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What do you think about Barry's future?


I think that Ash can have a rival in the BF saga...They don't need a league they can do what Ash and Paul are about to do...just have one massive battle just between the two of them...But, that's just my own opinion

1. More then likely he'll have Rpidash and Snorlax but, he might be used to show case Gallade.
2. We might get to see his battle against Volkner...I don't know why we would though
3. We might in their final one but, not their next one
4. Yes, Berry isn't the strongest but, by him losing to ash he trains and so in the BF he is alot stronger when him and Ash have a big battle at the end...with Palmer watching.


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The writers need to at least let Barry beat Ash once, or else he'll be placed in the "Harley, Kenny category" Meaning rivals that are mediocre. Personality wise are fine. I mean they're good rivals and put up good battles but they should at least be able to beat the main once.


Barry is annoying, he talks too much.

I bet he'll get replaced with a better rival...


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Here's my thought's:
1. Hopefully if he doesn't already have a Rapidash, he'll get one soon. As for Snorlax, Ash has one and May has Munchlax so tbh, I don't want him to have one. But meh, it'll probably happen anyway.
2. Probably not but I don't think we've seen him fight a gym leader so it wouldn't hurt to see.
3. Well he was there in the games so...
4. Yeah, probably. Ash has a much higher chance of beating Barry than the other way around.

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I have few questions about Barry's future, and I want to hear your thoughts:

1. Which 2 more pokemon (or even 3, like Paul) do you think he will catch?
In DP version game he has also Rapidash and Snorlax.
2. Do you think we will see Barry's Gym Battle against Volkner?
3. Do you think we will see him in the next/final Team Galactic's appearance?
4. Do you think Ash will beat him in the Sinnoh League? (I think yes).

1. Rapidash, Munchlax(Debuts vs Volkner)
2. Yes
3. No, and if so he is going to be captured or a cheerleader of sorts.
4. Speedbump on the way to Paul.


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I reckon Paul will defeat Barry in the league rather than Ash. Ash is more likely to beat Nando if you ask me.


I think we will be getting a Barry vs Ash in the League, it is just too obvious in my opinion, and it has been forshadowed by the whole rivarly theme that was established between the two. But it won't be a battle from the very beginning of the League, so Barry should probably get a minor win against Conway or someone who is not that tough.
But don't expect him to appear before Sunnyshore City. Seems unlikely to happen as I see it.


I hope the writers will show us a Barry's and Paul's full battle of 6 on 6 that not against Ash (before the battle against Ash) . And also 3 on 3 battle.
So it'll be even better than Morisson.


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Barry i can imagine will have Rapidash and Snorlax just like in the games so dont expect something completly diffrent.


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So far, h should have Rapidash appear and Muchlax. Then, when he loses to Volkner, he'd evolve Munchlax and beat Volkner. I don't think of Barry as a threat to Ash or Paul.
Barry vs. Ash in the League (at some point) and Barry loses to him...

Aftermath: Barry is found standing in front of the Battleground, begging for change. Every. Single. Day. XD

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I haven't watch any of the Sinnoh episodes.

I think they should do it like the Johto league. Use Barry to beat Ash in Semi-/Finals

In Johto Ash beat Gary and lost to Harrison

In Sinnoh, Ash should beat Paul and lose to Barry.

Ash losing the Finals is a Anime tradition XD...


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1. I can see him with a Rapidash...probably not immediately, though. I don't want to see him with a Munchlax, maybe a 5th Gen later on...?
2. Yes. I can see him winning, too, and that would be the reason why Volkner goes to the Lighthouse. Even though it's the opposite in the games (he can't find a worthy challenger), I could see him moping be just as likely as him being bored.
3. Probably.
4. Most likely. Ash will probably win against both Paul and Barry, but lose to a trainer he happens to befriend right before the league.
Which is why he needs to stop making friends


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Who cares about Jun's future? He's too finicky anyways.
But........... I would see him getting two more badges, then going off in the same path as Eteboth (ping pong). He seems like the type anyways :/
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I haven't watch any of the Sinnoh episodes.

I think they should do it like the Johto league. Use Barry to beat Ash in Semi-/Finals

In Johto Ash beat Gary and lost to Harrison

In Sinnoh, Ash should beat Paul and lose to Barry.

Ash losing the Finals is a Anime tradition XD...

Yes, I wonder against who Ash will lose after the win against Paul in the league.
But I don't think it'll be Barry the one who will defeat Ash.
I hope he will catch Rapidash and an other pokemon, not Snorlax.

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I think Barry has the D/P/Pt team in the game with the starter Empoleon. Also, he probably will be at the TG episode with Spear Pillar (if there is one) because he could help out. Also, we will probably learn about his father and Barry would have to beat Volkner....eventually.