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What do you think of Goh catching a lot of Pokemon?

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I’m bored of it. Not only does it reduce the vast majority of the Pokémon he catches to just a box to be checked and turns them into an occasional background cameo as opposed to an actual member of the cast but it takes away what actually made Pokémon captures such a special aspect of the series by turning it into a mundane every day occurrence.
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In the beginning a capture was surprising, but after a while it became annoying and boring. At this point I aren't even surprised he catches stuff. He does NOTHING with them


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This pretty much.

I don't get the outrage though since he's a character hardly worth caring much for imo
Ah, but he didn't have to be. He could have even been the best character in the show, any main character could have given care.

That's why I care at least, as much as I hate the way his goall is written.


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If it was more even with captures between Ash and Go I'd be fine. Heck I'd be ok with it if Go had a goal besides just catching Pokemon like contests to use them instead of just to catch Pokemon. All they are doing is rotting away at the lab. At least Ash uses them to achieve his goal even if its every now and than.


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I hate the fact that after they showcases lots of the Balls in XY with the ball factory ep and even showed them in SM with trainers like Gladion using different balls, they revert back to simple pokeballs in this series with Goh
Goh should be catching Pokémon using a variety of pokeballs like great and ultra balls, timer balls, repeat balls, dusk balls, net balls, quick balls etc
It is such wasted potential they didn't utilize that

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This pretty much.

I don't get the outrage though since he's a character hardly worth caring much for imo
I’d feel more like that if he wasn’t a main character. But the writers insist on constantly shoving him and his goal down our throats treating him like he’s this grand beacon of righteousness and Ash’s equal despite Ash being a seasoned trainer and him being relatively new.

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Honestly I don't care if Goh catches all the Pokémon with a single throw or by just looking at them, just leave my Legendaries alone. ):
After Suicune kneeling at the alter of Go, things don’t bode so well for legendaries.