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What Game Consoles do you own?


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All the PlayStations you could think of (PS1,PS2,PS3,PS4, PSP)… except the Vita, the Switch, 3DS, Wii, Game Boy Advance and the Game Boy Color.


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I've ended up with a bigger collection than I imagined...

  • PS2 Slim
  • PS3 Slim
  • PS4 Slim
  • PSP
  • Nintendo 64
  • Gamecube
  • Switch Lite
  • New 3DS XL
  • Dreamcast


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Well, the SNES is my first gaming console. I got the Console October 1999 when a friend visited my mum and me my mum and her friend went to Fleamarket in my hometown. When we were prepared to go home i saw that a teenager and his mum sales the SNES with Zelda A linkt to the past, The adams Family and Jurassic Park. I asked my mum and i got the console. That so funny because this console was my first electronic object. Later my dad buy me Super Soccer. I had a lof of fun the game and when my friend came to me i played games like SMB Allstars, SMB World, Goofy Trooper. Man i miss my childhood.

The sad thing is, 2006 the SNES was brocken so decited to sell my games.

GameBoy Color:
I got my as birthday present with a racing game and a Kongfu game. I was no so happy because didnt like the games. I tought GB games are really lame until i got Pokemon Gold. Then i changed my mind. Later i bought Zelda Oracele of Seasons and Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone/Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. I played really much with my Gameboy. The funny is when i played the Gameboy in my Dads car, i puked very hard.

I got this console with Pokemon Snap and Super Mario 64. I loved the new 3D graphics. I had lot of fun with Super Mario 64 and Pokemon Snap was also cool, but not so like Mario 64. Later i played Pokemon Stadium 1+2, Zelde OOT, Yoshi Story, Super Smash. It was a very funny time and Smash together with Pokemon Stadium were really timekiller.

One of my favorite Gaming Consoles. I got it with Super Mario Sunshine and Mario Party 4. On this Console i played many games like Super Smash, Mariokart, Killer 7, Zelda Windwaker and TP, Starfox, Mario Strikes etc. I played really much on this console. The sad thing is that my Controllerjoystick wont work anymore.

Yes i bought it together with Pokemon Sapphire. Later i bought Firered, Supermario Bros 3 and The Incredibels. I was happy with my GBA but i used most of my money and bought for my Gamecube. I know someone who had a SP and i was a little bit jeasoly because it looked cooler and had a bringt screen.

Nintendo DS/Lite:
I got this pack for Christmas.

It was very cheap (120 Euro) with my Nintendo DS and Mario Kart DS. I played very much Mario Kart with my brother. Later i bought Pokemon Link/Trosé, the Pokemon Core series like Pearl/Platinum/Heartgold, The World ends with you, Dragonball Origins, Jump Super Stars, Sonic Rush etc. I had a lof of fun with my this console. Later i bought the Nintendo DS Lite Black beacuse my old DS was very "used".

When i heard from the Wii Console i was no so interested but later bought my Wii and played Games like, Mario Galaxy, Smash, Zelda SSW, Sin & Punisment. I thougt Wii Sport is a lame casualgame, but then i played it and i had a lof of fun. Boxing and tennis were my favorites. It was a good time with the Wii Console but i was a little bit sad that the Wii has no games like the PS3/XBox 360/PC.

I bought the Console only for FF7 Crisis Core and KH BBS. Later i bougt Dissadia. This was my first None-Nintendo Console and it was very funny to make things like listing music, Watching Videos and Downloading Demos and Themes, which wasnt impossible with the Nintendo DS.

I bougt the console one a Christmas Sale. Later i bought games like FF13, Okami, Uncharted, Naruto Ultimate Ninjastorm etc. I used the PS3 as DVD/Bluray Player.

Nintendo 3DS/New Nintendo 3DS:
Yes bougt this console. The price with 250 Bucks was to high for my so i decied to wait for a pricecut. When Nintendo Annouced that everyone who have a 3DS and used the Eshop until 12 August to get 10 GBA and 10 NES games, i searched througt the hole Internet to find a cheap price for the 3DS. Luckely i found a site that sell the 3DS with the pricecut before the 12 August. So i ordered and was nervous about the shippingtime, but later i got it and saved the games. From the beginning i bought 2011 Zelda OOT remake and 2012 KH DDD, but later i bought more and more Games and i used the E-Shop to download Demos. The 3DS was one of my most used Console. Today i have plenty games and it tooks time to play them all. The most used App on my 3DS is Streetpass. I like the idea to collect Miis from strangers. Until now i have ober 3000 Meetings. Its very sad that the Switch have not such a feature.

Later when my 3DS has begone to stop working i bought the new3DS with Xenoblade 3D.

When the WiiU was announced i was not very interested. I took my time and waited for which games to appear for the WiiU. Later 2014 i bougt the WiiU with Smash, Bayonetta 1+2 and Lego City Undercover. The Games were very good and later i bougt Super mario 3D World, Zelda and Darksiders 1+2. I dont understand why Nintendo Forced Wiiu User to used it. Even cant get in the menu if i dont have the pad and this is the reason why i like the Console not so much.

Okay it belong to on of my relatives, but none of them used it so i used.
The Firsttime i saw the trailer i thougt im dreaming, it was so cool. On the Switch i played Nintendo Stuff like Smash, Mariokart. I bought for this console many thirdparty games like Darksouls, Rayman, etc. I like the Switch because i can play at home on my TV or i take it outside and play with the Switch when go to my work. This is the reason why i love the Console and the console is regionfree. Okay the Joycons Stick there are little bit cheap but when i has the drift Nintendo repair it with out a singel fee. The another bad side is that many games who have more as 16 GB are only avaible on the Eshop.

Yes i use my PC to play Games. But are games like Counterstrike, Bioshook and Stuff like World of Warships etc. It was a special experiance, when i bought my PC i only had Nintendo Consoles.


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3ds and Switch.

Used to own a GB Pocket, GB color and Nintendo DS. But they all stopped working.

I also had a Wii U for like 2 weeks before deciding that i hated it and sold it for way less than i should've.

Oh and my brother forced me to buy a Playstation 2, but the damn thing never worked.


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i got a few of them but 2 are broken/unreliable old 3ds hinge cracked, red ring original XBOX.
GB (BW colors)
2ds, old 3ds, new 3ds
switch 1x
xbox, and xbox 360.


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Game cube was my first console and it was really cool I have fond memorys over this.

Xbox 360 I remember how much I played Lego Star Wars the complete saga on that as a kid.

Wii I actually still have it and I’ve probably put the most hours into this system I love it so much.

Dsi My first portable console and man was this thing fun.I played so many games on this thing I’m so mad I have it to my friend once I got a 3 ds.

OG Xbox I found a old original Xbox in my garage that belonged to my dad and it still worked.I mainly used it as a DVD player but had a few agents for it.

3Ds I got a 3 ds but a year later it broke for some reason.I still have it and am very upset that it won’t work.I only had two games for it Pokemon Y and Super Mario 3D land.

Dsi XL since I have away my old dsi I got this cheap XL for a reasonable price and got some games for it too

2Ds I got this after my 3ds broke and still own it.It was fun replaying all the old Pokémon games on it.

Super Nintendo just a classic edition console.I didn’t spend too many hours on this but still own it.

Xbox one.Prosbly one of my most used consoles currently I play stuff like Battlefront 2 (Send me a pm of you want my gamer tag) and other games on it

Switch my newest console I love this thing.This and my Xbox one are my most used consoles and the only ones I use frequently.

Also I think I used to own a play station 3 and 4 but can’t remember which one.


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In active use I have a 3DS (Lite and New models) and a Switch.

Also have a DS Lite, Wii, GameCube, Nintendo 64 and PlayStation 2 which are all in storage.
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personally i find the portable handheld systems are killers when it comes to older conventional systems. the DS systems cut the XBOX 360 time, the switch killed it the rest. i also predicted this result but i still chose to get the handheld systems in the end for the games they offered.