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What do you say when someone says you're too old for Pokemon?


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Arent you a little too old for braces?


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I get "I'm too old for Pokemon" a lot. The person I get it from most is my mom. Every time she says that I am too old I try to explain the catch rate equation. That shuts her up for at least a week
People have this idea that Pokemon is for children. It's not. It's for gamers. Anyone can enjoy a game, no matter how old you are. Don't let other people's perceptions put you off playing/doing something you enjoy. If your friend asks again, shrug your shoulders. It's none of their business.

I think you've struck on a very valid argument here. The fault is not in the games themselves but in the marketing and public perception of the games. Pokemon is diverse to the point of appealing to people who like cute, awesome, or weird creatures; contests are for the cute-seekers, battles are for the gamers (competitively, anyways), simply beating the game is for the casuals, and catching 'em all is for the hardcores. More or less, anyways. This diversity causes many to perceive certain traits and pigeonhole the games based on those traits, i.e. Jim sees a Luvdisc. Cool games don't have Luvdiscs in them. Luvdisc games are for sissies. Jim now thinks Pokemon is for sissies and that the games are no deeper than that.
The competitive scene and its branches are a bit more underground and certainly less marketable than the other aspects of Pokemon.

That said, I'm a closet Pokemon fan.


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I got away from it for quite some time thinking I was too old. Talking about around mid AG, when I was maybe 13-14.
I obviously am older than when I was in that frame of mind so I should be even older for it than before.
Couldn't care less.

I also stepped away from a lot of different music styles that I used to like when I was a kid, for more or less the same reasons.
I'm listening to it again and couldn't care less if anyone tells me I shouldn't.
And so on.


Nobody has ever told me this. Probably wouldn't care. I might even pull out my 3DS and start playing in front of them.


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I ask this because somebody just told me that, and I wasn't quite sure what to say. I know how complicated and strategic it is, but I wasn't sure how to say it. What do you say?

You say:
"I don't know you that's my purse!" And then you proceed to kick them in the nuts.

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It has been a while since someone said that to me

Back in High School, I used to just say, "It is just a game." or "This is a complex and fun game to play". I usually gave defensive responses like that.

Once I went to college, I gave no f***s. Plus, there were many people that played which was awesome.

I don't care so much now that I play Pokemon during my lunch breaks at my "adult" job sometimes.


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Thankfully I never have to say this, because I don't usually tell people until I know they're a fan of Pokemon too.

Although, since I came to college this almost never comes up. Lots of college students have nostalgia-driven love for this franchise.


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I say that it's nostalgic but also that the substance within the game itself and the strategy still has value for all ages. The only thing is I feel like older players could push to be heard and make the franchise a more viable outlet for them if they would only remain vocal. I feel like Nintendo and the Pokemon Company are catering to younger fans only and are afraid to push boundaries when it comes to that. They've always been pioneers when it comes to innovating and the Pokemon games are great but, let's be honest, the anime 4kids is obviously for kids. It's cheesy and hokey and, without anyone to be vocal about that, it will only stay that way. The Origins movie was amazing. I absolutely loved it. The theme was darker but not overly dark for a Pokemon game and I feel like we should be pushing for a series like that. Taking out the chat features and whatnot...is a drag. I think it's because they are neglecting an entire part of their fanbase. Their older fans and so the Wii consoles, what started as a "family" console is turning into a "child's" console. Be honest. It's getting childish. There's obviously a place for it as it should be an all inclusive company. Pokemon and Nintendo in general has always been about meeting new people and working with what you have. Older generations don't have the balls to say they play Pokemon and to that I say if you have a habit that you can't show in public then you shouldn't keep that habit. It's not a habit worth pursuing. If you can't muster up the courage to defend a title you've grown to love then just quit. You don't feel passionate about it. Remember that and be more open. The more you do that the more the company will understand "Hey we're out here. Don't forget about us. We would like to see a more mature series that applies to everyone." I'm thinking long term here. If you pay attention you will notice that almost ALL companies are doing this. I'm twenty seven years old and love Pokemon AND the Nintendo but I'm not going to lie. It is becoming progressively more and more limited for adults as they take out the core aspects of what Pokemon was to begin with giving in to our desire for instant gratification.

The GTS for example, while nifty and a great addition, takes away from that nostalgic feel. I dislike the fact that you can just type whatever Pokemon you want and acquire it like it was nothing. It takes away that bond and that creativity when we used to work with what we had. Don't have Protean Greninja? So what. My Greninja knows Role Play. Their Greninja is faster because it has a better nature? So? My Ninjask has Speed boost. Roleplay Ninjask and watch how fast my Greninja is then. Haha. That was always part of the fun for me and still is but I feel like they are taking that creativity away. Now you have people copy/pasting strategies and seeing Pokemon banned. That's horse **** to me. It's great to have that convenience and it sparks ideas but a lot of it is OUR fault for showing these companies that we don't even have the creativity or the nuts to defend them. So why wouldn't they cater to the children only. Anyway.

I'm looking for older players so hmu and start some sort of group. Be more vocal. Go outside and let it be known if you really care about it that much then defend it. A man is measured by his courage.


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Tell em I'm gonna work for the company


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OMG, this thread is still alive...

I know, right?! I made this when I was a freshman in high school, and I'm going to be a junior in college next year. Over the years, I've realized what some people here have said, that once you get into college, most people don't care if you play Pokémon.


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That's amazing that you stuck by the forums like that!