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What evo's would you like to see in gen 5?

Discussion in 'Past Pokémon Generations Discussion' started by Waters spirit, Aug 14, 2007.

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  1. BluBoy14

    BluBoy14 Well-Known Member

    Hope they get an eevee evolution which is dragon or steel.It would be good if they had a seperate evolution for dratini which needs a metal coat to evolve and its ability was levitate. I would call it Metagon
  2. bustastks

    bustastks dark lover

    it would be better in my opinion if there was a special eevee evolution that was normal type but had more power than the other evo's.

    Dunsparce needs an evolution. A friend of mine caught a dunsparce and trained it to lv 100 because he thought it would evolve.

    Same for shuckle and ditto
  3. pit-fall

    pit-fall Angels Amoonguss

    A Normal/Dragon Dunsparce Evo.
    Dragon and Steel eeveelutions.
    Sableye/Mawile evolutions.
  4. bustastks

    bustastks dark lover

    it's easy for me to picture a stell eevee buut dragon-no way!
    sabelye and mawille evo's are okay
    dunsparce's evo should at least have a high sp.atk (dragons okay)
  5. Hammerheart

    Hammerheart Son of Wōden

    more Eevees maybe ghost,ground,steel,dragon?
    Pinser + metal coat like scyther
    and maybe a baby kangashan?
  6. Salamence96

    Salamence96 Pokemon Breeder

    How about Mewtwo? They could call it Mewthree. Juuuuust kidding, lol. Spinda, Dunsparce, Banette, Chimecho, and Pachirisu could use one.
    Last edited: Jun 6, 2008
  7. RW Karpi

    RW Karpi Member

    new evos

    ill list all the pokemon that i think should have evolutions, with the ones most in need first.

    FARFETCH'D EVO- obviously. it has sucked for over 10 years. So it deserves something awesome. I think it could be the first FIGHTING/FLYING type, with an attack stat of like 140, but like 75 speed.

    CORSOLA EVO- to me corsola seems like the generation II farfetchd. Theres nothing special about it. So it should evolve. I like the name CORSOLADE. maybe 110 base hp and 120 defenses, so it would lurk somewhere in the realm of UU because of its good stats but terrible typing

    LUVDISC EVO- luvdisc continues the tradition of being the pathetic pokemon with no evo. It could have like 110 attack to be funny and 110 speed. Then nintendo could retry its WATER/NORMAL typing on it. Still with paper defenses though.

    CHATOT EVO- yes apparently there is one loser pokemon per generation. Chatot's evo could be pure FLYING type like we originally though, and be like a bulky flying pokemon with like 105 HP, 90 DEF, 100 SP DEF. Now that i think about it, the resistance to close combat and EQ would be useful. some stat tweaking maybe so it can survive that though.

    That ends the evolutions of the previously useless pokemon, which were meant to be powerful because of their years of hate they had to suffer.

    MASQUERAIN EVO- They completely ruined surskit by making it evolve into masquerain. I use surskit (yes the first form) on my ubers team because it has 502 speed in rain+haze, so i think this pokemon should regain its BUG/WATER typing and have like 135 speed but no other good stats, and some other support moves.

    KANGHASKHAN PRE-EVO- a kangaroo hatching from an egg fully-grown with a baby already is too weird for me. Kangaskhan has good enough stats, maybe just give the pre-evo a good move

    CHIMECHO EVO- Chimecho being my very favorite pokemon, deserves an evolution, for other reasons too. It could be like a rod with ribbons and a bell (yes i designed it and gave stats and movepool and whatnot). It could have a signiture move called Amulet, because its a church bell and 'holy', at least the way i see it, it could be immune to ghost and dark attacks. Because they came from Mt. Pyre, it is PSYCHIC/GHOST type. 120 sp att and 100 speed is definitely not broken, and i think it could fare well in OU due to its already good movepool.

    NINETAILS- I predicted that nintendo would give it a GHOST/FIRE evolution in 4th gen, but sadly they didnt take the hint. 125 speed would be good, and like 105 sp att. I can see it being a BL pokemon

    MEOWTH PRE-EVO- they need to give it a move that would make persian actually useful in battle

    TAUROS/MILTANK PRE-EVO- that evolves based on gender. i REALLY want this for some reason.

    QWILFISH EVO- I based my entire fanfic around the idea that qwilfish would get an evo in 4th gen and it @#$^ing didnt! So as a personal note, IT NEEDS AN EVOLUTION! WATER/POISON anyone? wait lol it already is!

    ARIADOS EVO- it could be a tarantula thing. BUG/DARK type maybe? I tried very hard to use ariados a while ago and its impossible!

    DELIBIRD EVO- It seems like a good idea to have a good ice type bird, but i dont know how to pull it off. plus delibird sucks and has volunteered his body for experimental evolution research

    ONIX PRE-EVO- I saw this in an earlier post, and it seems like a really good idea now that i think about it, like to find early in the game.

    ARBOK EVO- well arbok cant do much now, so its evolution could have just like 105 in attack and speed, but have a huge movepool to make up for it

    SUNFLORA EVO- i made two designs for this and i think it would be cool for it to evolve based on time of day, being a sunflower. GRASS/FIRE for the day and GRASS/DARK for night

    TANGELA PRE-EVO- tangela seems just a little too cool to be a first form. I know a lot of people have suggestions for what moves it should learn.

    MIME JR. SPLIT EVO- it just stands to reason that there shouldnt be female mr. mimes. To represent women's rights movements i guess lol.

    LAPRAS PRE-EVO- We all thought this is what Shellos was, and i think nintendo could use this to give lapras some useful moves.

    DUNSPARCE PRE-EVO- dunsparce has a pretty large fanbase from my experiences. If it got a whole bunch of good moves exclusive to it then people would definitely use him

    KECLEON EVO AND PRE-EVO- since kecleon cant learn hyper beam, it isnt fully evolved. I can see them doing to kecleon what happened to roselia and making it a middle-form. A good OU with color change, i would use it constantly. Also it needs gyro ball...

    HUNTAIL/GOREBYSS FINAL EVO- they could both evolve into the same thing again, to have the irony of the split evo being pointless. huntail and gorebyss could get a huge makeover on their movepools though to make them completely different or something so it determines what the final form knows.

    VOLBEAT/ILLUMISE PRE-EVO- based on gender and learns a signiture move at a high level

    DRAGON EEVEELUTION- no seriously. all the original special attacking types have an eeveelution except dragon. It could be based around draco meteor. except special attacking is already covered by espeon/jolteon/glaceon. so maybe a good physical attacker. 130 speed and 110 attack to set it apart from salamence.

    Thats it. Definitively. Everything else can either cope on its own (like seaking) or is supposed to be bad (like bibarel)

    Seaking can cope on its own because ive been useing it on my ubers team for a long time now and with drizzle support and a choice band, it hits psychic ubers with megahorn pretty hard.
    Last edited: Jun 7, 2008
  8. Bannette evolution would be nice. I actually think very few pokemon need to evolve, as adding too many may ruin classic solo gems like Heracross.
  9. RW Karpi

    RW Karpi Member

    that was cool
  10. Mayziken

    Mayziken Advanceshipping<3

    I want an evolution and/or pre-evolution of Skarmory:

    Evolution: This one sould have low defense and high attack/sp.attack. I sould also be a steel-fighting type or fighting-flying type (or atlast keep the steel type and give it a new 2 typeing) and a new movepool for attack/sp.attack
    Pre-evolution: This one sould be like Flygon, but only with an steel-ground type and have the ability levitate.

    I also want more evolutions for Eevee, as Dragon, Ground, Steel, Flying, Ghost, Normal, Rock, Bug and Poison. It had been very cool if we could get an uber evolution of Eevee, but to get this we have to do many special things before we can get it and we have to be on a special place in the game when it is day/night:)
  11. necropedal

    necropedal Well-Known Member

    personally I would love to see an evolution to some of the pseudo legendaries, like Metagross and Tyranitar.
    Just imagine the potential.
  12. necropedal

    necropedal Well-Known Member

    Salamence96, in actual fact Mewthree is a Pokémon I the hacked game ChaosBlack
  13. Pachirisu needs a Electric/Flying evo. Lightning flying squirrel FTW.
  14. Chilling Blastoise

    Chilling Blastoise Pokemon Breeder

    Raichu and Luvdisc AND pachurisu *spell check*

    I think Raichu because it isnt that powerfull and it would look cool!
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2008
  15. spyglass

    spyglass Member

    I think
    budew needs a new way of evolving

    All need new evolutions
  16. chorusco

    chorusco Well-Known Member

    I would like to see Pachirisu and Rotom have evos. Pachirisu more though based on the fact there's Flying Squirrels it can be based on.
  17. Dragon/Normal - Dunsparce
    The Name of baby Kangaskhan
    Electrike's final form
    Phachirisu's and Skarmory's 2nd form
  18. Charizard2ooo

    Charizard2ooo Eevee Master

    -Tauros(Pre-Evolution & Evolution)
    -Chatot(Pre-Evolution & Evolution)
    -Sableye(Pre-Evolution & Evolution)


    Raichu is never going to evolve sence there are 3 pokemon in that chain pichu,pikachu and raichu so no way no pokemon has more then 3 chains

    i would love a Lapras evo it would kick ***
  20. I think an evolution of ditto would be awesome
    so would
    Kangaskhan and Lapras :)
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