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What evo's would you like to see in gen 5?

Discussion in 'Past Pokémon Generations Discussion' started by Waters spirit, Aug 14, 2007.

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  1. Pachirisu

    Pachirisu <- He want da cookie

    I want these pokemon to have evos in the 5th gen:

    Donphan:A bigger elephant would be so awsome
    Chimecho: Not much I can say about it cause its weak and needs an evo
    Tauros pre evo: It would be cool
    Miltank pre evo: Same as Tauros
    Torkoal: Poor little guy needs one badly
    Farfetch'd: This guy needs an evo most out of all the pokemon. He has been neglected to long
    Eevee: Yeah I know its already got evos but I would like to see A ground, steel, or Dragon form of Eevee
    Kangaskhan pre evo: What can I say? It needs A pre evo IMO.
  2. Jamil

    Jamil The Good Boy

    definately gravellar needs evo. Golem looks too less tough comapare to it. plus stantler and many other colourless can take evolution as raticate, fearow,linoone, ferret, persian, swellow (definately not bidoof). and rapidash, arbok, sandslash deserves evolution
  3. Plusle Frontier

    Plusle Frontier A fresh start

  4. Count Alphez

    Count Alphez Pokemon Count

    Sableye, Shuckle, Dunsparce, luvdisc, a steel version of pinsir (to go with the scyther evo scizor which happened long ago) and jynx

    they could do something really outrageous and make a fourth evo of something... doesn't have to be strong or anything, just make one for the sake of breaking the rules, lol
  5. splat

    splat Well-Known Member

    I don't know too much of the metagame, but seeing as I'm an artist, I will tell you which pokemon I think are worthy of getting an addition to their evolution lines (designwise, that is).

    Onix prevo maybe
    Lapras prevo maybe
    Dunsparce evo
    Qwilfish evo maybe
    Shuckle evo
    Corsola evo
    Skarmory prevo
    Smeargle prevo/evo (don't know which one, it just needs SOMETHING)
    Torkoal prevo/evo (maybe even both?)
    Spinda evo
    Tropius prevo
    Chimecho evo maybe
    Absol prevo
  6. Light-The-Archangel

    Light-The-Archangel Best of All Time


    Everyone wants to see Dragon Eevee
    Sableye (Would be cool)
    Skamory (Pre-evo/evo)

    I really don't know what else...
  7. Ekimaster

    Ekimaster (vO_O)>

    Faster Parasect!

    Also, Rotom would be nice.
  8. Light-The-Archangel

    Light-The-Archangel Best of All Time


    Isn't Rotom counted as a Legendary Pokemon in a way?

  9. Ekimaster

    Ekimaster (vO_O)>

    It can be bred, can't it? It's just that it lives in a TV alone (is it the only one?)
  10. Redeevee

    Redeevee Well-Known Member

    This is my list of which ones should evolve:

  11. Light-The-Archangel

    Light-The-Archangel Best of All Time

    Oh yes it can be bred. I guess not then ^_^

  12. Magiball

    Magiball Active Member

    Prevo Lapras
    Evo Pinsir
    Evo Delibird
  13. Affirmative

    Affirmative STOP RESETTIN'!

    why not evo lapras?
  14. Fonzo123454321

    Fonzo123454321 Attack Trainer

    i want to see an evolution for the ancient pokemon
  15. fignuts999

    fignuts999 New Member

    I would like to see a pre-evo for sneasle, to make it a full line. Also, jynx and farfetch'd could use evos.
  16. Gilgamesh

    Gilgamesh zzzz

    I agree to 100%.
  17. dragon_trainer!

    dragon_trainer! Well-Known Member

    No more EVOs!

    I hate all of them
    Magmortar, electivire, rhyperior is ok, ect.......
  18. polite_ecstasy

    polite_ecstasy New Member

    second stage:
    absol: a big white lion or somthing amazing

    rapidash:flying horse?

    stantler: big powerful elk

    Lapras: not sure what but something amazing

    Eevee: ghost awsomeness

    Skarmory: Huge steel bird
  19. gradevoirs_leader

    gradevoirs_leader Salamance is god.

    nintendo needs to come up with a DECENT new gen 4th sucked -,-
  20. Crasher

    Crasher Well-Known Member

    - mightyena evo
    - Linoone evo
    - 4 stage starter evoloution (e.g Squirtle - Wartotle - Blastiose - new starter evoloution)
    - evolvable ledgendarys (and breedable)
    - Bibarel STRONG evoloution (and not ugly. I still shudder when I see it's face)
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