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What do you say when someone says you're too old for Pokemon?

Armored Mewtwo

Unrepentant Pokefan
I look at those who declare I am too old and I say NAY.

Glaring into their eyes, I take a strong step toward them and I say unto them that if I am too old for ANYTHING, it is for having the hum lullabies in my head to fall asleep because I'm afraid the shadows hide things that want to hurt me.

As I keep staring and my eyes water, they step away, and never bother me about Pokemon again.

I met some good friends that way!


Fox Trainer
I tell them it's just like having a pet dog or cat...only theres 600+ breeds to choose from, and they all have magical powers and never have to be taken out to potty or will never die of starvation ;u;


The Sealed Weapon
I tell them that I'll never let go of my inner child. And that in the future I will play Pokemon with my kids and never have to ask them why they're playing Pokemon.


blimpu ●ω●
No one has ever asked me this, but I'd tell them it's something I grew up with and will never let go.
Also it's more strategic than those Call of Duty games...*shudder*


Well-Known Member
Never really had this problem, but my go-to response would probably be "Maybe I am, but aren't you too old to be so judgmental?"


Well-Known Member
never let go of your inner child because being a grownup is overrated.

and when they ask I tell them that it's more then what you think.


Well-Known Member
TBH, it seems like playing Pokemon is becoming more socially acceptable. I can't tell you how many people in my HS have Pokemon on their phones, or the countless college students


Legend of Blackthorn
I'd say that you're never to old to enjoy something you like. I've never really had this problem though as most if not all of my close friends also play pokemon


Froakie Trainer
Nobody has ever said that to me. Gaming is a pretty popular hobby nowadays, I'm surprised people even say that anymore.


La Melancolie Noir
I once had a daydream where I was in a conversation with a little kid, and he told me that. I replied, "And you're too young for Call of Duty."

But in reality, I would probably just casually reply "Yeah, maybe I am, but I like childish things." I would say the same thing if anybody says I'm too old for Disney, Hello Kitty, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, etc.
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Wannabe Hero
I've only had a few people say that to me. But when me and the rest of my friends start talking about pokemon, they suddenly find an interest. So now I just kinda ignore them and don't bring it up around the wrong people


Water-Type Trainer
Happens all the time, it doesn't bother me though. We're all different and different things make us happy.


They call me the one who loves cats.
Surprisingly, I don't get this all that often. But if I do, I just walk away. I don't like getting into arguments.