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What funny things have happened to you on FR/LG?

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draco draco

Jade Star Trainer
ya.. the S/R/E forum has 1 of those treadhs.. so why not also 1 here?? im start.. in the unown buildings there is a hiker who says that there must be a rare pokemon inside. im go inside and walk around in 2 hours, facing houndreds of unows, until i realise that it is the unown whos the rare pokemon!


Hmm, I guess the funniest thing to happen to me was beating the E4 with my 80 something Scizor. They're so pathetic.

This game isn't really the type of game where something funny will happen.

king krab kingler

I guess Huzuko is right,there isn't many ''Fuuny'' things that can happen to you in a pokemon game is there?
I guess my funniest happening was when I started a new LG game and I was on the S.S Anne,I was fighting a fisher with a shellder and he used withdraw all his turns,I was a just caught drowzee lv.11 and he was a lv.19 shellder,withdraw about 15 times,I was shocked:D
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