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What evo's would you like to see in gen 5?

Discussion in 'Past Pokémon Generations Discussion' started by Waters spirit, Aug 14, 2007.

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  1. Waters spirit

    Waters spirit Knight of Starmie

    Ok simple enough, like there were tons of new evo's this gen (because they've almost completely ran out of ideas now lets face it) what pokemon would you like to see with a new evolution? For me it would be:

  2. Mint_walking_on_sunshine

    Mint_walking_on_sunshine Sandstorm guy: Gip

    WHat would a ditto evo be?
    I would like a
    Lapras(would look awsome!!)
  3. meh

    meh suave

    dugtrio (like magneton) and jynx (like electivire and magmortar)
    weezing and corsola would be cool like you said but starmie is already really good
  4. Jacci123987

    Jacci123987 Active Member

    The evos I would like to see are Plusle, Minun, Torkoal, Kecleon, Absol, Luvdisc, Castform, And many more!
  5. thunderblade12

    thunderblade12 Well-Known Member

    parasect..could happen..they randomlyy gave rhydon an evolution

    venomoth..what would it become? a bigger moth?

    weezing..im having a hard time imagining weezing evolving

    starmie..starmie to, i wouldnt mind it evolving even if it turned ugly. but they might pull a syther, make it part steel, lower its speed/sp. attack and mess up everything

    ditto..grimer --> muk type of thing? it would be a good idea, ditto needs more strenght

    corsola..yeah, its unevolved so maybe. its not so strong that it would become overpowered like lapras either. maybe into a coral reef pokemon

    castform..like ditto, its unique, it needs more power to put its special ability to good use. i just dont see it happening and cant imagine what it would possibly evolve into... maybe a cloud with castforms head...the cloud can change according to the weather...maybe
  6. Camby

    Camby < OH HAI!

    Mawile + Sableye ( like electivire and magmortar )
    Banette ( why should Dusclops get all the fun )

    Tangela (to complete the line)
    Lickitung (to complete the line)

    I will most propbly come up with more later!!!
  7. Luvdisc. Come on, it's so weak they at least make it worth the space.
  8. Kosmo

    Kosmo Resident Jesus Freak

    Nintendo needs to stop piling on the evolutions for old Pokemon, and just start making brand new ones.
  9. FloofehKitteh

    FloofehKitteh Dawnflower

    I want to see a pre-evo and evo for Absol. I saw someone create them on deviantART, they worked really well. But knowing Nintendo they'd just screw them up if they did.

    I second Kosmo with making brand new ones, but they need to base them off animals like they did in the first gen, not these complicated ones of the fourth gen. oO;
  10. thunderblade12

    thunderblade12 Well-Known Member

    i wanna see these at some point

    arbok evolution: a big stronger looking snake, possibly a python, just to make arbok more detailed looking and used in battle. poison

    sandslash evolution: a more intimidating porcupine, type. actually uses its quills in battle, ground/steel

    vulpix pre evolution: 3-tailed fox, fire

    dugtrio: a giant mole that can walk on land, it has 3 heads and a drill nose on each of those heads, ground

    meowth pre evolution: its always seemed like something that would happen, normal

    psyduck pre evolution: this too, water

    tentacruel evolution: based on the kraken from myths, water/poison

    rapidash evolution: flame pegasus, fire/flying

    farfetch'd pre evolution: evolves when u give it stick and level it up, normal/flying

    farfetchd evolution:grass/flying, its leek has changed into some kind of plant

    onix pre evolution: this is to get rid of those annoying geodudes we see hundreds of throughout every game, ground/rock

    marowak evolution: its mask barely fits, most of its face is revealed. ground/ghost

    tangela pre evolution: clover shaped, in sunlight it covers its body, when its dark out your can see its body. grass

    pinser evolution: bug

    lapras pre evolution: water

    aerodactyl pre evolution: rock/flying

    ariados evolution: a fat, evil looking, poison filled spider, bug/poison

    sudowoodo evolution: after all the tree mimicing it begins to actually develop tree-like qualities. rock/grass

    aipom pre evolution: normal

    murkrow pre evolution: dark/flying

    misdreavus pre evolution: ghost

    snubble pre evolution: normal

    smeargle evolution: normal, i actually drew a fanfic of this..when the 4th generation pokemon were revealed i noticed that ambipom looked just like my smeagle evolution(without the french hat looking thing) either way, smeargle has a good attack, but bad stats and should have an evolution

    vigoroth split evolution: less attack power than slaking, but lack of the traunt ability, looks more like vigoroth than slakoth and slaking, normal

    sableye evolution: dark/ghost

    mawile evolution: steel

    kangaskan pre evolution: normal, kangakid..after being in your party for 2 hours of gameplay and the leveling up it will evolve into kangaskan OR a male version of kangaskan that is fighting type, and more of a slender kangeroo.

    jynx evolution: psychic/ice

    girafarig evolution: psychic/normal

    quilfish evolution: poison/water

    delibird evolution: ice/flying, i also made an evolution for delibird, i made a red appendage were the bald spot on delibirds head was, made the spot on its belly a strip that goes from its chin to the bottom of its stomach and made it fatter...mine was based on santa clause..made sence to me

    donphan evolution: ground/water, uses its nose to blast powerful water attacks

    tauros/miltank pre-evolution: normal, only obtained by breeding the two while holding a special item

    breloom evolution: grass/fighting, this would be great

    volbeat/illumise pre evolution: another "split pre evolution" works the same way as taurosXmiltank

    sharpedo evolution: water/dark, this one would be cool too. specially if it gained arms(with claws) and legs for on land battle

    torkoal evolution: fire, a turtle with a volcano on its back

    cacturne evolution: grass/dark, the voodoo doll pokemon. learns curse attack.

    lunatone evolution: psychic/rock

    solrock evolution: psychic/rock

    castform evolution: normal, the cloud pokemon

    kecleon pre evolution: normal

    kecleon evolution: normal

    banette evolution: ghost, looks like a cross between a ventrilaquist dummy and the grim reaper

    tropius evolution: grass/flying

    absol pre evolution: dark, cute looking baby absol

    absol evolution: dark, its fur color changes to black or a dark ominous looking blue, making it resemble a black cat. omen pokemon

    luvdisk evolution: water, well this one explains itself

    pachirisu evolution: electric, just to make it stronger and more widely used in competative battle

    lopunny evolution: normal, evolves into this final form with a new stone, only if it is female

    chatot evolution:normal/flying same as pachirisu and luvdisk

    lucario evolution: steel/fighting, evolves with the same stone as lopunny, but only it it is male

    rotom evolution: ghost/electric, the molecule pokemon
  11. thunderblade12

    thunderblade12 Well-Known Member

    130 new pokemon per generation would just work out better than removing evolutions all together...110 entirely new pokemon. 15 evolutions from old pokemon and 5 pre evolution. also about 3 hidden event pokemon.

    evolutions and pre evolutions keep things interesting, they make sure that no one forget about the old pokemon and still use them in competative play. if they just released 100 pokemon that have nothing to do with the old ones everyone would focus on training them and not the old ones.

    also altering older pokemon majes them stronger and more interesting. growing on old ideas is not such a horrible idea.

    i agree that the 4th generation did not have enough original pokemon, there were only about 107 new ones though. 25 were evolutions, about 6 were pre evolution and about 14 were legendaries. if theyd simply bring the number of new pokemon per generation up to 130-150 we can have room for a sufficient number of new pokemon, evolutions/pre evolutions and legendaries.
  12. Charizard_Millky

    Charizard_Millky Punk Rock > You

    Lets make a Weezing evo that has levitate and is Poison/Dark type! So it has no weaknesses and has solid defence!
  13. Princess Reina

    Princess Reina lalala....

    I would like to see evolution of Shuckle (with better HP).
  14. FloofehKitteh

    FloofehKitteh Dawnflower

    Woo! I really agree with some of the evolutions you suggested, took enough time to read through them all XD

    Though I think Arbok and Sandslash evolutions could turn out.. bad. I love those two, though I never use them. They seem like a middle evolution to me, so maybe a third evo to their lines would be good.

    Mmyes, I agree with that [110 new, 15 evos, 5 pres, 3 hidden]. It looks like a good structure, and will keep the masses from complaining about all the evolutions being added on xD

    But ugh, the 14 Legendaries of DP is just ridiculous. FOURTEEN Legendaries? For one generation? Come on. These are legendaries Nintendo! >>; First gen had five, including Mew. Second gen had six, including Celebi. Third had.. eight I think it is including events. That was bordering on too many in third gen, for me anyway. Two trios and one or two event Pokemon is all there should be. DP's got Legendaries popping out of every crevice you can see! >>;;; I'm not ranting. XDD
  15. thunderblade12

    thunderblade12 Well-Known Member

    yea. they have the generations generic trio(uxie, mesprit, azelf) the version exclusives(dialga and palkia) the 3 hidden pokemon(darkrai, shaymin and arceus) and the semi-hidden pokemon(manaphy..with phione as a bonus) these 10 are enough.

    they added:
    heatran, whose seems to have no purpose at all of being a legendary, it would have been better off as a normal pokemon.

    regigigas, which was a nice touch and extra insentive to use pal park..but why would the regis have a leader and none of the other trios? i guess you can say lugia or ho-oh are the leaders og moltres, zapdos and articuno..now wouldnt entie, suicune and raikou need leaders as well as uxie, mesprit and azelf? overall, not necessary

    cresellia, it is a good idea, it is used to counter darkrais power. not necessary though..arceus could have been used for this purpose

    giratina, the ghost/dragon typing is nice, out of the pokemon i just listed giratina will probably have the most usefullness. he might be used as the mascot for the 3rd installment game. if not him, cressilia, one of the 4th generations trio or possibly arceus
  16. FloofehKitteh

    FloofehKitteh Dawnflower

    Giratina's probably the third game mascot, since it's a Dragon like Dialga and Palkia. Dragon/Ghost if I'm not mistaken.

    Heatran, Cresellia, Regigigas, Manaphy and Phione are so useless to me. The Psychic trio, the game trio [going with the punt that Giratina's the third game mascot here], then the three hidden Pokes are all that's necessary. >>;

    All I know, is that if they make even more Legendaries in the fifth gen than they did in the fourth, I won't be happy. :/
  17. thunderblade12

    thunderblade12 Well-Known Member

    the entire trio being psychic type was disappointing, they could have atleast given them dual types
  18. itsme

    itsme (ノ@皿@)ノ ~ lolwut?

    what if ,"hypothetically speaking", in 5th gen, they came out with Dunsparce's evo that is soo good it will be like Ttar, "nearly uber".
  19. Miss Rarity

    Miss Rarity A rarity to come by

    Mime Jr. needs an alternate evo for females
    Jynx needs an evo her counterparts got one
    Mr. Mime sucks and needs an evo so i can actually evolve my Mime Jr.'s
    Tangela and Licktung would like pre-evos that learn recover
    Luvdisc needs an evo
    Farfetch'd needs an evo
    Lapras needs a pre-evo and an evo
  20. Ikito

    Ikito Well-Known Member

    magcargo,heracross need evos and a legend needs an evo other than phione.
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