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What evo's would you like to see in gen 5?

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Serebii's Breeder
I want to see a Fighting/Flying type. Perhaps an evo of Farfetch'd. Also, Tropius should become a Grass/Dragon.
Hmmmm... totally expected a Torkoal evolution this generation, but it didn't happen, so maybe if there is another generation...

Actually I'd like to see a pre-evolution of Torkoal. It'd be cute.

And no, no, no, no, no, no, no to a Ditto evolution. It would ruin the whole concept of Ditto. It would ruin my life.

The end.


<This girl rocks!!
Maybe a nidoqueen/king split evo?

Tommy West

Well-Known Member
Dragon type Eevee evolution. Thats all we need. No more pre-evos, evo's of classics.


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Oh, and maybe a poison type eevee.


<This girl rocks!!
And a Dunsparce evo IMO. Quilfish evo too.


<This girl rocks!!
Ok, a giraferig(sp?) evo.


Gargantuan tongue
Luvdisc, Rotom, Pachirisu, Masquerain should evolve.

Bonsly is pimp

Rotom, Smeargle, Tentacruel, Furret, Noctowl, Raticate, Parasect, Venemoth, Dugtrio, Persian, Golduck, Primape, Arcanine, Dodrio, Dewgong, Muk, and Cloyster.

Empoleon Emperor

<- Uber Cool
Electrode Evo: Bomball (Electric)
Porygon-Z Evo (Yes, I know it'll be overpowered): Porygon-X (Normal, Dark)
Venomoth Evo: Toxifly (Poison, Bug)
Banette Evo: Slaughterette (Ghost, Dark)
Mantine Evo: Mantaqua (Water, Flying)
Delibird Evo: Santavian (Ice, Flying)
Crawdaunt Evo: Lobstar (Water, Dark)
Skarmory Evo: Aeroscar (Steel, Flying)
Skarmory Pre-Evo: Bladebird (Flying)
Kangaskhan Pre-Evo: Kangry (Normal)
Kangry Split-Evo: Pulveroo (Normal, Fighting)
Snorunt Pre-Evo: Hatome (Ice)

Well, how do you like my evos?


My favourite
dont forget ten charachter limit

also porygon (or any other pokemon) cant evolve more than three times
Girafarig. Normal/Psychic. Generally, just a much improved Girafarig. It has so much wasted potential.
Dunsparce. Normal/Ghost. Slight increase in stats and a choice between Levitate and Serene Grace.
Sharpedo. Water/Dark. A big increase in Attack, SpAtk and Speed. Defences remain abysmal though.
Farfetch'd. Fighting/Flying. Hustle maybe. High speed and a neat movepool, but attacking stats are in the low 80s.
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