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What do you personally think of FRLG's Trainer Tower?


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You don't get any money or experience points for battling. And the rewards for reaching the top are not the greatest. However, you can actually battle level 100 Pokemon if you have one of your own in your party. What do you think of it? Would you want it to be in any future Pokemon games?


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It was boring. It was cool to see one of the very few instances of other Trainers having Shinies though

Shiny Venusaur

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If the eReader cards would have been utilized more, I think it could have been a cool way to introduce "DLC" trainers into the mix. But as it stands, it was okay, a decent test to see how your pokemon were, but inferior to Battle Tower in almost every way. I think it could have had some neat potential if they it was made more rogue-like (like the BW2 tower/hollow) or had more elements like the Battle Pyramid to truly make it stand out.


Could've been way better with those special e-Reader cards but the FRLG ones never came out in Europe or America for some reason?


It was quite superfluous in the grand scheme of things. The prizes weren't worth the trouble that it took to reach the roof of the building, and overall I remember thinking that the Battle Tower was superior despite it being more difficult.


Call of Fate
I liked the fact you could use overpowered legendaries like Mewtwo, as well as Mythicals, but otherwise I only remembered the Trainers using shiny Meowth, Seaking and Espeon against you. The prizes were rather lame, too - I wish they had given you stuff like rare Tms instead. Still, it was better than Crystal's Battle Tower.