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What do you think of revives and max revives?

What role do the (max) revives play in your games?

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Well-Known Member
I think Revives are great, I only use them when I really need to.


Why is blue?
I only rarely use them outside the elite 4 because I like to save up on them. So technically, I do use (max) revives.

Ya i save my revives up to until the elite four.
Whenever i go to pokecenter i buy one revive at least no idea why but i do.

Jonah the Slaking

Couch-bound Warrior
Revives are important. It's like using a revival spell in a fantasy game. It takes time, costs a lot (at the beginning, anyway), and you don't have access to it at first. They're in the game for you to use, so why not use them?


AshXSerena = Canon
There's nothing wrong with it, in the anime ash doesn't have to face every member of the elite 4 then the champion at the same time..


The One...
Yeah I just used them for the Elite Four. I was soo underleveled. I needed like 50 of those.


The One...
Sorry, my computer sucks and screwed this up.


The One...
Same here.

Silver Bolt

Undying flames
They help me to win a battle if I'm in a pinch. Like I have only one or two pokemon left, the opponent's HP is really low, I use a Revive followed by a Super/Hyper Potion if I can, my pokemon dies and I switch to the other pokemon and I win. I see no problem in that. Sure, the other trainers aren't programmed to do that, but it's fine with me. I don't see myself not using Phoenix Downs in Final Fantasy when the enemies can't just revive other fallen enemies, so of course I'll use Revives in Pokemon where the opponents can't do that. It's the same thing for me.


oh hai there
I only use them when I need to like if I only have 1 remaining pokemon and it's about to faint in a battle but if I'm not in a battle I like to go to the pokemon center. Free healthcare FTW


Well-Known Member
I think they're fine. I wanna know how exactly they work, though - are they basically a synthetic Revival Herb, or is it something else?

i think they are little crystals that sort of dissolve in the pokemon's mouth
kinda like HP trapped in amber


Lover of underrated characters
I love revives and use them alot


Gangrenous Creature
I don't use them normally during battle (because I find that at times you fall into a trap) but other than that I use them after battles if I don't feel like going to the Pokemon Center, or if I'm battling the E4.

Dragon Trainer X

I don't use them that much, seeing as though I don't need to >_>

They're perfectly fine to use. What if you are in a cave and only have one more Pokemon left at a low level?
I'll use them and I find them to be fair game. It's not like illegal or anything, it's just a helpfull item that NPCs never have on them.

Wishing Star

Astral Charm Owner
Revives I use whenever I feel like using them, since Poké Marts sell them.
Max Revives, on the other hand, I collect, because Poké Marts don't sell them. :)


New Member
you should just use the herbs you can get in the driftveil market there are full revival herbs and healing herbs