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What evo's would you like to see in gen 5?

Discussion in 'Past Pokémon Generations Discussion' started by Waters spirit, Aug 14, 2007.

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  1. Follow-boy10

    Follow-boy10 .. Burning Joy ..

    What about a Lapras Pre evo with a slug like body and A normal Evo with huge spikes on shell and more fins and a long tail!​
    ;328; Reece ;328;​
  2. PokEMoNMastER595

    PokEMoNMastER595 Pokemon Master

    If Farfect'd got an Evo I would be so happy.
  3. Ok, so I know people keep saying that Ditto should get an evolution. And, although I think it would be cool to see Ditto with an evolution, I also think it would be stupid and useless. But, in the event that Ditto does get an evolution, I think it would be super cool to see the evolution know a move sort of like Transform, only more powerful so that after it transforms into a pokemon, it remembers the genetic code and can transform into it again and as many times as it wants. It might not even have to be a move, it could be an ability. Anyway, I thought that would be a cool to have with a Ditto evolution.
  4. Ship-Of-The-Line

    Ship-Of-The-Line Well-Known Member

    Maybe a few more Eeveelutions, and some pokemon that still only have 1 stage, but thats really it
  5. Seds

    Seds Boulder Trainer

    IMO thay need a GARCHOMP evo, and a breloom evo, and a bronzong evo, and a lucario evo.

    IMO suicine needs to evolve again. Heracross evo would be fun too!

    Do some of you guys even think of competative battling when you think of evolutions? Just because something evolves one (starmie, snorlax) or doesn't evolve (heracross, skarmory) doesn't mean it has to evolve.

    I wish gloom didn't exist so that vileplume could evolve... but then, if everything in UU evolved, UU wouldn't exist anymore! I agree with any of the NU suggestions, but In My Opinion anything BL+ or that already has 3 stages doesn't need to evolve. I also see no point in pre-evolutions...

  6. Flame Haji

    Flame Haji Dark Type Trainer

    Delibird and mostly others who have only one stage like
    Mawile,Plusle(and Minun together evo),Volbeat,Illumise,Torkoal,Spinda,Zangoose,

    pre-evo:Kangaskhan,Tauros(and Miltank),Lapras,Heracross,Skarmory,Stantler,

    And they should stay away from evoing pokemon from the 4th gen intill the 6th gen.
  7. buttbug

    buttbug Zephyr Trainer

    I think Onix and Wailmer should have pre-evo's... Just because I fail to see a humongous Onix coming from a small egg...

    They did it for Snorlax, too, so yeah...

    And Quilfish and Dunsparce could do with evolutions, too... People barely notice them as they are now. :(
  8. Divisible by Waffle

    Divisible by Waffle Smörgåsbord Rotunda

    Alternate evolutions for Scyther and Surskit that allow them to retain their original types, Pinsir, and Aerodactyl.
  9. The Dark Fiddler

    The Dark Fiddler Active Member

    A bigger Porygon line would be good. ANd maybe even a sub-plot for it?
    WE also need a pre-ev for Miltank and Tauros that evolves into one or the other depending on gender. If they do, I expect at least a small gender diference then.

    Maybe a Heracross evo would be nice, but even without, it is still a great pokemon.
    Lapras is just beging for at least a pre-ev, and do I even need to mention the untapped Khangaskhan baby? ANd I want to see an evolving Legendary, or a eevelution with three stages, like tacking on a stage to Vaporeon (although a new route.) I'll admit, the last two are a bit less likely, but...
  10. Seel vs Seel

    Seel vs Seel Member

    I think there should be a Miltank/ Tauros prevolution that requires breeding the two with each other to get, and depending on if its male or female, it evolves into Miltank or Tauros.
  11. nivek

    nivek ... Yawn?

    Finally! Where has this thread been all my life?!

    Okay, prepare yourself:
    • Carnivine Evolution
    • Xatu Evolution
    • Spinda Evolution
    • Electrode Evolution
    • Pachirisu Evolution
    • Donphan Evolution
    • Onix Pre-Evolution
    • Lapras Evolution
    • Ground-type Eevee Evolution
    • Flying-type Eevee Evolution
    • Alternate Golbat Evolution
    • Jynx Evolution
    • Girafarig Pre-Evolution
    • Delibird Evolution
    • Pinsir Evolution
    • Dunsparce Evolution
    • Stantler Pre-Evolution
    • Alternate Graveler Evolution
    • Altaria Evolution
    • Rotom Evolution
    • Chatot Evolution
    • Relicanth Pre-Evolution
    • Lunatone and Solrock Pre-Evolution
    • Minun and Plusle Pre-Evolution
    • Volbeat and Illumise Pre-Evolution
    • Tauros and Miltank Pre-Evolution
    • Chimecho Evolution
    • Toxicroak Evolution
    • (One headed) Dodrio Evolution
    • Swalot Evolution
    • Tropius Pre-Evolution
  12. WhatTheApples?

    WhatTheApples? Active Member

    I say there should be no evolutions.
    Don't we have enough evos that are just bigger and more detailed than it's pre-evo?
    I'd like to see Nintendo use their creativity and imagination for new Pokemon.
  13. scythemantis

    scythemantis Creepy crawly

    I want a big, tankish Parasect evolution to compensate for its horrible weaknesses. A more stomach-like Swalot evolution would also be an instant permanent part of my team.

    Mawile must evolve as well, it's so weird and unique you just know it was meant to be part of a whole line.

    Nooooo!!! My favorite Pokemon! More than the other 490+ COMBINED!
    I wish bellossom was the 2nd stage and Gloom was a third. Nobody uses Bellossom anyway.
  14. I would like to see:

    Electrode 3rd form because right now it seems like a push over and all you could possibly fear is its explosion =/

    Keckleon is a promising pokemon when it comes to a new form,
    eevee's normal evolution with wonder guard as its special ability
    Pachirisu 2nd stage
    skarmory 2nd stage
    sableye 2nd stage
    And dunsparce now come on it looks like it could evolve into a normal/dragon type

    Like Thunderblade12, I too wanna see rapidash with wings ^-^
    Last edited: Jun 4, 2008
  15. Indeed, Mawile needs some relatives to keep it company.

    I'd like a Chimecho evo. The thing's so weak, it's a joke really.
  16. scythemantis

    scythemantis Creepy crawly

    Sableye too. At least give it an evo as durable as Spiritomb, the poor little guy has been totally outclassed by a mere swirling face.
  17. I have artwork for all the evo's and pre-evo's I post below but only have one uploaded, rubbish colouring I know. I tried shading but it looked stupid so made everything one shade.

    Mr Mime Evo
    (F) Mime Jr Evo
    Jynx Evo
    Farfetch'd Evo
    Farfetch'd Pre-Evo
    Eevee - Flying / Rock / Ghost / Steel
    Heracross Evo
    Pinsir Pre-Evo
    Stantler Evo
    Stantler Pre-Evo
    Tauros Evo
    Miltank Evo
    Luvdisc Evo
    Lapras Evo
    Lapras Pre-Evo
    (F) Goldeen Evo
    Carnivine Pre-Evo
    Tangela Pre-Evo
    (F) Phanphy Evo
    Marowak Evo

    Anyway, the piece I have uploaded is Mime Snr. (Senior)
  18. Seds

    Seds Boulder Trainer

    Wonder guard is a pretty cheap ability, especially on something with one weakness and 540 base stat total. Shedinja is fair becuase it dies in one hit from status AND super effective attacks, AND it has 4 weaknesses, AND it dies in one sandstorm turn AND spikes/SR/leech seed. This eveelution would be ridiculous if it was only weak to fighting, fight is just so easy to predict... it could have rest if it wanted, then it is good game if the foe has no fighting attack left.

    Sorry about the gloom thing, I like gloom as much as any vileplume fan.. (fave pock)I am just saying, it cannot evolve again because it already has 3 stages. Maybe instead of filling up the dex with evolutions, stuff should just get base stats changed.

    oh, PS: why would heracross evolve but not pinsir? Heracross already hits 1.5 times harder with fight and bug, and it's already OU and already pretty darn awesome at sweeping the teams.

    IMO, carnivine needs an EVO more than a PRE EVO, it could become fire/grass with

    flash fire/drought/chlorophyl/solar power

    as an ability.

    OH PS: skarmory don't need to evolve, (in my opinion)it's #15ish in usage on shoddy already... it would prolly move up to like number 4 or something.

    OH OH OH, it could have flash fire so it owned chomp every time!

    If it had flash fire and ice beam, it would climb up to number one in use I guarentee it.
    Last edited: Jun 5, 2008
  19. wrogth

    wrogth <-- you will be mine

    bronzongs don't need an evo i hate that entire line they're so annoying
  20. PeteDHeat

    PeteDHeat Well-Known Member

    Wow I actually laughed out loud to this. To begin with, the first bolded line with all those pokemons do NOT NEED TO EVOLVE. Garchomp is already powerful as it with a 600 total base stats, it's more than the legendary dogs, birds and regis base stats! If you say Garchomp needs to evolve than so does Dragonite, Tyranitar and etc. Breelom is annoying and useful as it is also. Bronzong is already a badass wall and supporter and Lucario is a beast if you know how to use it. Suicine? Who the hell is that? If you mean SuicUne then I have two things to say. One, Suicune NEVER evolved. Second, Suicune will NEVER evolve. The whole paragraph I bolded does not make any sence. Pre-evolutions may give useful moves.

    Now, on topic:
    Kriketune: I was looking at this little guy today and I really think it could use a evolution. A badass grass hoper with blades as it's arms.

    Eevee: Eventually there will be an eevolution for every type, but I would really like to see a Ghost, Flying and Rock evolution in the next generation.

    Raticate: Massive speed and attack.
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