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What do you say when someone says you're too old for Pokemon?

Pokemon GO has certainly made everyone more comfortable being public about playing again. I remember hiding my obsession with Pokemon for all four years of high school. Kids can be savages :p.
The best response would be, "You're too old/too young to be minding other people's businesses."

Thankfully, Pokemon GO seemed to attract a lot of audiences, both young and old.
Just tell them "growing old is compulsory, growing up isn't"

At least that's what I usually say.

Not sure if I'd still be saying the same thing 5 years later, but I'm a lot more "secure" in myself as a person now than I was when I posted this originally (16). Ironically, I don't hear phrases like "you're too old" as much any more now, you get to that point where you're too old to be worrying if you - or someone else - is "too old" for something, lol.

Nice to see this thread still kicking all these years later.


New Member
Most people don't even notice, but if they do, i just tell them to mind their own business and that I grew up with the series.
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Cool yeah I think the anime is childish but still retains nostalgic value...that being said, they need a new series!!!!!


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There's no age to love something. ;)


New PokeTuber
I try to like, make them feel bad instead lol

Like, "You don't play Pokemon? Everyone loves Pokemon, what is going wrong in your life?"

And if I just happen to know they play like, COD or something, I point out how many kids play that and how many adults actually play Pokemon.


Muddy Warrior
I know, right?! I made this when I was a freshman in high school, and I'm going to be a junior in college next year. Over the years, I've realized what some people here have said, that once you get into college, most people don't care if you play Pokémon.

You must be a genius then because I just looked and it said you made it back in 2011, to go through freshman year of high school to junior year in 5 years is pretty good work.


telekinetic Trainer
Well you may have a high GPA 4.0 a master's degree in psychology + 30 but I have every Pokemon Shiny and regular and I have triplicates of every single one try doing that plus I still have my good old GameCube and play XD Gale of Darkness as much as I can as well as the Japanese and American versions of every game even games that never came out like detective Pikachu.... oh wait you're actually talking to me!!


A friend told me i was weird for playing it, i showed him some distubing pokedex entries and he thought i was even weirder.


Bone-ified dinosaur
Considering how popular Pokemon Go has been recently, it doesn't seem to be the first thing on most people's minds at the moment.

However, what I used to say was that I started playing at the age that most people associate with Pokemon - ie 10ish - and I just never stopped. Considering the Pokemon franchise continues to make things that appeal to me and give me a little fun and escapism in my adult life, why should I stop?


I don't really tell much people. Maybe a few family members. So I never had people say I am too old for pokemon.


Yeah with all of the grown adults in their late 30s playing Pokemon Go? I don't think anyone will question my interest in Pokemon for at least a few more years