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What do you want the next evil organization to be like?


Insert Coin(s)
I want to see a Pirates team with Water and Dark Pokemon.
I also would like to see Team Rocket envolved in the next gen too.
I think it would be cool to see a new team and an old, resurrected team facing off and trying to conquer the world of Pokemon. :D


Well-Known Member
I want something like R/S/E, but more like this:

One team is helping you (Team A), the other isn't (Team B).
You do double battles with Team A throughout the game against Team B.
Team B is looking for the legendary opposite the one on the box.
Slowly throughout the game Team A gets obsessed with the legendary that is on the box.
Team A is stronger than Team B so they end up taking control of a legendary without getting foiled by you.
You have to fight the legendary, and use a special sort of Pokeball to capture it. (Something like a snag ball, so that you can cath a Pokemon during a battle)
Something like Cipher. Pokemon 2D NEEDS Shadow Pokemon!