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What evo's would you like to see in gen 5?

Discussion in 'Past Pokémon Generations Discussion' started by Waters spirit, Aug 14, 2007.

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  1. Phrexyian Garguantua

    Phrexyian Garguantua Gyarados Tamer

    Pinsir should so get a Steel/Bug evo.
    PINZIZOR! A Pinsir with steel skin and two sets of pincers on it's head, making 4 total. Larger claws and bigger feet. Red eyes with no pupils, and four sets of teeth in it's mouth.
    That'd be cool. And they could give it ridicoulsy high stats so it can compete with Scizor.
  2. Metagross_Pwns1

    Metagross_Pwns1 Active Member

    ok well one thing to consider is who got evolved in this gen and their counterparts.

    -Dusclops evolved.... Banette will evolve
    -Mantine got a baby... Skarmory will get a baby
    -Electabuzz and Magmar evolved... Mr Mime and Jynx will evolve

    there probably not many more of these, so as for pokemon that should get an evo...

    -Heracross, and it will have attack like base 150. it will be a beast
    -Luvdisc, it will be kind of like froslass though, not very good.

    No there will not be any legendaries of previous gens getting evolves =/
    Suicune is the most random pokemon u can ever say for an evolve

    Also there will not be any families with more than 3 pokemon, that would just be dumb.

    -I think Xatu will get an evolve, it will be a good sweeper, bcuz Xatu is really bad and just needs to evolve.
    -Forretress wll evolve and become a torturous wall

    Probably will be like 20 new evos idk all of them but i hope they are cool cuz this gens were cool
  3. LordLati

    LordLati AFK

    Pincer needs an evo (or could at least have a more diverse movepool)
    I'd like to see a new evo for weepinbell, a pure grass type, like what oddish has...
    A combined evolved for for plusle/minum and also volbeat/illumise (would be better than adding evos for all 4 and would be an intersting concept)
    I'd like a pure rock type with tanking stats maybe a Sudowoodo evo (it'll prolly be grass/rock tho)
  4. little norbert

    little norbert Active Member

    we need evos for parasect, jynx,torkoal,solrock and lunatone.
  5. Lostelle

    Lostelle vicious opportunist

    I agree and disagree with more suggestions than I'm indifferent to. Maybe that's why this is a good thread.

    For the next game or generation, it'd be nice to see an alternate evolution for Magikarp. Something tough, a dragon looking monster like Gyarados, only with an even stranger typing: Water/Fire. It'd also be nice if it looked more amphibious and walked on four legs. With excellent stats, it could be the Dragonite/Tyranitar/Salamence/Metagross/Garchomp of the next big title (Minus the lack of a completely new evolutionary chain).
  6. Wesley B

    Wesley B Dark Pokémon Trainer

    The Pokémon Dunsparce needs an evolution. It would be like a Magikarp / Gyarados of a Feebas / Milotic evolution; first it's no use, then it's a badass everyone will fear one way or another.

    Spiritomb and Sableye definitly needs evolutions. They're tough allready knowing they have no real weakness, but when they evolve (Sableye in some kind of purple gem kinda thing, mixed with some ghostly and freaky stuff - Spiritomb with a body shaped like a real tomb), then you got some Pokémon who will be very powerfull. But! To get these Pokémon, it will cost a lot of work, otherwise everyone will have him.
  7. Focus Aipom

    Focus Aipom Why so serious?

    Luvdisk needs an evo while lapras needs a pre evo. Also what about miltank and tauros?
  8. Pinsir
    Mr. Mime
  9. EmberStar the Blaziken

    EmberStar the Blaziken Kung-Pow Chicken

    Dunsparce or even Parichu (or whatever that thing is). Dunsparce needs it to be intresting and it is hard to believe that thing doesn't evolve.
  10. Starfan42

    Starfan42 Active Member

    Most definatly need a shuckle evo with a decent hp stat or whatever to help make it a wall.
  11. drummerdude09

    drummerdude09 Well-Known Member

    i am looking for a pre-evo of girafarig and kangashkan (sp?) and an evo of Quilfish.
  12. pichu96

    pichu96 Well-Known Member

  13. Captain Darth Jack Vader

    Captain Darth Jack Vader Looking for car.

    Aerodactyl! And...A poison Eevee, Voltorb, Tauros/Miltank prevo (Bicalf?) and Seviper and Zangoose Evos. Seviper I'm thinking of a kind of Hydra-type thing.

    Oh, and maybe a Kraken-like Tentacruel evo.
  14. Scythe

    Scythe Well-Known Member

    there is a lot of things i'd like to see evolve such as banette as they just rule there are many more i just cant be botherd to name them all
  15. Leopiz

    Leopiz Shiny Hunter

    Sunflora, Qwilfish, Corsola, Stantler. At least one of these WILL get an evolution.
    They gave some forgotten 2nd gen pokemon evolutions, and they made them good (Togekiss, anyone?) but they need to do some of the rest. I mentioned these and some more on a "Most forgotten pokemon" board and got the brilliant reply "Are those pokemon?".
  16. the_w0lf

    the_w0lf -/-Dutty Love-/-

    I agree, Stantler should evolve, maybe into a Moose? Also, Parasect could evolve too, given its what the only pokemon sporting the Grass/Bug type, lets try and cut it a little bit of slack. Sudowoodo should evolve too.
  17. PeteDHeat

    PeteDHeat Well-Known Member

    Spiritomb is already powerful. Shuckle is already a Wall.
    I could see Sudowodo becoming Rock/Grass sadly giving it's fire and ice resistance away but gaining a neutral damage from ground. An Evolution for him would give more weaknesses than advantages but a nice stat boost should cover that. I would LOVE to see a Golduck Evolution. After Rhydon evolve, anything can evolve. Qwillfish evo would pwn.
  18. RICH

    RICH Well-Known Member

    i want to see a baby lapras and a lapras evo
  19. RICH

    RICH Well-Known Member

    i want to see a baby lapras and a lapras evo
  20. -May-

    -May- Love u Blaziken ^^

    I want to see a Miltank and Tauros baby evo ^^ .. I'd also LOVE to see Absol evo !! ^^
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