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What First Attracted You to Pokemon? What Keeps You Playing?


Unidentified Ghost
When I was the ripe old age of 9, I used to watch cartoons every morning before going to school. One morning, I saw a new cartoon.
Ash's face looked up, and I heard the words
"I wanna be, the very best..."

I thought, "What's this?"

It was the very first episode of Pokemon, and the story of Ash meeting Pikachu warmed my heart, and excited me. The whole idea of Pokemon--going out on a brand new adventure, training these intelligent creatures to battle (my favorite part of the show was the battles), and becoming a champion....it's what made me love Pokemon in the first place.

I don't think I've ever lost that feeling. And it's why I still love it.

What about you?


I got Pokemon Red and a Purple GameBoy Colour for my fifth birthday and I keep playing because I still love the games so much. They're still as much fun as they ever were.


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I got Pokemon Red and a Purple GameBoy Colour for my fifth birthday and I keep playing because I still love the games so much. They're still as much fun as they ever were.

Pretty much the same for me...Got a blue Game Boy Color and got to pick out any game I wanted for my my 5th birthday and I picked Pokemon Blue.


Unidentified Ghost
See, I got a game after I saw the anime. I couldn't even afford a GBC back then until almost a year after I started liking Pokemon.


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See, I got a game after I saw the anime. I couldn't even afford a GBC back then until almost a year after I started liking Pokemon.

I had never even heard of Pokemon, I just thought Blastoise looked cool on the cover so I picked it out.
I watched the anime with a passion but didn't realise that the games existed (this went on for about 6 months). Then when my familiy were holidaying in Florida (I was 4 at the time) my dad brought me a purple gameboy and Pokemon Blue. I have been addicted to Pokemon ever since.

My Pokemon gaming cycle has lasted from 1999-2011 (currently of course)


De-le-le wooooooooooop
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I got Blue at the age of around 4-5, can't remember why though.


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Well i knew pokemon was coming because of a magazine..but thisis not a how did you discover pokemon thread sooo,... my friend Jamesm asked me if i had been watching pokemon... this was like the second week or so after pokemon debuted in the US.

I told him no.. that it looked to childish... I was 18 ( yes i am an older fan) when it debuted here.

He said. I have been and it is pretty good, just give it a chance, so i sat down at his house and watched an episode with him. I thoguht pokemon was gonna be a vitual pet show and that they were just dumb, emotionless, fighting creatures.

I WAS WRONG. I was amazed about how emotional, how intellegent pokemon were,. and I fell in love with how they did not speak english.. I loved that they spoke their names.
I was instantly hooked. I loved the feeling,. the emotion, how the journey, the adventure, the companionship... it was amazing and I loved it. Pokemania had begun with us... many have read my story about how i got into pokemon before so i will not go on about everything like in the past.

But thats what keeps me going today. The adventure,. the companionship, the feeling of honorable competition, the feeling of being a trainer.

Sadly James has moved onto other things while my love for pokemon is as strong as ever. He will always rememeber pokemon,..but he feels that it is just not the same anymore. James was my first Rival and I'm thankful he talked me into watching pokemon and entering this amazing world that we all love here... Team Xtreme Forever James...

See you all in Unova!


The anime got me into playing the games but I stopped playing that games after Emerald though I did buy Platinum for old times sake. I haven't played a Pokémon game since then. I don't really care for the whole Pokémon thing anymore though. It just got boring for me.


What attracted me to the series in the first place? Man, I can barely remember how I got sucked into the series. I think I was channel-flipping on the TV one day and saw a glimpse of a first season episode on KidsWB. The earliest episode I fully watched was The Misty Mermaid and I got sucked into the franchise right there. Looking back, I am now wondering how in heaven's name had the past 12-13 years had gone by so fast.


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I don't remember whether I watched the show or played the game first. Probably watched the show. Anyways, I remember getting all three Red, Blue, and Yellow in one day cause my dad bought them all at like a pawn shop or something. I was like 5 at the time and I couldn't even read the games but I was awesome at them anyway. :) Honestly I've never stopped playing Pokemon since then, although there was a gap of about 2 or 3 years between when I got RBY and when I got Ruby.
I don't remember how I first got attracted to Pokemon... It's been so long ago.
I remember how I got re-attracted to it though: I just bought a Pokemon book in a book store back in february or march of 2009. then the next weekend I decided to watch an episode of the anime to see if I could get back into it. And I did. And I still like it now.


What a drama llama.
I watched the anime all throughout my childhood. I played some of the games on my neighbor's game boy/advance and Nintendo 64 (snap). When I graduated High School I decided to buy a DS and HG. And here I am today :)


Light The Stars
I'm pretty sure I first got into the cards, which eventually led to me getting into the show and games. There's so much that keeps me playing, cbf to list all the reasons.


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I guess I got into it from the animé. I know my brother got Yellow long before I got Red, so it may have been that I wanted to play it too.
I still like it because it's awesome. Every year I learn something new about battling, which makes it all the more awesome. ^^


The Sunken Gladitor
Am I the only one who remember the very first pokemon toys? They came with the KFC kids meals. I got the toy and several weeks later the show was on TV. I've been hooked ever since. Not so much on the show, I stopped watching after Johto, but the games are progressively getting better.

Blitz Lucario

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I guess it all started when my brother got Red version for his birthday back when I was 5. He let me play it for a little bit and I couldn't put it down for hours. I then got my own Gameboy Color and Blue Version. I played that for the longest time and kept getting the next new game after the other. I have played all the main series games since then and I will never give up Pokemon because it is apart of who I am.


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I grew up with it, nuf said