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What do you think is going to happen in the last episodes(post-league)?


Captain Pikachu is EPIC
My predictions are :
Ash is going to have a last battle with Tapu Koko. He could finally win even if he loses at the league, but it's not 100% likely.

Probably the companions will throw a farewell party for Ash, in the same style as the Farewell, Sophocles! episode. By that I mean some food from Mallow, maybe some parting gifts and emotional people. PSchool graduation might happen too, but idk since Ash enrolled somewhat later than his companions.

I really don't have any idea about what they're going to do with the Z-Ring, Rotomdex and maybe Bewear though.

Also, usually in odd-to-even generation changes, we usually have Ash actually knowing about the new region and parting before the end of the season, outfit changes included. This happened in 1>2, 2>3(as an exception), 3>4 and 5>6, but not in 4>5 and 6>7. I hope it happens this time!

Red and Blue

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There will probably be a graduation ceremony with Deliah attending. Lillie may decide to explore other regions or start out in Kanto


Kanto is love. Kanto is life.
I think Ash will win the league( league would be only Top 16)( finale would be Gladion vs Ash where Ash wins) but in order for him to be a champion of Alola he must beat Kukui( he'd lose, because Kukui is stronger but still he gets a trophy). Post league episodes I think it will be good-byes and Pallet town Episode where Ash leaves to Galar region. But after that we will get a barrage of special episodes concerning MCs.
I think Gen 8 games will be releaed 15th-16th November.Anime always released before,since it's airing on Sunday, I can see getting two parter Gen 8 anime on 10th November.3rd would be a break. I think entire October will be dedicated to special episodes, tbh. We have 5 main characters that would get it, sure maybe not all like Serena, but I am pretty sure. Lillie, Kiawe and Lana will have it. I'd say Mallow too( poor Sophocles, he can still appear in for example Kiawe's special).Lillie would probably be in Kanto. I'd like Lana to go to Hoenn so she can meet Serena( because Serena didn't get a special). I wouldn't like Clemont meeting Sophocles because that'd be predictable. That would mean last SM episodes( not counting specials) would be in September. So if per say league starts in July and finishes in late August, we'd have like 3-4 episodes which would be good-byes , maybe battle with Tapu Koko once more and Pallet episode.


Dragon Master
As much as I like post-league sagas I don't think that there will be much episodes left, 10 at most, or maybe even less. I would like them to make a 2-parter trip to Hoenn/Kanto/Sinnoh to introduce the class to Contests where May and Dawn appear as special guests. Lana becomes interested in Contests. Maybe they all go to Kanto with Ash and we can have one of those amazing AG Oak's Lab episodes. I expect Lillie to join Gladion/Ash on travels, while Lana, Mallow, Sophocles and Kiawe travel together. I think there is a chance Ash might capture Rotom at the very last episode in Alola.


Funky Kong Supremacy
I dont know what "future goals" the classmates have. Unless you mean blowing bubbles, cooking, idk what Kiawe does.
Making the biggest bubble, going to outer space, being the strongest Fire type specialist, making a restaurant #1 in Alola, & indecisive atm


Paladin of the Snow Queen
Ash gives up the Z Ring.
Yeah, I could see this happening. They could even make reference to Alain doing the same with his Mega Ring in order to start fresh.


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All I want is for Galar to actually get brought up or for Pokemon to appear from there before the region starts. Not another Unova or Alola where Ash just ends up there episode one! Even if it's as simple as Ash meeting Gary at Oak's during the final episode, thus Gary explains why he hasn't shown up during SM.... and making him a recurring character again if he's working with the Professor there. I love when the next region is teased in advance; GS ball, Harrison, Gary, Alexa.... gives more reasoning for Ash to go there.

But I do see this stuff:
Ash has one final battle with Tapu Koko and Pikachu wins
The z-ring is either destroyed during the final arc or lost.... I think it'd be pretty funny if Ash is on the boat home and it just slips right off his wrist and into the water! Can't get it back as he doesn't have any Water types lol
Team Rocket somehow manage to get Bewear to not follow them anymore, although I wouldn't mind if Bewear stayed a recurring character... so long as Mareanie and Mimikyu get to as well. They're both great Pokemon and felt heavily underused! I don't want them gone and replaced with another Woobat, Yamask, Amoongus, Frillish, or Inkay.
Ash says his goodbyes but Kiawe goes with him to Kanto as he wants to challenge gyms there. Ash 'promises' to battle him again someday as they say goodbye. Gladion could probably go to Kanto too. Mallow heads to gen 8.

Almighty Zard

He has returned.
I could take Ash leaving his Z-ring and crystals behind in pallet town (maybe to be called on if necessary) if the writers really want to "depower" him again, but losing or destroying the ring? That essentially makes his obtaining of the Z-crystals pointless. Unless something happened that locked the power of Z-moves in Alola to where they couldn't be used in other regions(or their banned in Galar for some reason), I see no reason for Ash to not keep the ring and crystals, even if he leaves them in pallet town it's better than destroying the Z-ring.

That to me would be even worse than releasing Greninja.

I could see Lana, Gladion and Lillie wanting to go to Kanto(Lana to visit Misty, the other two for journey purposes), but I don't know about the others.

Blue Saturday

Unfurl your Blessed Wings!
They all graduate and Kukui after being impressed by their work as Ultra Guardians and students offers them the opportunity to work with helping other trainers in Alola grow, by working alongside the Kahuna and Totem Pokemon as “Trial Captains.” Suiren, Kaki, Mao, Mamane, Illima, Acerola, etc. all accept. Satoshi decides to go to Galar while keeping his Z-Power Ring. Lugarugan stays with Kukui in favor of the Okido Ranch and Satoshi can call “upon” him anytime. Meltan accompanies Satoshi to Galar. Lillie departs to Kanto on her own Pokemon journey to challenge gyms with Satoshi before they part for Satoshi to go to Galar. He keeps Electrium-Zand Steelium-Z but the moves don’t work immediately due to Galar not producing Ultra Energy as much.

Rock Captain 99

Following the dreams!!
Maybe Team Skull Arc will happen after the league, though I usually prefer the villain arcs to happen pre league. Further, if Poipole returns before the league, then again, one episode would be dedicated to it returning to his home as I don't think, it will be Oaked!!


Captain Pikachu is EPIC
I have a feeling Rowlet will go back to his family instead of getting Oak'd
The writers could even pull a Pidgeot and making him stay in the forest to protect his family


Humans are tools
I think lillie and gladion will receive there own episode where they will decide to challenge other regions to get strong, lillie could become full fledged trainer at the end of SM.
Kiawe will start challenging kanto gyms starting with brock who will then recommend him to go and challenge blaine kanto's fire type gym leader.
Lana, mallow and soph will decide to stay back in alola to be expert in there fields.
Ash will challenge tapu koko for last time just like in kalos where pikachu will fight much better but tapu koko will still dominate the match as soon as it is about to fininsh off pikachu and acknowledge ash as a sign of his growth throughout the SM series.
There could be little shot of all the support characters of SM series just like it was there in XY series last episode.
I will say i am gonna miss some of SM characters like prof kukui, tapu koko, lillie, gladion, kiawe and acerola, olivia.


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Including the end of the league, I think we're going to have four episodes wrapping up the entire Sun and Moon series.

1. The first of these episodes will be the last Alola League episode. Of course Ash is obviously gonna lose because we know the writers will never get over their "We have to end the series if Ash wins a regional league" rule. I think its either gonna be to Hau or Professor Kukui disguised as the Masked Royal. I just hope it won't be Gladion. After Ash loses, he'll take a moment to reflect on the league and if he lost to Professor Kukui, I think he might find out he is the Masked Royal. They'll celebrate the end of the Alola League and Kukui will reveal to everyone that they've all passed and will graduate.

2. After the league we will have graduation. Its probably gonna be full of goofy antics and last minute bonding between Ash, Lillie, Kiawe, Mallow, Lana, and Sophocles. They'll probably put together something like a class photo or yearbook for fun, and the Pokemon will probably get in on it also. They'll probably also say goodbye to Lusamine and Wicke as they hang up their Ultra Guardians gear. The ceremony will likely happen at the end of the episode. Delilah, Mimey, and Professor Oak will probably come to the ceremony. Its possible that Brock and Misty could as well, considering this series has had them return for 4 episodes. The ceremony will happen at the very end and Ash will graduate.

3. This will be the goodbye episode. Ash will pack up at Professor Kukui's place and thank him for letting him stay at his house. He'll leave Rotom-Dex with Professor Kukui and Professor Burnett. The class will reuinte one last time and say goodbye to each other, before Ash leaves with Delilah, Mimey, and anyone else that comes to Alola with them, though he'll probably get distracted by Tapu Koko and rush off to have one last battle with the Island Guardian. He'll have one last battle before he is tracked down by his classmates who arrive for one last goodbye and to help Ash catch his boat or plane in time. We''ll also see Team Rocket packing up and having one last moment with Bewear. The episode will end with him leaving Alola and reflecting on his time there.

4. The last episode of the Sun and Moon series will see Ash, as well as Team Rocket returning to Kanto. We could possibly see Brock and Misty here when Ash return, if they didn't go to the graduation ceremony. Ash will introduce Rowlet, Torrcat, Lycanroc, and Meltan to the rest of his Pokemon, and they'll likely fight against Team Rocket again. At the end, Ash will find out about the Galar Region and decide he wants to go there for his next journey. He'll get his new outfit and head off for Galar at the end.


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Graduation Ceremony

I do see everyone traveling with Ash back to Kanto after the ceremony. When I say everyone, the 5 fellow students, his rival Gladion, The Professors, Aether Foundation. Before parting. A 4 part crisis of a Grad ceremony which just evolves shenanigans. I see them all being introduced 1 by 1 to all of Ash's pokemon.
For commemorative purposes being 20+ years of the Pokemon anime which will showcase some returns and so on.

I see Kiawe traveling to Kanto and really honing his skills as a trainer. Sophocles going to the Bill's observatory and graduating to learn over there for a bit before going back to his own observatory in Alola. Lillie going with her brother Gladion and travel around Johto.

Lana I could see travel to Kanto and go visit Misty as we do know they are literally pen pals from long distances. I can also see Lana wanting to take an internship and become Misty's apprentice in the Cerulean gym.

Mallow is the one that's tricky as I can see her accompany Ash to Galar or become a chef like her Dad