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What do you NOT want to see in HG/SS?

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I dont wanna see low levels or the starter following you everywhere.


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I'm feeling really alone being the only person who wants a updated game, and not an old Johto game with better graphics and nothing else. Oh well. I hope Gamefreak stays with me. X_X


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I don't want honey trees, low levels, 3th/4th gen pokemon. I also want better Viridian forest and Safari zone in kanto, just to make it more complete. And much higher leveled kanto gym leaders than in the originals.

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The Gold and Silver remakes should remove the low level trainers and make them stronger. I want this game to be a challenge for me.

I hope that the remakes don't include Honey Trees since those things were just a horrible idea in my opinion.
What do I not want to see?

Honey Trees: Nice idea, honestly, but not the best execution. Making it timed was pretty horrible if you wound up forgetting about playing the game for a day.

Exclusives in Bug Catching Contest: Yeah, there's no need for it. You've already got exclusive bugs (Spinarak and Ledyba), so unless there's newer ones from 3rd or 4th gen, I wouldn't bother with making any exclusive. Maybe make one more common than the other (Pinsir in one version, Scyther in the other)? That'd be fine with me.

Low Level Leaders and E4: What can I say? First time through Silver and Crystal, they were okay. Second time through? Not nearly as hard.

Pokemon from RSE or DPPt: Not until the national 'dex is gained, anyway. Same goes for legendaries from FR/LG.

Apricorn deletion: I could see them making the Apricorns a required component of DPPt pokeballs, and you'd have to go out and collect them in order to give them to that guy who made the Apricorn balls. I figure that he'll either give you the balls for free or for a discount compared to higher prices for the ones sold in a pokemart.

Headbutt Tree deletion: Now, this I liked. I think that there should be a numerical limit per tree, per day, however (say, twice per tree per day) rather than being able to do it all day long. I dunno about you, but knocking down a dozen Weedle, half a dozen Aipom, and a couple of other bugs before coming up with a Heracross is just really weird- I'd expect the Heracross to get the heck outta there ASAP after a few headbutts, if it wasn't knocked out of the tree in the first place.

Move Tutor Inflation: Please, no more 200,000 poke-dollar TMs (dang casinos). Remember when the Move Tutor would teach 'em for 10,000 in Crystal? Granted, if there are more trainers, or at least if the monetary rewards go up, then the price can go up, but sheesh!

Starter following: Not unless there's a good reason, and making the game like Yellow is not a good reason. Maybe if they seek out rare pokemon in a route or something once a day? That might work and be worth it.


What I don't want to see:
-Honey Trees: NO
-Pokegear staying the same: I don't want to be interupted by trainers all that often, but I want the radio to stay.
-Kanto ripped out: Kanto was a big chunck of the game.
-Low levels
-Orange Islands: I'd rather have a Battle Frontier if they are going to add anything.

I'm feeling really alone being the only person who wants a updated game, and not an old Johto game with better graphics and nothing else. Oh well. I hope Gamefreak stays with me. X_X

You aren't alone. An old game with better graphics would be a tad boring, imo.


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I hate the freakin apricorn balls!!!!

take them outta the freakin game!!!

or redo the whole apricorn thing!!!

thats all i can think of!


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Well I would want a modified PokeGear where I get numbers of people who actually give valuable education and not info of what they caught or have not caught.

I also prefer headbutting over the Honey.
I dun wanna see Bidoof :<
No really, I dont want to see Gen III/IV pokeomn roaming round Johto. Whats the point, you can already get them


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I hope that the Apricorn balls stay, as well as Headbutt trees.

I would like to see Kanto removed only if it severely interferes with Johto's awesomeness.


-I really dont want to have to find something to let me trade with DPP like in LG/FR(the ruby and the sapphire)
- The bug catching contest thing unless they update it (new pokemon, new features, new prizes)
-no weak pokemon we need higher lv wild, trainer, gym, E4
-the new tms/hms (they better not include de fog, and rock climb)and bring back the old tms like fire punch, dynamic p., ice p., thunder p.,,,u know wat i mean
-the kanto E4 (HG SS need an updated E4! i can play LG/FR for the old one)
-no honey trees(headbutt plx)
-no 4th gen(maybe a few but not too many)
-no poketch(pokegear FTW just updated for touch screen fun :)
- last but not least after the E4 is beaten i want to get a starter from elm from like 1st or 3rd gen


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i dont want the apricorn trees to be replaced because they will be needed for the apricorn balls and also i dont want to see those replaced by poffin berries that will be useless in HG and SS

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Like most people are saying, I don't want to see low levels or honey trees. Honey trees were a horrible idea, headbutting needs to make its return.

If they include Kanto, I don't want them to cut out the Safari Zone. Doing so turned Fuschia City into dullsville.


I dont want them to:

Take out contests. Me and my Roserade tear up in contests in Diamond. When battling gets stale we just head down to Hearthome and pwn some nubz lolz!!

Have constant weather in one place. I would love it if weather changed all around.

Replace honey trees. Headbutting was cool and all but I kinda liked honey trees.

Take out the pokeradar. The pokeradar was a great idea to add new life to old routes. It also allowed me to fill up my pokedex, instead of using Pal Park.

Exclude Diamond/Pearl pokemon. I think they should be catchable. Same goes for Hoen pokemon, pokeradar can do this. We are working with two regions here, that gives it plenty of space.

Exclude the GTS. The GTS was awesome and its doubtful that they dont include, im just wondering where they will put it.

Change the story. Gold was my favorite Pokemon Version for a reason, I dont want them to change it to much!

Exclude daily events. If they take out the bug catching contest and other things like that... I will be heated to say the least. :mad:

Take things out like the unenterable cave in the ruins of alph. I remember as a kid, I tryed all kinds of things online that said "If you get into that cave, you can catch a celebi lolz !!!1!!1!". I was very young so I believed it! Things like that really added to the mysteriousness and magic of this game, and although they probably wont have the same effect on me today as they did when I was little, id still like to see them implented, even if its just for a trip down memory lane.

And finally I really dont want them to not include and online matchmaking service. Dont let us see any of the other players information, except maybe there name, and just let us play. You can pick your parameters such as single, double, lvl and find an opponent. I really wanted to see that in D/P but i didnt. Exchanging friend codes is just such a hassle.
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