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What do you want in a Pokemon Region?


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What kinds of areas, biome, towns, and other features do you like to see in Pokemon regions? And what kind of areas would you like to see in future games?

One kind of place I want to see would be a poisoned lake area. Let's call it Lake Malnoxious. Lake Malnoxious would be a later-game area, near the town with the sixth gym, which is Grass-type. The player would talk with the Grass-type gym leader here, who hates how the activity of humans has ruined this former great environment and corrupted it. The gym leader would then help the player obtain some sort of macguffin key item necessary for getting the legendary later.

The lake and surrounding area are covered in a dense purplish fog and are very dark, even in daytime. Few trainers stay here for long periods of time, but there would be one decently-strong trainer just north of the lake depending on the day of the week. (Burglar, Swimmer, Ninja Boy, Gardener, Pokemon Ranger, evil team grunt, or Aroma Lady.)

By surfing, the player would be able to encounter Tentacool or Carvanha, depending on the game version, as well as Frillish and Mareanie. The tall but decaying grass near the lake would house many Poison and Ghost-types, like Nidorino/Nidorina, Zangoose/Seviper (depending on version), Venomoth, Haunter, Duskull, Galarian Corsola, and some Poison-type regional variant (maybe of Chansey).
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Call of Fate
I'd like to see a cave that requires you to Surf into it, similiarly to Scorched Slab, since most caves (Seafoam Islands, Whirl Islands, Island Cave, Seaside Cave) require walking into instead. On the first floor, once you reach dry land, you will reach an underground lake. Surf on it and you'll see another patch of dry land, this time with stairs leading down. Descend and you'll see water again. Surf and you'll reach a waterfall, surf down it and you'll see the cave exit. Once outside, you'll find itself in a field of flowers, where many high-level Pokemon show up.
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I honestly like water routes despite most fans [and IGN] disliking water, so my ideal region would be similar to Houen and Alola and feature a lot of islands, but they'd be accessible via regular Surfing. I'd also have several jungle areas in my ideal region and maybe some savannah-like areas.


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I want a fun and original region to explore with no new gimmick and lots of cool and creative Pokémon.Add lots of unique Pokémon typings that we have yet to see and make the game challenging.I want a victory road that is t a cave like a forest or something?


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'Re-visitability'. One of my favourite things about Johto is how much of the previously-visited map opens up once you acquire Surf - Slowpoke Well and Union cave in particular. I love being rewarded for organic exploration and backtracking.
Lots of post game activities
These are what I really want in a Pokemon game, as it can get kind of boring after becoming champion.


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Diversity in areas (deserts, forests, jungles, snowfields, mines, swamps, mountains, valleys)
A safari zone (had an idea of one being available from the start and more pokemon appear with more badges. Also, what if you could catch your own pokemon there, instead of getting your starter the normal way?)
Islands to explore (like the Sevii Islands or that island in Sinnoh with the legendary origami rainbow goose thing, or the Resort Area, or a bunch of new routes like in Unova).

Characters who are actual characters with design, style, personality, goals and a story. Gen V did good here I think.
Less linear and more open (what if you could choose to go through the gyms in any order?)
Choosing your starting town based on your boy or girl character? Or something like that?

I would like to see things that have not been done before, and things that haven't been used often.

In terms of battles, how about being able to battle trainers/gym leaders in various ways, like if a gym leader has 3 pokemon you can only use 3, and you could fight a single battle and then a double battle. Or if the last gym leader has 6 pokemon, you can choose between a 6 1v1 battles, or 3 double battles, or 2 singles and then 2 doubles. Things like that.

One thing I really want are tournaments. Like in Gen V and Gen VIII. Tournaments you can compete in throughout the region to win special prizes and stuff, and a league tournament before you fight the elite four (the battles would be like Galar with the stadiums and stuff).

Oh, and a big amusement park as well. Like big big.

And a dragon/fairy type as well. Could be Dragonite's mega evolution or something.


WalesNote said:
A safari zone (had an idea of one being available from the start and more pokemon appear with more badges. Also, what if you could catch your own pokemon there, instead of getting your starter the normal way?)
As much as I hated Kanto's Safari Zone, I felt that the one in Jouto and Houen were improvements over that one, so I would love to see a Safari Zone in a future region. Also, I would love to see Game Freak go back to square one and base a new region off of another part of Japan that they haven't adapted yet, like Tohoku or Shikoku.


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Some actual big differences between the two versions, I'm not just talking about different Pokemon or different Gym leaders, but entire different version-exclusive towns and other areas. Something like a desert route in one version and a snowy route in the same location in the other, but each has their own unique obstacles and NPC trainers. I also wouldn't mind seeing the Safari Zone return, perhaps you could do a combination of the Safari Zone or the Wild Area, a huge expansive area with loads of different Pokemon, but you're limited to how many you can catch at any one time. I like WalesNote's idea of more different Pokemon appearing in the Safari Zone as you get more badges.


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A ghost ship (maybe under the control of a legendary or something. Could have some areas to explore right away, some more after game completion. Don't think we've had that before. A safari zone, too. Maybe a city on a mountain.


Expanding on my idea...

In the region, there is a ghost ship sailing the seas that can only be found at night. Upon crossing the sea for the first time, the ship appears and you can board it.

As you do, you can hear strange noises, pokémon cries, and laughter coming from inside the ship. As you explore, paranormal things happen around you, and the candle lights slowly dim over time. Soon the lights will fade completely and you will be plunged into darkness. You hear a disturbing laugh, and the player faints. Faint and disturbing images of a demonic figure and an old man briefly appear before the screen goes blank. Upon waking, they find themselves on the shore of the island city you were going to. A strange old man appears behind you and asks if you had slept good before laughing and fading away.

Further on in the story you obtain a lantern that's used in the same manner as the TM Flash, and you can find and explore the ship again. This time you can enounter ghost pokémon haunting the ship (you can catch them now) and can explore further in (as you do the candles dim and plunge you into near darkness again). You make it into the deepest parts of the ship, just before the captain's room, where you see the old man from before. He acts in a very strange and disturbing way and laughs before the candles go out and he disappears into the darkness.

Then you are ambushed by a group of strong ghost pokémon. Being no match for all of them, you flee and head for the deck, the pokémon chasing you, strange noises and laughing haunting the ship. As you near the deck, your lantern stops working, plunging you into darkness. You hear the old man laughing again, before waking up on the shore like before. The old man asks you if you had slept good before disappearing.

Finally, after completing the main story, you meet with a fan of yours who has been in hospital for a long time with a terrible illness. She mentions having strange dreams and tells you stories about the ghost ship before giving you a key, saying that 'it's there', before falling into a deep sleep.

You travel to the ghost ship on the night where the moon is completely blocked by dark clouds, and you quickly head towards where you last went to. Using the key, you open the door and step inside the Captain's Quarters, where you come face to face with the old man. He's happy to see you and asks you if the girl in the hospital is fine. Upon responding that she's suffering from a terrible illness, the old man snaps, and dark energy escapes from him, transforming the ghost ship into a nightmare and creating illusions of the girl and ghost pokémon in pain.

The old man is consumed by the darkness, and transforms into a monsterous creature - the legendary pokémon, Darcus (or whatever name you want), the embodiment of night and darkness itself. Darcus attacks. After a difficult battle, you have the option of catching or defeating Darcus.

If you defeat Darcus, the player faints afterwards as the darkness consumes them. The old man is heard laughing as the screen fades to black, and you wake up on the shore again.

If you catch Darcus, the darkness from the Ghost Ship lifts. Darcus communicates with your pokémon, asking for you to take him to the girl who gave you the key. Upon arriving at the hospital, you find that she has been taken into intensive care and you cannot see her. That night you go to the shore and tell Darcus about the girl. You fall asleep on the shore, and after waking up at dawn, you are greeted by the girl's father. Darcus comes out of his pokéball and the two greet each other again as if they were old friends. The father gives a letter to you from the girl.

'Thank you for helping Darcus to overcome his own power and break free. He wanted to help me through these last few days. We made a promise to see the sun rise one more time together. But I can't keep that promise anymore. Instead, Darcus is with you - you two can see the sunrise, together. Don't worry, I'll be watching. Just from somewhere high above.'

As the sun rises, you and Darcus watch together in silence as a light rain falls and a rainbow appears in the sky.

Done. So sad. Just a rough idea.

Darcus = Dark + Us. As in darkness and us go together, which is what happens at the end of the story as he becomes your new party member. So creative...

But I hope someone reads this. It's a favourite idea of mine.
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My ideal pokémon region would have huge amounts of territory to explore, with lots of wild areas, lots of mystery (like the Regis enigma in Hoenn or the Tin Tower in Johto), and very diverse towns and cities (like Hoenn) ; at least one big city with skyscrapers all over the place (like Castelia City) ; plenty of volcanoes, mountains, and forests/jungles as well ; and lots of post-game content, a Battle Frontier would be number one on my list, but also a considerable amount of the region that would only be accessible in the post-game (something like the Sevii Islands in FR/LG or the Battle Zone in Sinnoh).

Oh, and I LOVE water (one of my favorite things about Hoenn, and least favorites about Sinnoh), so please lots of water to surf and dive into.

A bolder proposal (now I'm acting like someone in Nintendo is reading this xD) would be to be able to go to space, like in OR/AS when you catch Deoxys but there would be much more things to do. Maybe in the post-game, and you would actually navigate between the various planets (which could perhaps include a Battle facility each) and encounter pokémon such as Lunatone, Clefairy, and many others in outer space.
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A bolder proposal (now I'm acting like someone in Nintendo is reading this xD) would be to be able to go to space, like in OR/AS when you catch Deoxys but there would be much more things to do. Maybe in the post-game, and you would actually navigate between the various planets (which could perhaps include a Battle facility each) and encounter pokémon such as Lunatone, Clefairy, and many others in outer space.
I certainly want a Pokémon game wiÞ an area in space Þat Þe player can return to repeatedly, Þough multiple planets could be a bit ridiculous. Maybe in Þe post-game a legendary could open a rift to some alien world which Þe player could walk around in (maybe Þe size and winding-ness of Diglett Tunnel or so) and track down some space legendary/myÞical. Þere would also probably be quite a few space Pokémon, like Clefable and Beheeyem as you suggested.