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What game did you get your first shiny Pokémon in?


Canada Connoisseur
Since you don’t count the red Gyarados in G/S/C and HG/SS as that’s part of the story, the first game I genuinely encountered a shiny in was Black (the original). I was training my team on Route 10 for the Elite 4 when I stepped into a patch of rustling grass, and a shiny Audino appeared. I actually remember being like: “OMG! A SHINY?!?! I have to catch it!” And I obviously did, not caring that it was something as common as an Audino. I still have it, it’s in one of my PC boxes.

Despite all that, I’m actually kind of indifferent about shinies. The only thing that’s different about them is the colour. I’m not one of those shiny fanatics who spends hours running around doing ‘chaining’ or whatever that is. Shinies are rare, and I believe they should stay that way. It makes them a bit more special.


To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before.
Staff member
Silver version. It was a female Pidgey. Sadly I don't have her anymore :(.


Crimson Dragon
heart gold, a random hasty nature shiny seel that i still keep to this day.


Novice Shiny Hunter
Pokemon XD, a shiny Aron. Unfortunately it was before I knew exactly what Shinies were and how rare they are. I didn’t even realize I had it until I was looking over all my Pokemon before starting a new save file, briefly wondering if it had red eyes because it was female, and then restarting without a care. To this day I’m still kicking myself over it.


Veteran member
Shouldn't this be in the general shiny forum. Eh, whatever.
  • First shiny, period: I was only introduced to shiny Pokemon because of this website. So I looked at shinies, saw Spoink's, and searched for it in Sapphire a couple hours until I got it
  • First random shiny: Either Machoke or Golbat in my Leaf Green. The earliest shiny I remember precisely getting, however?
  • First Safari Zone shiny: OK, it's more like the Pastoria Great Marsh in Platinum, but the principle is the same and I got a shiny Quagsire by random. I remember it precisely, missing the first Pokeball but getting it on the second try. Unfortunately my starter was Piplup so I couldn't use it or risk losing coverage, but in hindsight given I had trouble getting a sixth team member I probably should've used it anyway
  • First event shiny: Raikou, Entei and Suicune as Gen 4 was coming to an end
  • First soft reset shiny: I believe it was Rayquaza in Pokemon Ruby. Possibly Cobalion instead in either Black 2 or White 2, but I'm not sure there
  • First Masuda Method shiny: A Mudkip in Alpha Sapphire or Omega Ruby
  • First radar shiny: Do DexNav count? If so, it was Porygon on one of the mirage locations
  • First SOS shiny: Unintentional, but it was a Chansey while level grinding to complete the Pokedex in Pokemon Ultra Sun


Canada Connoisseur
Pokémon Ruby, a shiny Seedot. Coincidentally enough, the first shiny I found on Pokémon Ultra Sun was actually a Nuzleaf.

That was kind of a nice way of completing the full circle. ;)

Silver version. It was a female Pidgey. Sadly I don't have her anymore :(.

The original Silver or SoulSilver? G/S/C were notorious for their batteries that kept running out and wiping out saved games.
Gonna use RedJirachi's format cause it's fun~
-First shiny: The first one I encountered was a shiny Tangela in Pokemon Gold ...while having no pokéballs. The first one I got was a shiny Rapidash my cousin caught in FireRed and cloned for me on Emerald and the first one I actually caught myself was a shiny Dugtrio on Pokemon Diamond.

-First random shiny caught: Said Dugtrio in Pokemon Diamond while training a Mew.

-First Safari shiny: I'm not sure about this one, I think it was Pupitar in the friend safari in Pokemon Y. I started safari hunting when on a holiday and caught quite a lot of shinies in there during that period.

-First shiny event: Entei. I missed the Raikou one but caught one last summer in Ultra Sun.

-First Soft Reset shiny: Lugia in Alpha Sapphire. I've started seriously SR'ing for shiny legends about half a year ago in Ultra Sun though.

-First Masuda Method shiny: Shiny Pidgey in Pokemon Y. I actually missed it hatching and only noticed it while releasing a batch of MM rejects, luckily I noticed it in time.

-First radar shiny: I suck and chaining, especially in the gen 4 games and never caught a shiny using this method.

-First SOS shiny: As with the friend safari shinies, I've caught quite a lot of shinies using this method so I'm not sure but I think it was a Bounsweet in Pokemon Moon. It definitely was among my first ones.

Shiny Venusaur

Internet Relic
First shiny I ever got was a male Slugma in Pokemon Silver. Unfortunately I do not have it as there was no way to connect Gen2 games to Gen3, and then the battery in my game died. On technicality, my first shiny would be Articuno as the one I transfered from my Red version to Silver was shiny, and obviously that was caught prior to Gold and Silver coming out. That Articuno is and will be the rarest shiny I probably ever will get.

Cat's Eye Draco

Well-Known Member
My first shiny was a Zubat in LeafGreen. I probably saved over that file not long afterwards (I usually started a new game as soon as I'd beaten the E4 back then), so I don't still have it, but that's okay. Shinies have never interested me that much, to be honest. (Mostly because 90% of the time I find that I like the original coloring better.)


To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before.
Staff member
That was kind of a nice way of completing the full circle. ;)

The original Silver or SoulSilver? G/S/C were notorious for their batteries that kept running out and wiping out saved games.
The original. The latter is eventually what happened. :( It lasted a long time though, so I appreciated the shinies I had on it. Glad that Nintendo/Game Freak released the games digitally so I could play it again.


Team Awesome
A shiny kricketune in Diamond. I still remember how much joy I felt when I saw it. I had played Ruby Sapphire and Emerald so much, restarting them a bunch of times, hoping to get a shiny, but never finding one, then a shiny kricketune shows up by random in my fourth game. :)

Captain Jigglypuff

Leader of Jigglypuff Army
I caught a Shiny Nidoran Male after head butting a tree in Crystal. I think that was my first legit Shiny not found in a ROM or programmed to be Shiny all the time like the Red Gyrados. I don’t have it anymore.


I got my first shiny, a Tentacool, on a water route in Emerald. Still have it, currently on Omega Ruby.


The Scruffy Professor
Gold. I remember reading a forum post waaaaaaaaaaaaaay back when Gold and Silver had just come out about a "weird coloured Bellsprout" someone found outside Vermilion (route 6 I believe...?). No one in my school really knew what shiny pokemon were so we were all just like tf you mean weird coloured Bellsprout???

That evening after less than 5 minutes of walking through grass I literally just happened to come across a shiny Bellsprout and IMMEDIATELY had to call everyone on the house phone and tell them. Looking back now knowing how goddamn unlikely that was makes me appreciate it even more.


Veteran member
First shiny per generation?
  • Gen III: Spoink
  • Gen IV: Quagsire
  • Gen V: Swadloon
  • Gen VI: Hitmontop(trade), Nosepass(random)
  • Gen VII: Pelipper


Eh, ragazzo!
Sans Red Gyarados, Odd Egg, or traded shinies?

Geodude from Fire Red.


pain in the ***
-First shiny: A floatzel in Diamond while trying for a shuckle for my dex on route 223. The shuckle was being elusive. I ran into this weird, pale, sparkly floatzel and my actual reaction was "wtf is this??" I did catch it, though, and later that night one of my friends explained what it actually was I'd caught. Still have it, moved up to Y

-First random shiny caught: Same floatzel. Second was a pink darumaka found in Black 2 while looking for scraggy in the desert area

-First Safari shiny: Don't even remember. Might have been an illumise in the friend safari. You couldn't pay me to safari hunt in the old games where the shinies can run away

-First shiny event: That I got on my own? Zygarde. I do have the event palkia somewhere, but it was third-hand and probably a clone. I don't live near any of the distribution centers and none of the shiny events have been through wi-fi

-First Soft Reset shiny: Regice in Black 2

-First Masuda Method shiny: Magikarp in Black 2 XD I really, really wanted a red gyarados of my own, and it's still one of my favorite shinies

-First radar shiny: I don't pokeradar; I suck at it

-First SOS shiny: Rockruff in Sun