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What do you say when someone says you're too old for Pokemon?


Something along the lines of "Well, then I apparently have outgrown talking with you. Good day."
It is truthful that I am outside the target demographic at nineteen years of age. That's not false. I'd just respond like a normal person instead of trying to think of some edgy or condescending remark.

They could also have an interest that they haven't outgrown yet as far as I know.


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Hmmm, Ridiculous Reuniclus has got me thinking and self-reflecting.

(S)He has a good point. I imagine when someone tries to intimidate another with a statement claiming the other should or shouldn't be doing something, the intimidator tries to put him or herself on a 'higher' level than the other (default bullying mechanism, making the other seem smaller automatically makes the intimidator seem bigger and more important, thus ego boost). If you respond by counter-acting that (like I did), you engage in an entirely different kind of battle than I wanted to prevent, in which eventually, you are both using the default bullying mechanism to make the individual position seem more important. It certainly makes one feel better about oneself. It feels very safe for a vulnerable ego. But in the end, you're not accepting the variety of opinions, regarding your own as objectively superior (quite a contradiction, isn't it?).

I have personally been bullied my entire school carrier. I imagine if I would have tried to be reasonable with any of my tormentors and shown them vulnerability by treating them like adults, they would have certainly lynched me. However, there are several factors why this situation doesn't happen any more at the relevant ages. Once you reach a certain age and/or have built up enough natural confidence in order to be emotionally and mentally independent of the opinions of your environment, you can afford replying to them in a serious way. You can usually expect the other to respond in a similar fashion and accept the differences between you if you don't agree with each other. Even if they don't, there's no harm done and you can just part ways. Retaining your own identity through disagreeing with them internally, and accepting the existence of the variety in opinions and perceptions after having voiced those opinions and perceptions, is enough.

Objective superiority does not exist. Subjective choices do not have to correspond with those of others. Everyone is entitled to their own ideas, opinions and perceptions.

Anyway, thank you RR.


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I'd say that I liked pokemon because I found it fun, and it was none of their business what I do with my time.


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I'd just say I don't care. I play games for enjoyment, and I enjoy playing Pokémon, so I really don't care what people think. Besides, Pokémon games have been starting to get Pegi 7 ratings, that's a step up. Some violent stuff going on now like
Wally running into people at the Battle Resort. :eek:

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I reply with a simple "nah nah nah boo boo, stick your head in doo doo."
Because the fact of the matter is only immature people stop doing something they enjoy because they fear what others will think.
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To be honest the only ones that know are my family and the people on serebii forums and bulbagarden forums. I don't have the courage to tell outsiders that I play the game for fear of being judge.


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I usually just brush it off or change the topic. Nothing happened, and u saw nothing~


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It depends. If it is the stereotypical 12 year old console player, I ask them if they would appreciate if I told them that they were too young to play Call of Duty or GTA. If it is someone my age or older I just tend to ignore them. It seems that they are sometimes less judgmental to me, though. It may be because K-State has a large Pokémon playing community.


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I stopped being bothered by it a long time ago, because as any competitive player will tell you, it takes A LOT of strategic know-how to battle well. Most people who poke fun at older players still playing Pokemon are limited in their understanding of the strategics of the game in that they probably think the secret to overpowering other players lies in Rare Candies (or something of the sorts).
I guess what I'm trying to say is.. why be bothered. ;)
To old to play a game that I had in my childhood that has just been remade specifically to be played by those who played the original as a child?

Alternatively: Have you heard of something called fun?


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i've gotten this question before, there are a couple things you can say:

"Have you out grown Disney/Warner Brothers/Insert old animation company here?"

because let's face it, no matter what someone says, they will always have that one movie/character they will ALWAYS stand by no matter how old they get. That's why there's an endless supply of Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny, Betty Boop, TMNT, Spongebob, Pooh Bear, Bambi, etc everywhere you turn (especially for adults).

or if it's a gamer:

"It's nostalgia, you still play Mario/Sonic/Tetris/Pac-Man don't you?"


"It's got more going for it than Candy Crush/Angry Birds"

Warden Chult

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Oh boy, I remember everyone telling me that back in elementary and middle school. Thankfully not a single person has asked me this question in years especially with how appreciated and loved the geek culture is these days. If someone did make a comment like that these days I'd honestly laugh right in front of them. I'd probably also say "Nah man, anyone can play and love pokemon."


I cannot think of a single time this has happened to me since I hit university 5 years ago. That being said, if someone were to say it to me now i'd either shrug it off and ignore them, or outright tell them I do not care if they think I am depending on whether I know them or not.

I dress rather... differently to most people (sleeveless shirts, tattoos, zebra print leggings/leather pants and massive boots are everyday dress to me), so people that do not know me tend to have better things to try and mock me for than my love of a childrens game. :)


If seomeone tells me that, i would simply say : " Is there an age to play any game ? "


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Hey, it's E for everyone, right?