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what gym had you frustrated

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the second gym cause i did not get a starly and i picked turtwig but luckily i had a charmeleon that would not obey by the way for all the people who had problems with the 3rd gym get someones torterra and EQ lucario

Hyper Shadow

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the seventh gym was a little diffucult for me.


Maylene because I didn't know Lucario was half steel type(found that out after I had my own). I ended up beating the water leader first then her.


Arc Arsenal
Crasher Wake's Gym in Pastoria kinda frustrated me, I remember.. it was mostly the Elite Four that terrified/beat me up. I faught with all 3 starters throughout the game, so the gym leaders aren't too bad, if you have the right level and enough HP items.


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Everey gym was easy for me becuse by the time I got to the Elite 4 I had pokemon in ther 70s becuse I few pokemon and Trained them at least 5 - 10 lvs before each gym.The hardest for Infernape(Got right after etera gym)Was the strongest pokemon even one close combat would kill a gayrados halphway.I would say that the ghost gym was hard.Even though Infernape was Lv 49 and the only reson I lost was lack of PP Low HP Asleep had no items.I beat her anyways.


Team Armageddon
no of the gyms fustrated me it was the elite four!! mainly Lucians Bronzong because Mr Mime used Light Screen so Fire moves were useless and it kept doing Calm Mind
None of them actually.
My pokemon had such high levels that I thought I could take the Elite four.
Boy, was I wrong...


Slip slidin'
Number six. Here's the story.

After leveling up my Croagunk in his gym and other annoying places to develop a Manene/Croagunk strategy thinking he would use, you know, STEEL TYPES, I finally get to the top of the gym and what does he go and use first? That freaking Hell demon Bronzor. I spent an hour and a half screaming at my DS after that because I had to switch out Greggle and use Kricketune, who's Sing just would. not. hit. Meanwhile, Reflect has worn off, the thing has pwn'd Kermit, and I haven't done a thing to him. So it all went downhill from there.

Eventually it ended. The whole team died, I sceamed some more, I black out, and then we heal and head back to the Gym with more Revive on hand. Things went better this time. I planned ahead for his Bronzor and of course he didn't use it, so he that advantage over me and took out another pokemon or two and wasted several turns, but eventually I got back on track and managed to knock out Steelix (who was a piece of cake with Manene+Greggle) and the demon thing, and then he brings out this darn tank-looking guy. I whale on him repeatedly with my usual big hitters, which does nothing at all. Eventually they all end up fainted and I'm left with only Manene. Against this giant dinosaur-thing.

The matchup actually looked kinda funny in a bizzare, sad, sort of way, but believe it or not, Manene was the most effective out of my whole team against him, mostly because he used a Special attack and had Reflect to protect himself. It was a pretty intense battle, and right at the end it looked like poor Geordi was dead meat - but then I discovered that Psybeam has the added effect of possible confusion. Nice. So dino has two hits left on him and doesn't hit Geordi. Geordi hits dino and it looks like the win is ours! Until... Rock Slide. Bugger.

So I scream some more, heal again, and rush back with still more revive. And long story short, with a little calming down and the hard-earned knowledge of Byron's strategy, I beat him on the third try thanks to Kricketune's handily defeating the Hell Demon with a well placed combo of Sing/Screech/X-Scissor. The end.

The other gyms were all easy.

Reign G

Roggen and Rolan
Diamond: The Ghost Gym in Hearthrome mostly, since I had a Torterra and, for some reason, my Earthquake wouldn't hit any of her Pokemon, not just Drifblim.

In Pearl, the Eterna Gym. Prinplup is not a good choice against a Roserade, even one that knows Peck...I'm scared for the Sunyshore Gym now, there...

I hated the Steel Gym because of all the Bronzors. I hate fighting Bronzors! And the Bronzong in the E4 didn't help. Anyway, Steel is extremely weak to Ground, I made sure to check that before going in. So I try Earthquake on Bronzor. And what do you know-It has freaking Levitate and all my other attacks are Not Very Afefctive against it! It was muche asier in Pearl with Empoleon's Blizzard, but still...


I beat the gyms fairly easily, though i got visously exterminated when i stepped up to cynthia(i was lovin' her looks though)


Park Master Loki
#6, OH THE AGONY! ALL THE STEEL TYPE TRAINERS THAT MY TORTERRA WAS NO GOOD AGAINST! I eventually had to trade over my japanese lv 68 infernape.


ghost freak
i had no problems. my torterra basically plowed through the entire game, gym leader-wise. The only switch i had to make was vs candice. i did not pay attention and made the mistake of thinking rock climb was a rock move. i had to rely on my sneasel for the pure power then drifblim for medicham. basically, everything else was torterra. second gym was done with bite.


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Well, the gym that had me frustrated is the Seventh Gym. Candice's Abomasnow. Because it always panics and uses Avalanche. It's really evil and annoying. EVIL AND ANNOYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-eon master _456


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pokemon, linkin park's new album, evanessecence and MCR ARE ALL EMO EXTREME
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