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What feature of XY did you like?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation VI Discussion' started by Alexander18, Jun 24, 2016.


What features of XY do you like?

  1. Mega Evolution

    50 vote(s)
  2. Looker Episode

    8 vote(s)
  3. Friend Safari

    12 vote(s)
  4. Battle Maison

    0 vote(s)
  5. Lumiose Restaurants

    4 vote(s)
  6. Battle Chateu

    5 vote(s)
  7. Battle Institute

    1 vote(s)
  8. Pokeradar

    0 vote(s)
  9. Chain Fishing

    2 vote(s)
  10. Other

    23 vote(s)
  1. Archangel Azazel

    Archangel Azazel Fallen Angel

    There's at least three I enjoyed a lot. Trainer Customization, Pokemon-Amie, and Mega Evolution.

    Trainer Customization: Love that I could be unique with my own outfits this time around. I got bad fashion sense, but no matter what I combined it still looked good lol.

    Pokemon-Amie: When XY came out, I couldn't stop playing in Amie. I would play the Yarn Tossing game every damn time I opened up the game. I don't do it as much now, but I do enjoy looking at my pokemon in it once in a while. Feeding it and such.

    Mega Evolution: I really liked the idea that Pokemon could evolve further when they had a really great bond with their trainer. I felt closer to my Pokemon this way which was really nice.
  2. M.P.

    M.P. Retired

    Easily Mega Evolution. I also liked Looker Episode and Friend Safaris, though.
  3. Ocosn

    Ocosn Member

    For me, it would have to be the Fairy-type. Gen VI didn't really bring much else good with it.

    Mega Pokemon are without a doubt the worst thing that GameFreak has added to the series since 1996. I find it entirely hypocritical that they would release such a broken mechanic in the same generation where they literally showed "we will change a Pokemon's base stats if they are underperforming".
    I got Pokemon X the day before release and beat in within a couple of days. The Looker episode literally made me stop playing for 3 months due to how boring and tedious it was.
    The Friend Safari, whilst a step up from the Dream World, isn't big enough to make me think "Yeah this makes obtaining hidden abilities so much easier".
    The Battle Maison was effectively proof that GameFreak really don't care about post-game anymore, especially when combined with the Looker episode.
    The Battle Chateau was decent but far too costly for what it brought along. It also wasn't very fun for Gym Leader rematches.
    The Battle Institute wasn't even an addition. It was in Gen V.
    The nerf to weather proved that GameFreak didn't actually care about competitive, but instead just shutting up bad players. Gen III and Gen IV proved that infinite weather was fine. Gen V brought infinite rain, which was slightly too good. In response, GameFreak makes all four weathers entirely unviable? Perfect. Literally all they had to do was make it so Cloud Nine / Air Lock and perhaps Defog could all remove weather effects on the field. It would solve the problem of "the only way to counter weather is to bring your own", which is literally what caused the Gen V weather wars.
    Don't even get me started on the Knock Off buff.
  4. I guess this falls under the 'Other' category, I also liked the O-Powers feature, even though Prize Money O-Power was the only one I used most of the time. I think the only other O-Powers I used were one of the attack O-powers, and that was just to increase an attack stat during that first battle you have with Korrina in X/Y
  5. Leonhart

    Leonhart Disney fanatic

    Mega Evolution was X/Y's best export since it allowed all kinds of old, forgotten Pokemon to gain relevancy again. O-Powers were a useful addition too, as was the Friend Safari.
  6. sandtreamftw

    sandtreamftw On and Off Trainer

    Mega evos alongside 3d graphics is all I can give X and Y. For me, they are the worst main series entry to date, with most of everything added to them being cosmetic. Too easy, a cringe worthy plot and an uninspired region design. Despite Kalos technicallly being the largest overworld, it still felt hollow and empty. I'll give GF some slack because it was clear they devoted most of their attention on creating the 3d world. That said, I'll probably never touch these games again. They're just too boring.
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2016
  7. ItsMeBrandon

    ItsMeBrandon Well-Known Member

    I guess I should be honest and say that Mega Evolutions don't take the #1 spot for me, and the main reason isn't necessarily their concept, but that most of their designs are just not that appealing to me. Some of them are, but the amount of ones I care about are outweighed by the number of ones I don't. It doesn't mean I dislike Mega Evolution, it's more so that I'm generally indifferent to it.

    My favorite feature about X & Y is probably a tie between Trainer customization and the touch screen features- that is, Pokémon-Amie, Super Training, and the PSS.
    Trainer customization is just a cherry on top of the Pokémon formula, but I've already been happy with that formula, so I think it's a great addition, if only aesthetic.
    The other three extra features are great for going more in-depth with your Pokémon as well as connecting with players online immediately.
  8. sheld999

    sheld999 Well-Known Member

    i like megas and the battle chateau
  9. Ouroboro_san

    Ouroboro_san Member

    I thought the Friend Safari was really neat, I remember during the early stages there was a frenzy for these over at my community
  10. Zoruagible

    Zoruagible Lover of underrated characters

    Trainer customization, something long overdue.
    And Mega evolution. It gave Kangaskhan and some other Pokemon a reason to be played with again
  11. MuteKrabby

    MuteKrabby Member

    Gotta be Friend Safari. A ton of extra Pokemon, great for shiny hunting and filling the Dex.
  12. Izanagi777

    Izanagi777 Well-Known Member

    While at first i have a somewhat negative feeling toward Mega Evolution, once i played the game however, it's quickly become grew on my and to date i thought it's the best feature that XY can gave to us.. Aside from that however, i also like the fact that we can ride the pokemon and sitting on the bench (which isn't available in the previous generation)..
  13. AmethystLeslie

    AmethystLeslie Well-Known Member

    Since these were my first games, I found myself in the Battle Chateau very often leveling up Pokemon, to see if I liked them. I would later go to Restaurant Le Wow and Sushi High Roller to level those Pokemon up to level 100.

    I also enjoyed Roller Skates, because it's certainly faster than walking. If I wanted precision, I alternate to the D-Pad.

    Oh, and the revamped Exp. Share and sitting. I made it a habit of sitting in a Pokemon Center and saving my game and quitting there. It just felt nice, you know?
  14. Wednesdayz

    Wednesdayz Banned

    The Lumiose Restaurants were my fav feature in X/Y, except Sushi High Roller since the price to dine was ridiculous, and the pay off wasn't enough. :/
  15. xerxes

    xerxes ようこそ!ワタシの音楽工場へへへへへ

    Huh, I actually disliked most of the mega evolutions... I guess I'm the minority here. I think it's cool for the legendaries and Pokémon that already have two evolutions, but for those who don't, I'd just rather see those were their new, regular evolutions. Like, mega Altaria and Audino are cool as hell, but I don't want to watch that stupidly long animation to actually use them. :/

    My favourite part was the Friend Safari as a new means to get shiny Pokémon. The introduction of the Fairy type was cool as well.
  16. Alloutℯ

    Alloutℯ Banned

    Friend Safari because it was easy to use and helped me fill up my Pokedex fast.
  17. Trainer customization because I like having the character look more like myself. Super training as well because it made EV training easier
  18. Ereshkigal

    Ereshkigal Well-Known Member

    I liked the EV training, since it also allowed me to train friendship for Pokemon. It saved a lot of time, and I was sad to see that not be present early on in Sun and Moon (when I actually needed it).
  19. Weavy

    Weavy Usually silent

    I liked the features which helped me train easier, EV training included. Made grinding and breeding Pokémon MUCH less of a hassle. They actually somewhat motivated me to do more.

    Honourable mention goes to Pokémon Amie. I've always wanted to interact and bond closer with my Pokémon and I can finally do so. It's not complex, but being able to see a Pokémon's personality and see them all act cute is a plus for me.
  20. Earth Wolf-Howl

    Earth Wolf-Howl Nuzlocker

    The Friend Safari. Honestly, not only was it pretty useful, there was always the excitement for me of finding a new one and going to see what Pokemon were in it. Honestly, I'm always a little disappointed whenever it or some variation of it doesn't return. That was easily the best part of Gen 6 for me.

    The Battle Chateau was useful, though, for grinding (especially in a Nuzlocke, when you don't want to use the EXP Share and need to grind up something low-levelled). My only gripe was that even when you're high-raked, there are still too many Barons and Viscounts about.

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