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What evo's would you like to see in gen 5?

Discussion in 'Past Pokémon Generations Discussion' started by Waters spirit, Aug 14, 2007.

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  1. LyraDestiny

    LyraDestiny Well-Known Member

    I think Pachirisu and Pinsir need evolutions, but other than that it's pretty much good.
  2. LyraDestiny

    LyraDestiny Well-Known Member

    I think Pachirisu and Pinsir need evolutions, but other than that it's pretty much good.
  3. LeeXD_001

    LeeXD_001 ρяιи¢є σf нαχ

    I reckon there should be evos 4 legendaries, then there would be
    Chansey (male)
  4. Ubernational

    Ubernational Top coordinator

    most of the UU pokemon need evos to make them better and more popular
  5. Rizardosaur

    Rizardosaur Fire Trainer

    Pinsir should have an evolution like Scyther.
    Banette should also have an evolution like Dusclops
    Male Combee
    Skarmory (Definitely)
  6. Rizardosaur

    Rizardosaur Fire Trainer

    Pinsir should have an evolution like Scyther.
    Banette should also have an evolution like Dusclops
    Male Combee
    Skarmory (Definitely)
  7. fishyfool

    fishyfool And a nice chianti

    Say WHAT!? Wobb doesn't need an evo, it's broken enough already, and a Skarm evo is just overkill on the side of other physical walls.
  8. Kyogre35

    Kyogre35 First avy..no touchy

    Golduck- Broduck Type- Wtr-Psn
    Snorlax- Galax Type- Nrml-Stl
    Pinser- Pinstagger Type- Bug-Fght
    Seviper- Sevikobra Type- Psn-Bug

    Rank Up!
  9. Ruffmonster

    Ruffmonster Well-Known Member

    Mr. Mime
  10. Mr.Penguin

    Mr.Penguin Well-Known Member

    I would like to see Kangaskhan get an evolution and Tarous
  11. Lil'poke

    Lil'poke Active Member

    Not really an evolution but I think they should have legendary "leaders" if you will for the leg. dogs. and the psychic trio. For the dogs a rock/ghost cerberus and for the psychic trio introduce a new type, light, and let the person have six tails with 3 fingered hands.
  12. Forretress Fan

    Forretress Fan Let's Go

  13. MidnightStorm

    MidnightStorm Well-Known Member

    Unless if its like what happens with Scyther/Scizer. One stat shoots up and and one drops. I guess Def. could be dropped and something like Speed raised. Then we would have a fast mettalic bird.
  14. Bulls On Parade

    Bulls On Parade <---- He Be Creepin

    a ditto evolution? is that even legal?

    Yeah but i think murkrow needs a pre evo so does Kangaskahn and sneasel
    Noctowl needs a new evolution to turn Psychic Flying
    but i think they need to make more pokemon instead of falling back on older ones and messing them up
  15. ShinyLucario

    ShinyLucario Team Gracidea <3

    Pinsir needs one. its buddy Scyther had one since 2nd gen. where's the love man? D:
  16. RNA668

    RNA668 EV Trainer

    pinsir definitely, if anything skarmory needs a prevo, as does kanghaskhan and lapras, although a lapras evo would be pretty cool.
    what about a weezing evo, or even a muk evo? i have no idea what theyd look like though.
  17. splat

    splat Well-Known Member

    Incredibly annoyed by the insane stupidity in this topic, there's a lot of pokemon that just CAN'T evolve =/

    1. All third staged pokemon
    2. Starters just WON'T have additions to their evolution line
    3. Zangoose and Seviper as they share a bond of rivalry - if one would evolve, their would be no Zangoose/Seviper left as they would've been shredded to pieces.
    4. Pokémon such as Ditto, Castform and Unown - the 'gimmick' pokemon, which, I believe, includes Smeargle. I think it is a pity too, but giving him an evo, while he has an unlimited movepool would make him overpowered to hell and back. Shedinja belongs here, too. Luvdisc might aswell.
    Pokémon such as Kecleon might do so too, actually.
    5. Legendaries. Why do people fail to see this? They had to give Manaphy a 'pre-evo', as he came from an egg, and it would not make sense otherwise.
    6. Baby pokemon will not get a pre-evo.
    7. Eeveelutions will not get another evo. There might be more of them, but there will not be any eeveelutionolution or something >.<
    8. I highly doubt they would give an evo to pokemon you'd find early in the game, such as Raticate, Swellow and the likes.
    9. Absol. He is supposed to be very lonely. Giving him a prevo or an evo for that matter would mean he has family, which would only lessen the interesting part of his character.
    10. Pokémon that are strong enough by itself. I'm pretty sure that nintendo has some sort of metagame list, too, so they won't give any evo's to pokemon such as Skarmory, Heracross, Lucario, Wobbuffet and many more. They would probably go for the bottom characters first. If anything, these pokemon will get a Scyther/Scizor approach =/

    Looking at those points, I will now compile MY list:
    Pachirisu evo - we all know he will get one, and it WILL be a flying squirell.
    Corsola evo - one that makes this pokemon actually worth training.
    Shuckle evo - same here.
    Qwilfish evo - same her.
    Dunsparce evo - yes here too, and it needs something to make him stand out from others =/
    Farfetch'd evo - we all know he needs some love. A nice fighting/flying samuraileekusing pokemon would be swell.

    Tropius, Torkoal and Lapras could do with a pre-evo, as they are strong enough to do something but could use a wider range of moves.
    Skarmory needs a pre-evo, it would add only to his persona. They are extremely territorial, but why? A nest of young pokemon would give him a reason =/

    Now, here's some pokemon I don't know how they place in battles, but are nice enough IMO to get an evo:

    Magcargo > needs one actually do to his HORRIBLE typing
  18. Twig

    Twig Member

    Pinsir needs an evolution.

    I don't know how ditto could get an evolution, it's only move is transform. :confused:

    I kind of would like to see the first 3 starters, Blastoise, Charizard, and Venasaur, each get a final evolution towards the end of the game.
  19. Hmm... I'm actually curious about the Pincer evolution, that could well make it for an evolution, and it would be very good. I always think Pincer is like Scyther myself, so maybe a steel-type evolution of Pincer?

    I'd have to say a li'l something about Splat's Number 10 reason why they cannot evolve... one Pokemon got an evolution and it was already very powerful - Rhydon... but all others seems pretty sound. I agree with you on 3rd stage evolutions, Pokemon obviously have kept a 3-stage minimum evolution.

    I agree on Hypno, that Pokemon's 3-stage evolution is bright.
  20. Blue Snover

    Blue Snover Cold as ice

    I like Lil'Poke's idea of a Light type for a legendary, they seem to have done everything else and it might make a nice change, and that may give them some more options towards new Pokemon ideas instead of just new evolutions.
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