characters of all time.


Magic School Dropout
Sometimes I just go with something that sounds amusing, or I add on honorifics. For example, a Tentacruel named Tentchan.

For others, however, I go with references to other media or mythology. Like a Jigglypuff with Sunny Day and Solarbeam named Amaterasu, for a mythological reference, or a Slowking named Namor, for a comic book reference.


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Sometimes I have problems nicknaming my Pokemon, but mostly I give the ones that I use the most nicknames. For example, I called my Garchomp "Land Shark" and my Togekiss "Lucky".


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I either name them I thought was awesome from whatever I'm into at the time (I once played a fully Star Wars themed game) especially from animes, choose something meaningful to me, or just make something up on the spot that randomly fit that mon.
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