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What do you take in to account when picking pokemon for a party?

Discussion in 'Poképolls' started by bajuwa, Sep 1, 2013.

  1. bajuwa

    bajuwa New Member

    This applies to just about anything: looks, moves, types, EVs, abilities, etc...
    Tell me ANYTHING that helps you pick a pokemon for your party.

    If you want to know why I'm asking, here's a quick blurp:
    I'm making a program that will aide in the party planning process, as well as 'analyzing' a party if you've already picked one out.
    For more information, check out the project blog: pokepp.wikidot.com
    If you've got a suggestion you can also post it as a 'wish' here: pokepp-feedback.wikidot.com

    Thanks everyone! The more I know, the better I can make this program (which is almost ready for its beta release~)
  2. I look for how good my teams defence and attack stats are, their gender and also whether I like them enough to put them on my team.
  3. master3019

    master3019 Me gusta Flygon

    I usually just use my faves.
  4. orochi

    orochi Well-Known Member

    What the pokemon was based on, and how well they presented it. Concept design wise.

    Example: Yvexel?...wyvern????? Must have!
    Last edited: Sep 2, 2013
  5. Retro-Chaos X

    Retro-Chaos X Psychic Aficionado

    I normally just make my teams with my favourite pokemon, incidentally my favourites fare up fairly well competitive-wise. My teams are also highly-offensive.
  6. SamusTheHedgehog

    SamusTheHedgehog Well-Known Member

    2 things: how much i like the pokemon, and type ballance.
  7. Estellise

    Estellise peachy

    I generally just take Pokemon that I really like, or want to train up.
  8. Griever789

    Griever789 Well-Known Member

    More or less I use what I have, If it has the right nature I put it in the project box to be later Ev trained.
  9. bajuwa

    bajuwa New Member

    hmmm... so not too many competitive aspects then?
    any considerations taken for HMs? do you try to have a party with all/most of the HMs? or do you swap pokemon out if you need to?
  10. Porygon-Sigma

    Porygon-Sigma Mage-ofthe-Void

    Usually, I make a team thats weak/strong against one another, so I can send out a Pokemon thats strong against other members of myparty ( Hey, I'm new to the forum, and I need some help. I've recently started writing a Fanfiction, called 'The Trials of Caleb Loch', in which the Protaganist becomes the Verudian City Gym Leader. Now, I'm having a little trouble deciding his team. I've already got Altaria and Porygon-Z down, but I still have four empty slots. Does anyone have any suggestions? PM me if you do.)
  11. Z-nogyroP

    Z-nogyroP whoa whats that

    I usually only try to make sure I have a Flier or Surfer in my party. Apart from that, Pokemon who can learn a lot of TMs, and ones who I really like and feel are rather underused.
  12. I use all my favourite Pokemon, that's it. I play Pokemon for fun, I am not a competitive battler.
  13. Mays

    Mays Well-Known Member

    Type balance and whatever I deem cool.
  14. zozo

    zozo SLIMED!

    In-game, design is the dominant factor. If I like it, I'll use it.
    If a Pokemon has a 3 stage evolutionary line that does not require items, that helps too. Though, recently I've been drawn to a number of non-evolving Pokemon because of how great they looked.
    Pokemon that need to be traded in order to evolve are almost never put into my teams, and when they are they're only for competitive teams. So far, there's only been 1 exception to that rule, and it was because I was easily able to trade with myself to obtain it.

    For more "serious" teams, the factors that determine whether or not I'll use a Pokemon, in order from greatest to least importance, are:

    Movepool - Yes, this is pretty much the first thing I look at. If a Pokemon doesn't look like it has a diverse enough movepool to suit me, I'll often skip over it even if it has awesome attributes in other areas. Versatility is the biggest factor for me in selecting a Pokemon for a team. If I don't think it can function well in many situations, I won't use it.

    Base Stats - not necessarily just having high base stats, but having a proper distribution of them depending on what role the Pokemon will fill. For example, using Lickitung instead of Lickilicky because of how much better it can perform under Trick Room.

    Design - Design is still a huge factor for me even in making "serious" teams. If I don't like the Pokemon, I won't get much pleasure from using it even if it's really good. A Pokemon I find to be hideous has to be absolutely stunning in some way, or perhaps be indispensable in supporting another member of my team in order for me to pick it.

    Breedability - Breeding is really the only way I can tweak Pokemon to my liking, since I don't RNG. Therefore, I will usually skip over a Pokemon if I'm unable to breed the perfect one I want. This means that pretty much all legendaries simply don't make my teams. The only legendaries that have an honest chance are those that can be easily obtained, such as event Pokemon. And even then, I don't believe I've ever used a legendary on any of my competitive teams.
  15. NimhShambler

    NimhShambler Fighting Type Prof.

    I always use fighting type pokemon exclusively for my team.

    I also do not repeat secondary types (for instance, I wouldn't have both Gallade and Medicham in my team, nor would I have any combination of Blaziken, Emboar, or Infernape in my team).

    I always use fully evolved pokemon in my teams.

    In individual pokemon, no pokemon can have two moves of the same type in their moveset.

    One move (two if it is a dual-type) must be a STAB move.

    Absolutely no HM moves. I get a slave to do that.

    I always have 3 males and 3 females in my team.

    I never duplicate hold items.

    I tend to favor pokemon with a lot of variety in their movepool.

    I don't like to have too many pokemon from each generation in my team (though I have no second gen pokemon in my team. The Second Gen didn't add very many (three, to be exact) fighting pokemon. Just Tyrogue (unusable as it is NFE), Hitmontop (slot taken by Hitmonchan), and Heracross).

    Finally, my team is made up of "Alpha Team" and "Beta Team", made up of three pokemon each. "Alpha Team" are my go-to pokemon (Hitmonchan, Medicham, and Scrafty), and "Beta Team" are my "secondary fighters", used only if the situation calls for them (or if I don't care enough to not curb-stomp everything. Currently Breloom, Lucario, and Infernape are "Beta Team", but someone is getting ready to leave).
    Last edited: Sep 2, 2013
  16. PsychicPsycho

    PsychicPsycho Well-Known Member

    I generally look at pokemon with designs that I like. For starter, I pick a, well, starter, to go with (and always use that one throughout my playthrough). After that I usually consider what surfer and flyer I want to use. Then I check what other pokemon I'm considering to use and remove any with types that are repetitive (that is, if I'm using Emboar, no other pokemon on the team will have either fire or fighting typing).

    Other things I consider is that I can't use the same pokemon across different playthroughs, so I can mix things up (although I'll repeat after a generation has passed, and I make an exception for starters, if I've already used all 3 from a gen). I also don't use legends. On occasion, I'll decide not to use a pokemon because I don't like the movepool (although I did use Serperior in White 1) or stats (ex. I didn't use Cryogonal because its low defense).
    For me, no consideration of competitive aspects at all.

    As for HMs, I almost always have 2 pokemon on the team that can learn fly and surf (as mentioned). I may teach other HMs, depending on the situation, but I don't consider it when making a team.
    Last edited: Sep 2, 2013
  17. ebevan91

    ebevan91 Well-Known Member

    I try to use Pokemon I haven't used before, or haven't used in a long time, with the exception of my starter.
  18. I Like Pie!

    I Like Pie! Smile smile smile!

    For both the games and online play, I pick Pokémon with good Base Stats and a team with balanced type distribution and moves.

    In the games though, availability is more of a priority than anything else.
  19. SoulMuse

    SoulMuse Shadow of nothing

    Well, my thought process for serious/competitive teams is way to long and to variable to try and write out.

    For ingame, I usually start with favorites, without making any major weaknesses, and while having 3 physical and 3 special attackers, with a roughly even mix of genders. Otherwise, I am not to picky.
  20. O-r-e-o

    O-r-e-o Well-Known Member

    Aesthetics are the main factor for me when deciding on party pokemon. I also need to have a flier and a surfer on my team. I try to have only one pokemon per type as well, though it doesn't always happen.

    Availability has also been a big factor for me recently, since I can't trade pokemon to myself from other games because I've only got one DS.

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