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What do you say when someone says you're too old for Pokemon?


My parents make a lot of jokes about me still liking pokemon at 22. I know they're only joking but for a long time it really hurt my feelings. Now my response to anyone saying i'm too old for pokemon is to explain how much it meant to me as a kid and how thats carried on into my adult life. Pokemon will probably (hopefully) always be part of my life, even if its only a little part.


Well-Known Member
I'd say "Nah, if I quit doing what make me happy just because others did then I'd be a follower like you! Get out of my face"


Ultra Recon Squad Trainee
I point out how it's fun for all and that the people who play the game ot the highest caliber tend to be teen into adult range, and that the "only for children" viewpoint is shallow, as well as ironically juvenile.


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Depends on my mood, right now at this moment I would just shrugged it off and ignore them


The Crazy Eevee Lady
I get told Pokemon is a child's thing all the time. All I say...'There's no age restriction on Pokemon, therefore I'm allowed to enjoy it if I want to', then I stick my tongue out because there is no old age restriction on Pokemon. Those who are 3 and upward can play Pokemon but nowhere does it say there is a age where you have to stop playing it.

Steven of Venus

From Another Planet
I love Pokemon at all times everywhere, mo matter how old I am! It's really magical, a sprout of innocent youth, an overflowing fountain of abundance and beauty.


Depends on my mood, right now at this moment I would just shrugged it off and ignore them

That's what I'd do, too. I wouldn't even have the energy to debate with people who judge my fascination with Pokemon. It would be a waste of time, and I don't feel like I need to justify anything.