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What for you was the best thing about GEN 3?


The pokemon like Milotic and Latias and I liked the graphics also especially the moving sprites from emerald version :)


The Bassist
The Pokémon!!! They were so diverse and exotic!
And double battles were created and became standards to many pokémon battles.

Bruno Magno

New Member
I love anything even remotely related to Emerald. It was the second game i had of my own (after Leaf Green which is pretty bad imho), and it introduced some fantastic things like natures, items and new mechanics. The story is great, and the Battle Zone is fantastic - all you can wish. I think spent more time in the Factory and Pyramid than doing anything else in the game :D

The Flash

I like shorts!
Ruby and Sapphire were alright for me when I first got them, and now looking back...they were one of my favorite games. The villains were actually "evil" and the plot behind them was actually decent. I thought the whole Team Plasma and Team Galaxy(?) were kinda silly.

And then Fire Red and Leaf Green came out. And dear god was I nostalgic. Combining everything from the new games like Natures and graphics and decent moves and all that stuff really made the original games so much better.

3rd Gen I think is often underrated.

Breeder Drew

Well-Known Member
I loved most everything about the games. The villains were villains, the Pokemon looked good, and the locations were visually stunning, even for a gameboy.


Froakie Trainer
The region is amazing.


Poliwhirl Enthusiast
The music and graphics.

It's just so charming that I can't help but love it to death.

Archangel Azazel

Fallen Angel
Hmm.. the music. I even enjoy the Pokemart music. Its adorable.
Every single route too XD

I loved the designs of a lot of the pokemon. I actually couldn't make my mind up on which to put on my team. I still can't.. <.> XD

John Wallrein

I am the walrein
Secret bases. I always loved the bases and the items you could place in them in R/S/E. I liked the secret bases in gen 3 where they were in the normal world, as compared to gen 4 where bases were not as cool and were in the underground which was a feature I was not a big fan of.


Well-Known Member
The battle frontier, secret bases and especially the music. Also i like that battle tower place just outside of mauville city. Out of every pokemon game i have most of my time was spent on emerald.


Well-Known Member
I loved the region. All the cities were cool & diverse. Hoenn starter pokemon were also my fav for a while.


Well-Known Member
Aside from obvious things like the Pokemon I think what really stuck out to me was the design of the whole region. I really liked how you had cities that really took advantage of the areas they were in, such as how Fortree City was literally built as treehouses and how Sootopolis City was layered inside of a crater leftover from an undersea volcano.

It also helped that the region was huge and had all the land + big water routes that really gave you that adventure feeling, along with the weather. I wish we could go back to having water routes play a bigger role, Gen V really upset me in that they were almost non-existent.


Lover of underrated characters
That you could have a female rival and she isn't rude to you,


The Interceptor
The music was the best in these games, I still listen to the soundtrack of these games occasionally. Also Rayquaza was badass.


Well-Known Member
The Hoenn Region has to be one of my all time favorites! The region itself had a beautiful feel to it and I loved it!
I also enjoyed the story line to Emerald, as it was my first game.