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What do you NOT want to see in HG/SS?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation IV Discussion' started by Janovy, May 10, 2009.

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  1. Volt of Noid

    Volt of Noid <-- Best Shiny ever

    I DONT want that stupid shiny Gyarados. Imagine how it is for all the people how have legit shiny Gyarados's from D/P/Pt? its gonna make them useless and they won't have any value. Plus, now everyone gets a shiny. No one is without a shiny.

    Just what we needed. And I'm one of the ones without a shiny.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 12, 2009
  2. ~Spacial_Rendation~

    ~Spacial_Rendation~ De Ibwis Twigga!

    You just lost the game. Shiny Gyara HAS be confirmed, WILL be in the game and now you can't stop moaning.

    *Slow Clap*
  3. Meganium Ex

    Meganium Ex Banned

    I just can't stand selfish idiots like you.

    Not everyone is lucky enough to come across a shiny. Not everyone is a master at the PokeRader. And everyone deserves at least one chance to catch a Shiny. I sure as hell appreciated it when I was a kid and got a chance to catch a red Gyarados. Not every little kid that plays Pokemon knows what a Shiny even is. The red Gyarados not only introduced kids of GSC to Shiny Pokemon, but gaves them a opportunity to own one.

    Just because you're Shiny Gyarados will have a lesser value doesn't mean you should be selfish and want no one else to have a chance to get one too. Got it? Good.
  4. Arceus - The Original One

    Arceus - The Original One Ruler of Isshu

    There is nothing wrong about not wanting a Gyarados, all you have to do is kill it, if you don't want, and even if everyone gets it, it will still be elusive, because how many actual Gyarados, would geniunely say, 'Caught at Lake Rage'.

    Ok that would be alot, but there would be someone who tried to pass their Gyarados off as the Lake Rage one.
  5. Sarracenia

    Sarracenia Pokémagpie Zog

    Not wanting the red Gyarados isn't selfish at all. ._.

    The Red Gyarados is not a 'proper' shiny. It isn't rare because everyone gets it shiny.
    Everyone getting a free 'shiny' Gyarados greatly lowers the value of any normal shiny Gyarados and by extension most other shinies. The Wi-Fi trading will be inundated with people trying to trade the Red Gyarados, thinking it's valuable (when it isn't at all), and this just annoys people and removes almost all interest in proper shiny Gyarados.

    It's like the VGC Milotic or PCP: they're not rare shinies, they're just event pokémon which are shiny. No more valuable than any other event, and by extension Red Gyarados is no more valuable than any other one-off Pokémon like Ho-Oh or Giratina.

    And besides, shinies aren't even rare. You can hatch a shiny egg in literally 20 minutes of work these days and even choose the nature, gender and ability that you want. It's not hard. And neither is getting a worthless red Gyarados.
  6. Arceus - The Original One

    Arceus - The Original One Ruler of Isshu

    How would most other shinies suffer, all the other shinies can't be encountered as part of an event like Gyarados.
  7. Hydrohs

    Hydrohs 安らかに眠ります、岩田さん。 Staff Member Super Mod

    It's not going to lower the value of anything except Gyarados caught at the Lake of Rage >.<

    Delete it then...

    This is completely untrue. It's only going to lower the value of Gyarados caught at the Lake of Rage. EVERY other Shiny Gyarados will still be just as rare. As for the GTS, who cares? How many people actually trade their shinies on the GTS. There are very few. Shiny trades are going to be done person-to-person over Wi-Fi and those people will be able to see where said shiny came from.

    And there is no way it will lower the value of other shinies.
  8. Sarracenia

    Sarracenia Pokémagpie Zog

    They will, because people will be offering Red Gyarados all the time, and anyone trading for a first shiny now has the Red Gyarados so they don't have to trade and likely won't be prepared to trade as much for it. Normal Gyarados will still lose a ton of value because Gyarados has no worthwhile egg moves and they'll all be the same in battle. People won't bother getting a normal shiny Gyarados because they just get handed the guaranteed one. Just because it's caught in a different location (which you can't even see while in battle) doesn't mean it'll be classified differently by the majority. Plus by the looks of things, the Red Gyarados is even tougher than any other shiny Gyarados. This will also greatly lower demand for normal ones.
  9. Carlisle

    Carlisle BAM

    No one cares.

    This is a children's game, it's pathetic and a waste of time to care about a "shiny Gyarados" losing its "value."
  10. Erik Destler

    Erik Destler cool cool cool

    I'm closing this topic.
    It can be remade, I guess.
    But, the next one will have ~no whining~
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