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What do you say when someone says you're too old for Pokemon?


I get that too pirate555! I constantly get people saying 'But you're the most intelligent one in the class, you work the hardest and you are so career focused - how can you be into these silly things?'. I'm like, well, because I am? :p

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I pretty much ignore them, or make a comeback if they're watching any other anime or cartoon.


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I tell them: "Suck me the di**(in my country it's hardly a serious offense)"
The games are good, the manga is mediocre and the anime is rubbish. At least there is where to choose according to your tastes.


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I'm in my 20s, the university that I enrolled in has a Pokemon Fan Club, I've seen plenty of adults play Pokemon GO, and when I went to the midnight launch for Pokemon Sun and Moon, there were plenty of adults in line. I think it's pretty clear that Pokemon is a cultural phenomenon amongst all ages. I really don't care how old people are that play Pokemon. If someone tells me that I'm too old for it, I just brush it off.


Im in my mid 20's and have been playing Pokemon since '96. My oldest brother, 7 years older, once told me i was too old and a loser. It honestly didn't affect me. Sure it was rude, but my fascination with Pokemon doesn't influence me to do drugs, or any other deviant thing. Since my brother enjoys playing Call of Duty, I responded with "CoD is not a REAL video game". Eventually, I proved to him that Pokemon was a far superior game than CoD & CoD requires no skill, or strategy; while Pokemon, on the other hand, does.


Welp, I was confronted many times to this situation before, especially last year. But then, when they are asking why and I start explaining to them, they quickly see that it is a true passion that I have.
However, now that I have based my entire professional project on Pokémon, and am currently writing my Master thesis on this subject too, people are more happy to see me fulfilling my dream than anything. So... Yeah, I think I'm lucky to have comprehensive people around me :)


I'm still young enough to not get this too much, but my standard response is to say something about the prizes from high-end Pokemon tournaments. People have a tendency to shut up when money is mentioned.


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I will just stare at them, and wonder how they could be so WEIRD and like stuff thats obviously more 'kiddy' like disney, hello kitty, and peanuts (charlie brown btw) :p

....although i like all those things too i doubt pokemon is more 'childish' in comparison anyways.

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I would tell him/her how many teens/adults I know of who also play/watch Pokemon and that I wonder if there are actually more teens/adults doing so today than kids (the apparent target audience). Really, I'm wondering about this.
I ignore them. I don't care if other people have an issue with a game that I like to play. It's highly strategic and I don't feel the need to justify to anyone that it is a game worthy of playing.
I didn't start playing the Pokemon games until my mid twenties which to me that's different unlike most Pokemon players who have played the games since they were kids.
If you think that I'm way too old old for Pokemon, I'll just say to him or her that I like what I want, and your opinion of me liking a kids franchise won't change how I feel about it. :)


I'd keep calm and play more Pokémon? Seems like the only logical answer here tbh.


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It has been my experience that anyone who says Pokemon is for children is fairly mistaken Pokemon can be games and shows for people of all ages there is no age specification that should be required to watch the shows or play the games at all in my opinion anyone who says that you are too old to watch Pokemon or to play the games is an imbecile and should keep their comments to themselves


Grrr... HUNGRY!!!
I am a die-hard Pokemon fan in even I believe that anyone and everyone of all ages should be able to watch the shows and play the games of their own free will without anyone telling them otherwise


Hmm, if some one asks me like that, I will ask them back: "Curious? Then why million of people like to watch a game of 22 people trying to kick a single ball into the net? Does that sound adult-like?".