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What do you say when someone says you're too old for Pokemon?


Dream Trainer
Just tell them:
Pokettomonsutā wa sō hanarete iku subarashīdesu. (ポケットモンスターはそう離れて行く素晴らしいです。)
and they'll get so confused they'll just go away
(Or they'll question your Japanese skills)

{Translation: Pocket Monsters is awesome so go away.}

Pika Pika333

Impulsive Trainer
I'd tell them to "shaddap", and then I'd use my Lock-On attack, and then follow up with a Triple Kick to the 'nads. That's just the first offence. *evil smirk*


Loyal magma grunt
a sharp caning 'cross the shins solves the problem of Pokemon haters pretty quickly. either that or a swift kick.

Echo Nacyl

Well-Known Member
Heh, this question hasn't happened to me since high school. And it was more of "you're still into this?" from my family.
Um, yes?
If anyone were to ask me that nowadays I'd just tell them that they're missing out. It does seem like no one cares after the age of 18 though.


No one really seems to care that I like Pokemon, so there's nothing to say. If someone did say that, I would probably just ignore them.

Diego Jesus

New Member
When a friend of mine told me that, I looked at her and replied: "Aren´t you too old...?"
She was expecting me to say the rest...
But that was it.

Anti luring

Reigning Champ
who cares what other people say. It's your life, your choice. Don't change just to satisfy what they say, do what will satisfy yourself.


I would just stare at them and shake my head like they are the most shameful person ever and make them feel guilty.

Androxine Vortex

High Lord of Bacon
I just say, "It's who I am." I'mnot doing anything wrong and to think about it, pokemon is the most strategic game. Think about it, there's nearly 800 playable "characters" to use and you can choose 6 per battle. Each one has individual set stats with abilities and moves, each one with their own weaknesses and strengths. Pokemon is way more strategic than most AAA games out today.


New Member
My response would be something like "Oi it's my childhood. I can't help it." And when I take a closer look at them they are actually relapsed fans themselves.


Poké Sage
I have been playing Pokemon for a long time. Certain aspects of it I did outgrow such as the anime. However the games I never outgrew. I started playing when I was 9 years old with the original Blue Version. 16 years later I am playing Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. I also must say Pokemon has changed considerably from when it first started to now. I received some bothersome comments like I am too old for this game, which almost entirely stopped after I graduated high school. I do what I like to do. Who cares what someone else thinks. I will outgrow it when I want, and I never want to outgrow Pokemon. So just stop worrying what other people think about you.


Dragon lover
i rarely get this tbh, and even if so :p i wouldn't even care one bit. compared to the average person of my age i'm way more mature, and so what if i like to play a pokemon game in my free hours?? some of my year/lifelong pals happily play along with me, usually ending up battling, trading and chaining shinies for hours while having a blast and some cool sodas or beers. did it today and have a big grin on my face after bagging 3 shiny Zubats and a shiny Spheal, and to boot? one of those Zubat is Hasty, has max IV's in Attack and Speed and has Infiltrator!! now that will be one fine shiny Crobat when it grows up ^_^ and my buddy bagged a shiny Bagon (the *ss >.< ) and a shiny Oddish. short version: i play Pokemon, and i love it. deal with it ;)


Well-Known Member
I just laugh and do nothing, it's not like someone's opinion is going to make a difference in my life.


Shiny Hunter
Long answer: People my age play Facebook games like farm town or whatever where they raise animals, and they play games where they strategically fight each other. So why am I too old to pay a game where I raise and strategically battle my partner animals?

Short answer: I like it.


Super Nerd
Truly depends on the situation for me. If their older or the same age, I'd probably say, "I'm pretty sure I have my own decisions to make in life." If their younger, I'd say "Aren't you too young for CoD?"
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New Member
i don't necessarily say this, but it's definitely designed to appeal to many audiences! the simplicity of a turn based 4-move battle system is perfect for kids and adults who just want to have some light fun, but the amount of intricate depth behind the battle system is ridiculous too if you're willing to pour time into it! not to mention the fact some pokemon storylines actually touch on a lot of real world issues, team plasma being one of the better examples of that.


Up-and-coming Champ
This is how it would go in battle form.

Turn 1
{inert name} used Mockery!
It's not very effective

Trunks40 used Mean Look!
{InsertName} cannot escape!

Turn 2

{InsertName} tried to flee. But it Failed!

Trunks40 is getting pumped!

Turn 3

{InsertName} used Look of Fear
It doesn't effect the opposing Trunks40

Trunks40 used Snarl!
Its Super Effective!

Turn 4

{InsertName} used White Flag of Defeat!
It does not effect the opposing Trunks40

Trunks40 used Dropkick!
Its super-effective!

{InsertName fainted!}
{Trunks40 takes $60 because {InsertName} has fainted!}
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