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What do you say when someone says you're too old for Pokemon?


Jokes on them! At least two of my co-workers play Pokémon. We're actually trying to coordinate our starters for Sun/Moon that way we can trade them to each other later on.


Well-Known Member
I'm 27, so this has come up many times. At this point, i just shrug and say "It's been a part of my life for twenty years, I've grown up with it." Usually people don't have much to say in response to that!


For me, this has actually rarely come up in conversation, unless some third party attempts to butt into conversation. If I'm o myself and someone says something of that nature, I say 'That's cool ' and get back to what I'm doing.
I'm 25, so at least most people aren't that petty. Most.

Forretress Fan

Let's Go
I'm 22. I have say 5-7 friends that still play Pokemon with me. We don't do competitive, but we enjoy the casual meme group-chat or bond over our in-game experience. I don't like wear Pokemon apparel, but my room has some hints so anyone close to me knows about it. I've been in some relationships and they generally don't mind (Haven't found the one with a similar love of the POKEMON lol). Outside of the drama of High School, the world generally doesn't care unless you are shoving Pokemon knowledge down people's throats who aren't interested.

EDIT: Plus I haven't met a single person who hasn't played Pokemon Go, so i think that help de-sensitive the subject.


New Member
i usually just brush it off. i'm really lucky to have friends who either play pokemon themselves and/or have no problem with me playing. my best friend actually wanted to watch me to catch uxie and she's never played the games before. we were up until two am soft resetting and taking turns chucking ultra balls at it. my other friend - her fiancé - plays rom hacks on his phone.

i think it sometimes happens with age, personally. we're all in our mid-twenties. the real world hits you and making fun of someone for playing pokemon becomes super trivial. plus, as forretress fan said, pokemon go really helped.


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I definitely think that the initial popularity of Pokemon Go will make this question come up less.

Echo Nacyl

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The only person who's ever implied that is my grandmother, and frankly I'm not interested in justifying myself to anyone, let alone her. So I don't. I just play it. She even buys me games if I ask for them for Christmas so...yea.


New Member
I usually just end up saying that I feel like it's fine that I play Pokemon, as long as I am responsible with the other things in my life that I have to do. If you're doing everything you should be doing, why should it matter? It's really no different than adults that spend time browsing the internet, playing apps on their phone, or watching t.v. in their free time.


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Well, i would say that it's my favorite game and you can't do anything with that.. However, so far i never experienced it although sometimes my parents do say something similar but it's more about video game in general..
Probably just tell them to mind their own business, and possibly attack their insecurities and laugh in their face. It's almost like a man wearing pink sort of deal.


I kind of just ignore them, it's not like Pokemon is rated EC.


Active Member
My father used to when I watched it in my early teens. I just let it slide, but yeah, interest-shaming in general is a horrible thing.


Flexin' & Finessin'
When i started watching Pokemon I was like 5 and yeah I still love it. But I also still love Space Jam, Rockos Modern Life, and Dunkaroos. Some things people just don't grow out of. I love the way I view Pokemon now as an adult and can see how far it's came.


Call Me Lotus
When I First got told that by my dad inside I was like dad you have no idea what Pokemon is to me. But I didn't say it out loud so I kept it to my self but the next day my friend had told me I'm too old and I showed him Pokemon White 2 and he played the absolute crap out of that game and he had hacked it after he had beat it and after he and my brother got introduced to Pokemon from me no one had told me I'm too old ever again

Yes I Know I'm An Absol Fanatic call me the "The Absol Pokemaniac"
;359; ;359; ;359; ;359;

P.S (My Second Favorite Pokemon is Dialga)

Satomine Night

The Power of Z!
I haven't encountered many people who tell me I'm too old for the Pokémon games, but when I do, I simply say that it's a game for all ages, not just for children, and the fact that teenagers and adults still enjoy the game just shows how good the games are. I may add that many adults who play the games now played the games as children.

When people tell me I am too old to watch the Pokémon anime, I explain that watching children's anime is a great, fun way to practice my Japanese, because the vocabulary is simpler; and Pokémon is one children's anime I can actually enjoy. It's such a sound, logical argument that no one can really argue with me. :)


I just ignore them, I'm used to it from comic books (most of which I would definitely not let my child read...) and figurines. Also, I think it is better to be into Pokemon than alcohol and drugs. I know which I consider a more mature outlet.


Since I come across as serious and hyper-mature to those who aren't well acquainted with me, people are usually pleasant surprised that I'm a little more "juvenile" or "nostalgic" than my cool calm exterior supposes, when I mention my fondness for pokemon.

Besides, I went to a grand university expecting everyone to have moved on past childhood. I was wrong; instead we had weekly nostalgic pokemon episode binges with the room packed full of students. They're all patent attorneys and research scientists now, but you bet they still like pokemon.