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What do you use your Master Balls on, if you didn't use it on the main legendary?


Bone-ified dinosaur
I can't remember ever using a master ball on a legendary, I've got three at the moment on Diamond (one from fire red and one from emerald) that I'm saving for Shaymin, Darkrai and Arceus when the events finally come to Britain.


Random Reckoner
I never use masterballs on the main legendary I always use them on either the running or fleeing legendaries like latios or uxie or when I see a shiny pokemon


Champ In The Making
I used mine on a pikachu. =\

I have like 8 more though, off of wifi.


Random Reckoner
I get all my masterballs of emerald or ruby I usually attach them onto pokemon in the pal park;munchlax;


gone gently
I play through every game at least ten times, and collect the better items to trade over to my main game, my 'base of operations.' Then I catch the Legendaries on only one or two games. So, I never run out of Master Balls.


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I'm saving mine for Arceus because it's going to be a PAIN to catch. Since I have three, I might save it if I find a shiny exploding Pokemon like Graveler.


Who reads this is...
I always get a Masterball in the lottery in every game, even on those of my friends, so now I have about 8 Masterballs left, WITHOUT restarting.

Things I used them on:
Yellow: Articuno and nothing.
Silver: Entei, Suicune.
FireRed: Mewtwo.
Emerald: Rayquaza, transferred 7.
Diamond: Dialga, Mesprit, Cresselia, Heatran, Regigigas, Giratina, Gible(I was so happy after 17 hours of searching, I just caught it and it appeared to have the right Nature and good IV's, so I trained it too!) and Rotom.


i cannot believe
Well, supposing I caught some legendaries (those who don't run away) without using the Master Ball, I'd probably use it to a Legendary that often runs away. I already used my M. Ball to Cresselia in Diamond, so I might have a hard time catching Mesprit. x_X

Otherwise, if not a legendary, I'd probably use it to a shiny & rare Pokemon.


I use my Masterballs on everything. Cloning is your friend in 3rd Gen/4th Gen. In the 1st Gen I accidentally used mine on a Weezing...Gold/Silver I always waited for the legendaries.


Treinador Áureo
I only use them, as most of you said, on running legendary, especially Crescelia. But now, in my new game I'm not going to use them. They just require a lot of patience and a well-trained Wobbuffet :)
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I probably save the master ball for shaymin.


Queen of Ice
I hold it for a shiny i use ultra balls on legends but if i dont find a shiny i trade it to the next gen if i can or have a pokemon hold it in the box/storage games till I restart my game so i always have it for them


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@ResEcru:, shaymin is so easy to catch it isn't even funny