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What does your Mystery Dungeon Team consist of?


Blazing Wordsmith
Charmeleon level 100

Rilou- level 100

And other Legendaries

Squiddly Dee

∈ (⊙ ⊖ ⊙) ∋
I've had lots of MD teams, but here are my current ones -

Darkness: Pikachu Level 100, Turtwig Level 100

Sky: Treecko, Meowth (Don't remember the levels)

Time: Charmander, Pikachu (Don't remember the levels)


Well-Known Member
Time: Blaziken, Lv 98 & Blastoise, Lv 75.
And with Blue Rescue Team, I had pretty much every pokemon recruited and for some reason I decided to start a new game, so I don't remember who I have on my team.


Strong Winds
Staff member
Super Mod
I've got tons of teams now. Currently, my team is:
Blaziken lv.100
Darkrai lv.100
Latias lv. 57
Aggron lv. 53

My partner Lucario (lv. 100) usually goes with Palkia(lv.63) or Rayquaza(lv.100), but they're not set on a team. I've got more, but I'm too lazy too add them now.


My team is Team Hidro : Raichu(Volt Tackle,thunder punch, shock wave and thunderbolt), charmander(Overheat,flamethrower,ember and bite) ,mewtwo(confusion,shadow ball aura ,sphere and me first) and darkrai(dark void, psychic, dark pulse and quick attack). All of the level 100. I have 54 more at level 100 but these are the strongest members of my team.


The Shining Shinx
I have two seperate games with different game files (one is completed, the other I literally just restarted)

Finished Game: Team Aura

Me-Ninetales-lvl 89 (Lauren)
Partner-Lucario-lvl 87 (Rio)

New Game: Team ??? (Haven't chosen name yet)

Me-Pikachu-lvl 6 (Lauren)
Partner-Torchic-lvl 6 (Lumina)

Aura Of Twilight

Forever Clueless
Explorers of Time: Meganium, Charizard, Luxray, and Gardievoi. All are in their lvs. 70s and 80s
Explorers of Sky: Started over awhile and haven't really played it much recently. Right now I'm a Vulpix and my partner is a Shinx


Explorers of Sky( Completed)
Team PokePals( kept default)( might change to Team Protectors)
Me: Blaziken
Partner: Meganium
Cant remember Levels


New Member
Team IcedRose
Members: Glaceon lvl 78, Maganium lvl 77, Azelf lvl 45
always training


♥ Ace ♥
just made a new game...Team Network

Leader: The'Galin (Chimchar)
Partner: Nightbane (Treeko)
Other: Tangela


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I have plenty, but my typical team consists of:

Salamence Lvl 100

Dragon Claw
Aerial Ace

Metagross Lvl 100

Meteor Mash
Shadow Ball
Zen Headbutt
Giga Impact


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Here is mine!

Team Aqua Flame

Torchic (Focus energy Ember) ( Growl Peck)
Salamence Leer Roost Thunder Fang Fire Fang


♥ Ace ♥
Team Network

Leader: The'Galin (Chimchar)
Partner: Nightbane (Treeko)
Other: Tangrowth, Nidoqueen, Groudon

The'Galin and Nightbane go in EVERY dungeon. Tangrowth and Nidoqueen go everywhere else except certain missions and Zero Isles. Groudon is my Leader in Zero Isles, being massively powerful with Flamethrower and Special Band


Sylveon~ :D
I haven't completely finished my team yet, but I'll put it down as what I'm planning it to be. It'll be kind of a mix-and-match team, with any Pokémon going with any of the others to best suit the dungeon.

- Bulby (Venusaur)
- Chicy (Blaziken)
- Light (Luxray)
- Brava (Flygon)