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What do you think of Ash and Gary's friendship

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The first six episodes of the anime were really weird in terms of writing and the vibe of the show. Everything is so different that it’s hard not to see how awkward things were. Ash, Jessie, James, And Meowth clearly had different voice actors, the dialogue written was a bit clunky at times and felt forced, and Flint actually says the word “died” which the anime has never said again in any form of the word usually saying “it was too late” or “they’re gone.”


I WAS talking about original Japanese version, and the way Yuko Kobayashi delivered those lines was really like Shigeru just knew about him, but never directly interacted with.

I mean, "You're Satoshi, aren't you? Yeah yeah, it's Saaatoshi-san!", it just doesn't sound like something you would say to a person you talked to before.
Japanese isn't like English. It's context-based. Knowing they're 幼おさなじみ (playmate during younger years, JP->EN dictionary equivalent being "childhood friends"), お前はサトシだな takes on another nuance and is not straight up asking if he's Satoshi. The nuance, and the way he says it, is more in lines of "If it isn't Satoshi!" as if he's recognizing the person that just bumped into him and fell. Him making a snide face and reaffirming it after looking at him longer by saying はいはい、サ~トシさんだよ! only further makes it apparent that he knows him, especially with the pet way he says it by dragging out the first syllable of his name. He's being way too familiar while still being distantly condescending to him by playing around with honorifics, Satoshi in contrast does play it straight by addressing Shigeru without honorific, to which the latter insists Satoshi add the 君 to it. It in no way contradicts information that is revealed later, in that they knew each other since childhood and that their relationship is strained by the time the series started. And no where do they literally say it's their first time speaking to each other.

Ash, Jessie, James, And Meowth clearly had different voice actors
The 4Kids English dub voice actors for Ash and Jessie were the same since the start. Veronica Taylor and Rachael Lillis.
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Satoshi and Shigeru knowing each other even before the events of episode one was retconned.

In the first episode they talk like they met for the first time.

They literally called each other by name so that implies that they knew each other lol. But even if we go with your theory how does that change their friendship/rivalry that developed after that point anyways?