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What for you was the best thing about GEN 3?

Discussion in 'Past Pokémon Generations Discussion' started by Change is good, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. Change is good

    Change is good Constally changing

    Too many to choose from but for me it has to be the villains Maxie and Archie because are so much fun to fight, memorable and funny.
  2. Bolt the Cat

    Bolt the Cat Bringing the Thunder

    A lot of the new mechanics: abilities, natures, double battles, etc.

    But IMO, 3rd gen felt like a low point in the series, aside from that there wasn't too much to like about 3rd.
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2012
  3. Zigh

    Zigh I liek Treecko c:

    It has to be the region. I love Hoenn for its tropical climate and the exotic Pokemon that live within it. <3
  4. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    The music to be honest. Junichi Masuda (or whoever the composer was) really did a good job. I also liked the graphics and the Pokemon introduced in this generation. Also the special event Pokemon distributions since they added another element to the games, although I'm sure many people will disagree since not many events were held and not everyone was able to download things like the Aurora Ticket and such.
  5. giratina519

    giratina519 ra ra ra IERUKANA?!

    Sapphire is where I met Kazami, a level 100 Alakazam currently in my Black2. Sapphire was my first pokemon game (lost it two years ago =3=|) and I've used Kazami in every game onwards as my main partner. One day, I thought I left the game he was in at a restaurant, and I stayed up all night crying. That pokemon has been with me for FIVE YEARS! I found him though. He's safe and sound in my 3DS now. I have owned all the gen IV games and he's beaten the league and entered the hall of fame in every single one. He's like a child to me... ;3;
    Replaying this game would mean the world to me. I would probably cry and short it out with my tears because it holds so many memories.... I remember catching it at level 9 in Dewford cave like it was yesterday...
  6. Interference

    Interference Banned

    It's got to be the fact that we revisited good ol' Kanto and all the new Pokemon and mechanics! :D
  7. auteur

    auteur Fossil freak

    Natures, the Hoenn region and its many awesome Pokémon designs.
  8. Kalosian

    Kalosian Never Say Forever

    All the improvements from second generation, Hoenn, the Sevii Islands, the Battle Frontier, all the new Pokemon, some very interesting characters in the games... too many things? If I had to choose only one thing of these, it would be the Battle Frontier because I had so much fun with it.
  9. Shymain

    Shymain Shaymin Lover

    Double Battles, colour, non-freakish sprites and the abundance of 'Hidden' Legendaries.
  10. Cutty

    Cutty Forever now

    For me mostly the pokemon. I've got many fave pokemon from the gen.
  11. Kutie Pie

    Kutie Pie 桜咲くこの坂を今も上っている

    I thought the double-battle feature was neat, but I did like how there was that feeling of saving the world before you get the last badge. You never got that in the previous games, but in this one, it had a sense of urgency.

    It was also a bit challenging compared to Silver when I was younger. I don't recall getting a lot of outside help, but I have struggled from time to time in the game. (Especially since at the time, my brothers and I were having a race to see who would become Champion first. That was fun, as it was the first time we got the same Pokémon generation at the exact same time that Christmas.)
  12. EonDragonFTW

    EonDragonFTW Well-Known Member

    Secret Bases, Sevii islands, the improvements ffrom Gen 2, Double Battles and.......

  13. Plus side down side

    Plus side down side Lass Trainer

    The style of it.

    There is not one Pokemon design that I didn't like. All of them are so well done and interesting. Plus, the Hoenn region itself is gorgeous with its tropical forests and catchy music. Plus, for me, Gen 3 was kind of my comeback into the Pokemon world, which I'm very thankful for. It also spawned the two funnest spin-off, XD and Colosseum.
  14. Neji-and-Pidgeot

    Neji-and-Pidgeot Well-Known Member

    I liked double battles, the music, and natures.
  15. Thomas Elliot

    Thomas Elliot I AM HUSH

    Definitely experiencing a remake in the form of Fire Red and Leaf Green.
  16. Bananarama

    Bananarama The light is coming

    The storylines of EVERY game were nice. Some of the newer mechanics,like abilities, are my favorite things too!
  17. Combo

    Combo Member


    'Nuff said.
  18. Dragoniss

    Dragoniss Garys wanabe waifu

    the battles and...

    Ending has the best melody. I like how calm it is and it feels like your making the journey back home.

    Other than that I really didn't like hoenn that much to be all honest. I like it more than current games but that's about the time pokemon started going downhill.
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2013
  19. paperchainchomp

    paperchainchomp Active Member

    feeling important. when i was in the place where you catch ;382; i felt important to the game and not just another trainer.
  20. meismadatyou

    meismadatyou Johto League Master

    I'm like that with my Charizard from my first game (FireRed), Charcoal, and I still have him. :3 Sadly, I lost my first Pokemon from my Sapphire game, Flippy the Pelipper :/

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