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What do you think of the Battle Chatelaines?

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So far there are four of them, Evelyn, Dana, Morgan and Nita.

Do you like their designs, dialogue, trainer class...? Share your thoughts.

I think they have some peculiar designs and are certainly something different from past bosses/admins.

Do you prefer them over past Admins such as Palmer, Emmet, and Ingo?
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I think they’re pretty cool. Nothing outstanding but they do their job well. They’re no Palmer though


I thought that they had great designs, although I admit that in general they weren't nearly as memorable as the Frontier Brains of earlier games. Also, I got the feeling that many older players disliked them since the Chatelaines were used at the Battle Resort in OR/AS instead of the Gen III Frontier Brains.


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I thought they were mishandled because they didn't feel as special as the Frontier Brains or the Subway Masters. I remember thinking that they were also really easy to beat but maybe that was just me. :[


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I don't think any of them stick out from the group much I mean yeah Evelyn's design is my favorite but I remember thinking that her 1st team with Lumineon and Primeape was awful and too easy to beat.


I hate the Rotom-Dex.
I mostly stay away from the Battle Chateu next to the breeders on Reverie Walk on Route 7. Needing 50.000 pokedollars to issue a challenge is costly. It racks up quickly with ranks. However the colored writs of challenge grant a chance of a random gym leader rematch, but they require really high ranks to hope to be issued a challenge and meet them.

Writ of Invitation (A new Trainer appears twice as often (once every 3 minutes) 50,000
Silver Writ of Invitation (A new Trainer appears six times as often (once every minute) 100,000
Gold Writ of Invitation (Increases battle winnings by 50%) 100,000
Writ of Challenge (Increases the levels of Pokémon by 5 (consequently increasing battle winnings) 50,000
Blue Writ of Challenge (Decreases the levels of Pokémon by 10 (consequently decreasing battle winnings) 10,000
Red Writ of Challenge (Increases the levels of Pokémon by 10 (consequently increasing battle winnings) 100,000
Black Writ of Challenge (Increases the levels of Pokémon by 20 (consequently increasing battle winnings) 300,000

Black and White 2 Pokemon World Tournament was one of the very the best ones ever made for re-match including champions not from unova.
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They were unmemorable both in designs and teams. The Hoenn Frontier Brains had more charisma than the Chatelaines and that's just another reason why I was mad when we got the Chatelaines in ORAS instead of the good ol' Frontier Brains...


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