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What evo's would you like to see in gen 5?

Discussion in 'Past Pokémon Generations Discussion' started by Waters spirit, Aug 14, 2007.

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  1. Pinksizzors

    Pinksizzors I likes bugs

    Luckily for you, I know. I reckon Ditto should go part fighting, and start shapeshifting without using transform, kinda like Clayface. You know, things like turning it's arm into an axe or sprouting extra limbs to give it's self an advantage. This way it could learn all sorts of attacks and, providing it got the right stats, become a varied sweeper.

    I agree about Pinsir. It really needs an Evo to make it stand out. The curious thing is that Heracross would have been fine as an Evo for it, but they made it a completely seperate Pokemon.

    I want Purugly and Delcatty to get Evos, because Purugly is basically a slightly worse version of Persian, and Delcatty has massive potential with normalize, but it's stats are horrible. I don't see the point in making 3 similar cat pokemon that aren't massively different. They should have things that make it difficult to chose which is the best. I doubt they will get Evos, but I can dream.
  2. Forretress Fan

    Forretress Fan Let's Go

    I think Sudowoodo Should have an Evolution, even thought the addition of BOnsly in 4th Generation, he neeeds to evolve into say a Older Wiser Tree.
  3. 513Tauros

    513Tauros Well-Known Member

    Tauros should have one, although I see how hard it is to image what it would evolve into.
  4. lapras (pre evo and final evo)
    Heracross final evo.
  5. pmmets07

    pmmets07 Mets WS Champs 2008

    id like to see evos for:
  6. hevver

    hevver Heart of Darkness

    I would like to see Frosslass evolve into a
    totemo utsukushii oiran.
  7. Headshot-Jackal465

    Headshot-Jackal465 The Kwisatz Haderach


    Altaria --> ?
  8. gengartrainer

    gengartrainer Gengar

    I believe Splat hit the nail on the head with Dunsparce! turn it into a Dragon or something cool, it is the sorriest pokemon imo if it doesnt evolve it needs some extinction!
  9. boomheadshot45

    boomheadshot45 C'mon dolly!

    Absol (like a dark Gorilla or something)
    Ambipom (Baboon)
  10. Dunsparce and Quilfish! If not, they will be totally forgotten and all the kids will be like: "Dunsparce/Quilfish? Never heard of it, is that even in Pokemon?"
  11. Mystic05Absol

    Mystic05Absol Pwner of Nubs

    Delibird - would look kind of like king dedede
    Mawile - idk i just love her so if there were to be a stronger form...
    Chimecho - hoping it would look more like chingling tho...
    Spinda - maybe something like ursaring?
  12. Fire Type King

    Fire Type King Leave luck to Heaven

    More carnivorous pokemon

    I think Pokemon evos should become more carnivorous. For example a ... :
    Absol - final evo(some kind of massive wild dog thing)
    Parasect - sun stone/light stone - final evo(Pincers + fangs?)
    Snorlax - final evo
    Unknown - second + third evos (maybe arms and legs - can only use hidden power but the strength depends on how high the letter is in the alphabet - so "Z" would be the strongest)
    Tyranitar- final evo
    Shaymin - final evo (longer body, arm and legs, to look more like a lefeon but furrier yet greener + bushier.
  13. Rhys 1456

    Rhys 1456 Giratina rocks!

    I dont think Lapras needs an evo but it would be awsome if there was a evo for
    Mime JR, Mabye Mrs mime?
    But i think an Absol evo would be coolest. Mabye like a big dog or somthing?????
  14. Green_Cat_Assassin

    Green_Cat_Assassin Gym Leader

  15. aerisLana

    aerisLana i cannot believe

    If there will be a 5th gen (if ever), I'd like to see...

    Lapras evo
    Absol evo
    Drifblim evo (coz I think it deserves it)
    Altaria evo
    Castform evo
    Rotom evo (?)
  16. Sunraichu

    Sunraichu goldenslaughterer

    I would like a Girafarig evo, I don't want to see an Absol evo. because he's already cool enough himself.
  17. Raptorg

    Raptorg Psychic/Fire trainer

    i would like to see further evolutions in the Eevee species..

    not more evolving out of Eevee but a third(and final) evolution from each of the Eevee evolutions

    but i think that won't really be possible since each of Eevee's evolutions are already pretty powerful, creating third evolutions would be difficult as they would have to approach legendary standards

    further it would be nice to see Starmie evolving, when i was playing XD earlier and caught a starmie i was thinking "in the next generation they should bring back staryu and starmie with a third evolution"

    but it would probably have to be a pre-evolution because starmie is, just as the Eevee-lutions already pretty powerful

    Swellow - i always loved Swellow, would be nice to get a third evolution out of it, something similar to Pidgeot, Swellow is pretty weak as a final evolution, so i don't think a third evolution would be a problem at all

    when you compare Pidgeot to Swellow you can see that Pidgeot has a lot more effective stats then Swellow and Swellow only outmatches Pidgeot in speed(which is strange since according to stories Pidgeot is one of the fastest pokemon)
  18. PsychicsRox

    PsychicsRox Well-Known Member

    I agree with the Jynx one. XD I like both Psychic and Ice types!!!
  19. Rex911

    Rex911 Mightyena FTW!

    I'd like to see these pokemon to evolve: Lucario Floatzel Eevee Farfetch'd Dodrio Starmie Tauros Miltank Shuckle Aerodactyl Pinsir Heracross Lapras
  20. Rex911

    Rex911 Mightyena FTW!

    Not to me it would look like A Minotaur
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