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What do you say when someone says you're too old for Pokemon?

Ace Kenshader

Dreaming sexy
I'll just basically tell them to "say goodbye to your teeth" and sucker punch the poor bloke.


The Real Tsareena
I just say its my tradition to always play the new main games. And tell them I know a lot (and I do mean a lot) of people my age who still play.

Also something that made me laugh. I got to Gamestop 10 minutes after the early opening for the game and (1) there was already a line and (2) they were all university students or older.


Uhh, to each their own!


Well-Known Member
I haven't had someone say it to me luckily but I do sometimes fear that people will say it.

Mr. Ribbles

Cubchoo Lover
I never discuss pokemon with anyone in public really. The only friends I have that play pokemon only play gens 1-3. They think gens 4-6 have lazy and terrible designs, apparently.
I am and I'm not. Overall, Pokemon has had a very positive influence on my life. Sometimes it does interfere with work though. Can't let it do that. I wish it was my real job to be a Pokemon trainer lol.


friendly placebo
I'm too young for pokemon? you play CoD.
I do not give a single duck. Pokemon for life.


Pokémon Wizard
People think that I look young enough to "appropriately" play Pokémon and so they think that it's just cute when I do it. Also for people that know me, it's in my nature to do more childish things. I can imagine how annoying that question would be for older folk though.


New Member
My father some day told me that "aren't you to old to play that childish game", then i explained him the math used in the game to calculate the EVs, Ivs, Substitute numbers super effective dmg and the kind of strategy's you have pull off if you want to get victorious in a battle, my father told me again, "aren't you to old to play that childish game" , with that i understood that you will never win against this kind of people, so then i told him another thing "aren't you to old to play candy crush"

Divine Retribution

Under No Pretext
I laugh. Then usually I think about it for a bit and realize that they're right.


Master of Illusions
I tell them they're too old to breathe.


Honestly, it is advertised as a kids game and all the little kids do play it pretty much either until they beat the E4 and the champion, or they just give up during Victory Road and don't really play much of the post-game if at all. After the main story comes the "adult" part such as building a highly skilled team or competing in competitive battling, which requires well planned and thought out strategies and tactics and getting the perfect pokemon in the first place is a bit of a challenge, which is the part kids don't usually involve themselves in, except for the once in a while really smart kid. So yes it is a kind of a kids game, but only up until a certain point.

But if someone told me that I wouldn't say all that I'd just pretend to think for a minute and say "Nah"


New Member
People are so judgemental. I am a social 21 year old female and people always look at me and say "YOU play pokemon?" With a weird look of course. Yeah, I haven't stopped playing since it originally came out. It's something I never grew out of like some people did I guess.

I've been so excited for X & Y and people don't understand why. Lol, I've been waiting for 3D pokemon for nearly FIFTEEN years, of course I'm excited.

I would do some weird things for a 3DS right now, just being honest.


Lost in Translation
I would do some weird things for a 3DS right now, just being honest.

Drink two family size bottles of coffee mate, stand on your head, and sing Ellie Goulding's cover of Your Song, do it without throwing up, and I'll chip in for a 3DS(1/3d $).

I got kicked out of an exam today for playing pokemon after I finished, but I had already put it on the prof's desk, so no damage done.

OT: I would tell them to service my Gengar.
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