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What do you NOT want to see in HG/SS?

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What is it that you don't want to see in the remakes?

I don't want to see same old plot with Team Rocket or apricorn balls replaced by DP Poke balls.

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<b>apricorn balls replaced by DP Poke balls</b>

Thats the only thing that comes to mind for me. That would be terrible if they did that


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I don't want to see the same low levels the game had, they need to be bumped up overall

especially Mt. Silver, after reaching that area, lv. 40s are jsut too low to get decent exp


sharingan warrior
i dont want the region to be full of gen 4 pokemon and maybe only gen 3 in kanto but not too many of them would ruin the whole feeling of G/S, the red gyarados will hopefully stay and i hope the levels are higher


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Bidoof plagues! lol Yes high levels, first gym levels 10-14.


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i don't want to see:
-low levels (don't get me wrong, Jhoto is my favorite reagon, but the levels need to be bumped up...even Red's. I say Lv.90 Pikachu, the the rest high 80's)
-Honey trees (headbutting FTW)
-PokeTech like PokeGear (it'd take away from the awesomeness the PokeGear was)


Good boy.
-Apricorn balls removed
-Headbutting replaced with honey tree
-Starter pokemon NOT following me after a certain period

I personally don't care much for the low leveled bit. It was quite challenging and fun! :)


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-Apricorn balls removed
-Headbutting replaced with honey tree

I personally don't care much for the low leveled bit. It was quite challenging and fun! :)

This, this, this, THIS!


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I DON'T want see the gym leaders and E4 at really low levels. I also DON'T want to see Team Rocket have a lame plan.I'm sute though, that HGSS wouuld be awesome.


Water FTW!
Like almost everyone in this thread, I want higher levels. I'd like it to be a little more challenging. :D

wifi red gyrados spam

^ Also this. Now that anyone can have a red gyrados, a lot of kids will be trading for better pokemon. :/


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Come on guys, stop wanting to complicate their lives. This games are made so we have the possibility of trading Pokémon to DPPt. Removing the actual balls to create some new useless ones which CAN'T be traded to DPPt is simply stupid. Moon ball wth? Are you kidding me? We don't need that. -_-'

The only thing besides sucky useless old items (the balls, the berries, etc.) I don't want in HGSS is Kanto. Give me something new and actually cooler/harder than some boring 8 more gyms I can easily pass with my immortal top-leveled Feraligatr.


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HIGHER LEVELS. There is no excuse for Red not to have at least one lv.90+ on his team.

Also, while it's definitely not going to happen, I don't want no frikin Orange Islands in MY Johto remake. <__< It's just a poor man's Battle Frontier. If there's that much space left over WITH Kanto added in that they just have to fill up, they should use that space for more realistic extra features like more weather patterns, breeding additions, traveling rivals, etc.
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I don't want the old Johto Pokedex, but a mixture of Pokemon from other regions (related to Johto) just like Platinum's Sinnoh Dex.

I also don't want the low-level Pokemon gym leaders and Elite 4, as well as their invaried teams.


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low level pokemon.
Honey trees.
Starter Pokémon following me everywhere.
(Just some certain cities/towns/ and Pokémon centres.)
Team Rocket with a lame plan.


Unleash your Phantom
What I don't want:

~Two rivals, one with each starter (this really bugged me about DP, and I don't want it messing with HGSS. One rival, one starter)

~Honey trees (headbutt any day of the week)

~Battle Frontier (I know many people enjoy these, but I hate them- they are extremely boring and their only purpose is spamming with high IV/EV pokemon)

~removal of Kanto (Kanto was a big part of GSC, and removing it would make it too different than the originals)

~Contests (They kept them out of FRLG, for which I am grateful. Johto doesn't have them, Johto doesn't need them. If they do have contests, I hope they return to a more RSE-like contest format- the format in DP is so much more annoying than the RSE format.)
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