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What do you usually eat when watching a movie at the cinema?

Darth Revan

Coming Out!
Sour candy


Meme Historian
I hate popcorn, so I usually eat skittles.


My Answer Is Yes
Well lets say my snacks arent considered legal in the theatre meaning i bring my own stuff. Usually a can of pepsi and box of candy


Hollen i ven.
Just popcorn or occasionally a scone!

I haven't even heard of some of the stuff people have said haha!


Well let's see. I usually buy a huge tub of popcorn for myself and then I get a supah large soda. Then I get M&Ms, skittles, recess pieces, swedish fish, and all of that. On my way out I buy a lot of extra candy and soda so I can eat/drink it at home.

No actually I sometimes get that little kids box thing.


What do I do now?
If I do eat something, I usually sneak it into the theater, b/c ur not allowed to bring outside snacks. I usually bring some m&ms or some water, b/c they charge like 4 bucks for it and I'm 0.o at the price.

Chibi Pika

Stay positive
BUNCHA CRUNCH. That stuff is so good and almost never sold outside theaters.

But if it's too expensive, then I usually sneak in Raisinets. I also usually sneak in soda. :/

But I'm a complete and total popcorn junkie and always buy it. 8D Though once or twice it was just after eating dinner and I got totally sick.


Shadow XD001

Well-Known Member
I usually buy a Small/Medium Popcorn and a Pepsi. Yeah, I don't buy that much because stuff there costs a lot and also you have to get the Movie Ticket, too.


Hyuck hyuck hyuck
Sweet popcorn and rarely a drink. Our local cinema sucks.


Smart Cookie
Salted popcorn (can't stand sweet) and a diet Coke. I can't go with anything other than popcorn - it doesn't feel right otherwise. That, and popcorn is just really delicious. =P


I try to have an actual meal before going to the movies. **** paying for an overpriced tub of unhealthy food.

Darth Revan

Coming Out!
I sneak sour candy in... hehehe