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What do you think is the best move of every type?


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I haven't seen a thread about this, so my curiosity took over.
What do you think is the best move of each type?
Should you want to participate, please give some reasons for your choice.
I'll start with mine:

Normal: Recover. A very widespread move, and is very commonly used on most of the stuff that get it, even sweepers like Starmie.

Fire: Fire Blast. Fire types aren't very good straight off the bat, with their rather undesirable weaknesses, but Fire Blast helps them quite a bit by giving them a high-powered move with high enough accuracy.

Fighting: Close Combat. A very powerful move with a large learnbase. The side effect isn't so bad, since you can keep spamming the move.

Water: Scald. The power is almost the same as Surf, and it's side effect is deadly. If a physical attacker switches into Scald, there's a 70% chance for it not to be totally screwed over. Not to mention the only Pokemon that are immune to burns are fire-types. And those can't take a Scald to the face at all.

Flying: Roost. As a TM, its learnbase is huge. In addition to restoring HP, which is always very good, it removes a mostly harmful secondary typing for a turn.

Grass: Spore. If the enemy doesn't kill you or you outspeed, the opponent will be incapacitated for 100% of the time. That's rather deadly. Spore has been very important in making Amoonguss and Breloom viable and Parasect not cannon fodder.

Poison: Toxic. Toxic is learned by almost all pokemon, and it's good at taking out stalls and walls alike.

Electric: Thunderbolt. A move that is learned by many Pokemon, and functions in a very good combo with Ice Beam.

Ground: Earthquake. 100 Power. 100 Accuracy. One of the best offensive types in the game. Learnable by almost everything with some size. Is a TM. Earthquake is awesome.

Psychic: Psyshock. Most of the Pokemon that learn Psyshock are Special Attackers, and thus are walled by Eggy and other special sponges. Psyshock works around this problem and gives some coverage against the rampant Fighting-types.

Rock: Stealth Rock. Best entry hazard in the game and made Rock into an incredibly undesirable weakness.

Ice: Ice Beam. Mostly for the same reasons as Thunderbolt.

Bug: U-Turn. Scouting is never bad and it has a large learnbase. Sticky Web was considered, but most of the stuff that get Sticky Web aren't so hot.

Dragon: Dragon Dance. Raising both Attack and Speed makes you very dangerous, as well as giving an opportunity to sweep and heavily dent an opposing team.

Ghost: Shadow Ball. Most Ghost-type's STAB move of choice, as well as giving lots of special attackers coverage.

Dark: Knock Off. Removing the opponent's item is always nice. And it hits with a solid 97 power, too.

Steel: Bullet Punch. Scizor's claim to fame as well as a very dang solid move. Priority never hurts.

Fairy: Play Rough. It was a tossup between this and Moonblast, but this was chosen thanks to its much larger learnbase.

Blaze The Movie Fan

Reviewer and PokéFan
Normal: Hyper beam.
I know it's horrible because the side effect is one of the worst side effects in the game, but I can't help but to think it looks awesome.

Fire: Overheat.
I love using that move with white herb, that means I can use two overheats in a row and still doing major damage.

There isn't much more to be honest.
Normal: Recover/Slack Off - A good recovery move that comes with no strings attached (Like Moonlight/Morning Sun) is simply a blessing to have.

Fire: Will-O-Wisp - Physical sweepers would be that much harder to stop if this move didn't exist.

Fighting: Drain Punch - Before Gen V, I probably would not have picked this, but the PP boost it got made it a lot more usable/practical and allows mons like Meinshao and Conk to survive a lot longer.

Water: Scald - That 30% chance to burn is mean.

Flying: Roost - Even though it comes with the cost of temporarily losing Flying typing, for most mons that isn't too big of an issue.

Grass: Spore - 100% accuracy on a Sleep move is huge as Sleep is easily one of the most annoying statuses you can inflict on your opponent.

Poison: Toxic - Honestly not a lot of contest here after looking at the other options l0l.

Electric: Volt Switch - Its ability to both scout and keep your momentum going is great.

Ground: Earthquake - EQ has been and continues to be an amazing coverage move.

Psychic: Rest - While it has a pretty significant drawback, being able to heal 100% of health and cure status is a pretty big deal.

Rock: Stealth Rock - Just ask Talonflame, Charizard, Yanmega, Volcarona, Moltres , Articuno, Dragonite, any Mon with Sturdy, any Mon with Focus Sash.

Ice: Ice Beam - Same reason as EQ as previously being one of only two types to deal SE damage to dragons.

Bug: U-Turn - Same reason as Volt Switch.

Dragon: Dragon Dance - The number of Mons who are dangerous because of their access to this move keeps on growing.

Ghost: Shadow Ball - Really the only appropriate STAB move many Ghost-types have access and a chance to lower SpD.

Dark: Knock Off - Before Gen VI, definitely would not have picked this, but now that it has a nice BP boost in addition to removing the target's item, it's a pretty good move and it is no surprise that almost every Mon that has access to it will usually be running it.

Steel: Bullet Punch - Just as Scizor and Fairy-types.

Fairy: Geomancy - move over kyogre a new game changer has arrived


Old User: OtakuGamer
Fairy: Play Rough= Its only available to certain fairy types and Absol. If you go for the Swords Dance and then play rough, you can sweep a whole team!

Dragon: Dragon Dance= If your opponent has this move, you can say bye bye to your team! (Unless your a fairy type. But if you put Scrafty into the equation........)

Dark: Knock Off= This helps you if someone is holding a Focus Sash or any type of orb.

Excitable Boy

is a metaphor
Normal: Swords Dance

+2 Atk, no strings attached, good distribution through TM, been around since Gen I.

Ultimate Champion

The Great Pokémon Master
Normal: Rapid Spin. With the buff of the move Defog, trainers no longer go out of their way to include a Ghost-type Pokémon in their team for the purpose of blocking Rapid Spin, while on the other hand, some teams do go out of their way to include multiple Taunt users for the purpose of stopping Defog. This thus makes Rapid Spin, which removes entry hazards only from the user's side of the field while at the same time being unable to be stopped by Taunt, an extremely useful move in this generation in my opinion, especially at the hands of Pokémon that can also deal good damage to common Ghost-type Pokémon.

Fire: Sacred Fire. A ridiculously low risk and high reward attack, due to its near-perfect accuracy, high base power, ability to be boosted to ridiculous levels by harsh sunlight, as well as the fact that even if the user predicts incorrectly and hits a target that is resistant to Fire-type attacks with this move, the user can often still be rewarded anyway, due to this move's incredible 50% burn chance.

Fighting: Close Combat. An incredibly powerful attack with perfect accuracy and a far better drawback than many other similarly high-powered Fighting-type moves.

Water: Scald. Basically Sacred Fire on a lesser scale, except it has far, far greater distribution. Since this move is mostly learned by defensive Pokémon, which therefore get multiple opportunities to use this move and successfully fish for a burn, it is basically a strong Water-type move and Will-O-Wisp in one.

Flying: Defog. The ability to remove entry hazards without fear of being stopped by a Ghost-type Pokémon is simply a godsend.

Grass: Spore. Has a 100% chance of crippling one of the opponent's Pokémon with one of the deadliest status effects in the game.

Poison: Toxic. Aside from setting up entry hazards, this is pretty much the #1 method by which defensive Pokémon are capable of causing damage.

Electric: Thunder Wave. One of the absolute best moves in the game in my opinion, as significantly cutting down the Speed of the opponent's Pokémon is absolutely incredible for stopping fast sweepers as well as allowing your own slow but powerful Pokémon to clean up the opponent's team. Having a chance to fish for a turn in which the opponent's Pokémon is fully paralyzed in order to end a turn with a Substitute up (so that you can outrun and KO the opponent's Pokémon, before forcing the next Pokémon the opponent sends out to take a hit while breaking your Pokémon's Substitute) or reactivate Multiscale for the Pokémon Dragonite and Lugia via Roost also exemplify Thunder Wave's amazing utility.

Ground: Spikes. Though the viability of this move has taken a dive with the buff of the move Defog, I still think it is one of the best moves in the game for both offensive and defensive teams alike, being able to allow the opponent's Pokémon to be KO'd more easily for the former, as well as being able to rack up incredible passive damage over time for the latter.

Psychic: Rest. As Psychic is not a particularly effective offensive type in my opinion, I think the title of "best Psychic-type move" belongs to a defensive move, that being Rest, as it cures all status while serving as the only form of recovery for many Pokémon.

Rock: Stealth Rock. An entry hazard with endless utility, which is mandatory on pretty much every team.

Ice: Ice Beam: A powerful attack with amazing offensive coverage, perfect accuracy, and a chance to inflict the game's deadliest status effect.

Bug: Sticky Web. Putting aside its poor distribution, Sticky Web is by far the deadliest entry hazard in my opinion, as not only does it essentially deprive all Choice Scarf holders of their Speed boost while at the same time almost serving as a guarantee that any of the opponent's grounded Pokémon that does not hold Choice Scarf will always attack last (and therefore allowing one to simply roll over the opponent's team with extremely heavy-hitting but normally not very fast offensive Pokémon), but Sticky Web is also oftentimes more difficult to remove than other entry hazards, as lowering the Speed of the opponent's Defog user allows one's own Pokémon to outrun and Taunt them before they can use Defog, and this especially applies to Defog Arceus in the Übers tier.

Dragon: Spacial Rend. A highly accurate and very strong Dragon-type attack, which does not have a debilitating drawback, unlike Draco Meteor and Outrage. The high critical hit ratio is just the icing on the cake.

Ghost: Shadow Ball. A strong attack with perfect accuracy, amazing coverage, and a very nice side effect. It is a large part of why Spooky Plate Aegislash such an amazing Pokémon in both OU as well as PokeBattle's PBV tier in my opinion.

Dark: Knock Off. Depriving the target of its held item is just awesome, as it can do amazing things such as negating the enhanced Speed of a Choice Scarf-holding Pokémon, or depriving a defensive Pokémon of its Leftovers, which can go a long way for beating stall teams. And if nothing else, the very act of knocking off the opponent's Pokémon's item can be the very least a Pokémon can do to something that normally completely walls it - for example, Conkeldurr, a Pokémon that is completely walled by Clefable and Sylveon, can at least contribute something against such Pokémon by removing their Leftovers. When used against a Pokémon holding an item, Knock Off also has a very nice base power.

Steel: Bullet Punch. A very nice priority move, especially when boosted by Abilities such as Technician and Adaptability. The value of this priority move is significantly increased in the Übers tier due to the existence of one of, if not the biggest threats in that tier in my opinion: Geomancy Xerneas.

Fairy: Geomancy. The very reason why Xerneas has redefined the Übers metagame.


Heated Fury
Fire: Flamethrower
Electric: Thunderbolt
Ice: Ice Beam
Water: Hydro Pump
Fairy: Dazzling Gleam
Psychic: Psychic
Ghost: Shadow Sneak
Steel: Iron Head
Rock: Rock Wrecker
Ground: Earthquake
Dragon: Outrage
Bug: Bug Buzz
Normal: Mega Punch
Grass: Leaf Blade
Fighting: Hi Jump Kick
Flying: Aerial Ace
Poison: Sludge Bomb

And.. that's it.


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I'm going to instead treat this as a "favorite move from each type," because that would give us more varied answers.

Grass: Petal Dance. No particular reason, I just love this move. (Especially on Lilligant.)
Fire: Heat Wave. Again, no particular reason.
Water: Dive. I miss diving from RSE, because that was the best part of the game.
Normal: Extremespeed or Softboiled/Milk Drink.
Flying: Sky Attack is so darn cool.
Electric: Magnet Rise. What a neat idea.
Rock: Stone Edge.
Ground: Earth Power.
Poison: Toxic, of course.
Bug: I'd say Quiver Dance. Or Megahorn.
Ghost: Shadow Claw, probably.
Psychic: Psychic. Though I personally like Telekinesis.
Ice: Blizzard, duh.
Fighting: Ooh, this is tough. I like Drain Punch, and also Hi Jump Kick. Aura Sphere is pretty flashy. Sky Uppercut utterly rules... but Rock Smash is my favorite.
Dragon: I'm partial to Dragon Rush.
Dark: Probably Night Slash.
Steel: For some reason, I enjoy Flash Cannon a lot.
Fairy: Flower Shield, although Moonblast is better.
???: Curse!
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I smash your Boxes.
Bug: Quiver Dance or U-Turn, neither should be told why.
Grass: Spore, Leech Seed, or Giga Drain, likely.
Ghost: Shadow Ball, really because Ghost isn't overly op in terms of Moves or the such.
Ice: Ice Beam.
Poison: Toxic.
Steel: Bullet Punch.
Water: Scald, likely to be Steam Eruption later.
Electric: Volt Switch.
Fairy: Geomancy, of course.
Dark: Knock Off, Pursuit, Taunt, or Foul Play.
Flying: Defog, Roost.
Psychic: Rest, I suppose.
Ground: Earthquake, likely to be Thousand Arrows soon.
Rock: Stealth Rock.
Normal: Baton Pass, or Recover.
Dragon: Spacial Rend.
Fighting: Drain Punch, Mach Punch.
Fire: Sacred Fire.
???: Curse.


Bug - Megahorn. Most powerful Bug type move, and a good handful of Pokémon with massive Attack base stats learn it.
Dark - Sucker Punch. Useful for taking out Ghost and Psychic types.
Dragon - Outrage. Minus the confusion and chance of a Fairy type switch-in, it's a good move for cleaning up nearing the end of a battle.
Electric - Thunderbolt
Fairy - Geomancy
Fighting - Aura Sphere. Not as widespread as many other moves or as strong as Focus Blast, but being able to hit an opponent without the chance of missing is always a plus.
Fire - Will-O-Wisp
Flying - Brave Bird
Ghost - Memento
Grass - Solar Beam
Ground - Earthquake
Ice - Ice Burn. Easily the most visually appealing move, even though it takes two turns to use.
Normal - Recovery/Judgement
Poison - Poison Jab
Psychic - Psystrike
Rock - Stone Edge/Diamond Storm. They're exactly the same move, except Diamond Storm has a chance of raising defense and is more accurate.
Steel - Bullet Punch
Water - Hydro Pump

Ultimate Champion

The Great Pokémon Master
I'm going to instead treat this as a "favorite move from each type," because that would give us more varied answers.

My favorite moves of each type:

Grass: Grass Knot
Fire: Blue Flare
Water: Water Spout
Normal: Horn Drill
Flying: Sky Attack
Electric: Thunder Wave
Rock: Ancientpower
Ground: Fissure
Poison: Toxic
Bug: Quiver Dance
Ghost: Shadow Force
Psychic: Psystrike
Ice: Ice Burn
Fighting: Aura Sphere
Dragon: Draco Meteor
Dark: Dread Plate Judgment
Steel: Doom Desire
Fairy: Geomancy
???: Curse

All of the above are chosen for a combination of aesthetic coolness, usefulness in battle, and frequency of them being used by me throughout all the generations so far.

Mew The Gato

- Normal: Substitute. It can be used on a turn when the opponent switches into an offensive check, and eases prediction. It also blocks status moves, and protects the Pokemon from being OHKOed unless the opponent bypasses the Substitute through Infiltrator or the use of Sound based Moves.

- Fighting: Close Combat. Fairly varied distribution, and excellent power. A fast Pokemon with good offenses can easily use this move repeatedly for great results.

- Flying: Defog. It is an excellent move for removing Entry Hazards, especially with newer, dangerous ones like Sticky Web coming into being. It also removes Dual Screens on the opponent's side.

- Poison: Coil. It is an excellent setup move for bulkier Pokemon, and even though its distribution is exclusive to serpentine Pokemon so far, it is excellent on the Pokemon that can actually use it.

- Ground: Earthquake. Excellent distribution, excellent reliability.

- Rock: Diamond Storm. Excellent accuracy, reliable power, and power to raise Defense.

- Bug: Tail Glow. Pitiful distribution, but extremely dangerous, especially when Baton Passed.

- Ghost: Destiny Bond. A lot of common users are fast, and can use Destiny Bond to take down a key party member by surprise.

- Steel: Bullet Punch. It is a decent priority option. Steel Types tend to be slow, so, it is good for them.

- Fire: Sacred Fire. Excellent burn chance, and used well by both of the Pokemon that can get it. The miss chance is not enough of a hindrance to nerf it.

- Water: Scald. Excellent for reasons similar to Sacred Fire, albeit weaker. However, it is super effective against the only Type that cannot receive burns, making it an excellent move.

- Grass: Seed Flare. Excellent power, and a good chance to reduce the opponent's Special Defense, only enhancing its effectiveness.

- Electric: Nuzzle. Basically Thunder Wave without the ability to be stopped by Taunt, and dealing some damage.

- Psychic: Lunar Dance. A better version of Healing Wish, which would have probably taken the cake if not for it. It gives many extremely dangerous sweepers a second chance to sweep, especially after the opponent's team has been weakened.

- Ice: Haze. Excellent for stopping unsuspecting Baton Pass chains who do not bother with Taunt. An excellent surprise move for this purpose on offensive Pokemon, if they have a moveslot to sare.

- Dragon: Draco Meteor. An astronomical amount of damage, and especially good on Choice Specs or Choice Scarf users, who are probably going to switch out afterwards, anyway.

- Dark: Foul Play. It allows a bulky Pokemon to have an overwhelming offensive presence. OHKOes a lot of setup sweepers like Dragon Dance users.

- Fairy: Geomancy. A devastatingly powerful setup move, especially in conjunction with Power Herb.


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*this is based off the move itself, not the learnbase. thanks ily all*

Normal: Swords Dance.

Fire: Sacred Fire.

Fighting: hadoken Hi Jump Kick.

Water: Steam Eruption. (scald on steroids! : D) or Shell Smash

Flying: Aeroblast/Brave Bird. For physical or special attackers.

Grass: Spore.

Poison: Sludge Wave

Electric: Volt Switch. special switchablity.

Ground: Earthquake.

Psychic: Psystrike.

Rock: Stealth Rock.

Ice: Ice Beam.

Bug: Sticky Web/Tail Glow/U-Turn.

Dragon: Draco freaking Meteor. (I've always wanted to say that) but srsly guys, Dragon Dance.

Ghost: Shadow Ball.

Dark: Dark Void in Doubles, Parting Shot in Singles. Possibly Nasty Plot.

Steel: Bullet Punch.

Fairy: Geomancy.
Normal: Double Edge
Grass: Giga Drain
Water: Scald
Fire: Flare Blitz
Electric: Thunderbolt
Rock: Rock Wrecker
Ground: Earthquake
Fighting: Aura Sphere
Flying: Sky Drop
Poison: Toxic
Ice: Avalanche
Bug: X Scissor
Psychic: Amnesia
Ghost: Shadow Force
Steel: Iron Defense
Dark: Dark Pulse
Dragon: Outrage
Fairy: Dazzling Gleam