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what gym had you frustrated

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation IV Discussion' started by warnerbroman, Apr 23, 2007.

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  1. Firas

    Firas Member

    seriously, the gyms were really easy,
    i have about 200 hours in my game
    and 50 was put into the gyms and E4
  2. Balthier

    Balthier New Member

    im having trouble with the third i can take down all except the lucario ownz my whole team
  3. ~*Sailor Satun*~

    ~*Sailor Satun*~ *~*Water Prince*~*

    I had no problems. Gyms are always easy.
  4. El D

    El D Dem foos is stoned

    I absolutely destroyed every gym, but they could'nt even hit me hard enough to KO any of my Pokemon.(exept that dumb little abra I trained when I realized that Gengar was SO much of a better adition to my team) The 4th gym I destoryed, i OHKOed Quagsire and Gyrados then beat Floatzel with My Floatzel, took a few crunches but done in the end. And the 8th I destroyed the whole gym with Gabite alone. but the leaders Octillery was actually hard, the rest (apart from that dumb double temaing Ambipom who tried to Baton pass when his team was DEAD) were OHKOed. still though the most frustrating moment was the 3rd gyms puzzle. that actually had me stumped...but the leader was easy.

    Also I must be some kind of weird because my aveourite puzzle was the ice one! It made me forgive Game freak for that evil ice puzzle from G/S/C.
    Last edited: Aug 6, 2007
  5. blazenken

    blazenken dragon claw

    1st gym cake
    2nd gym hell
    3rd gym cake
    4th gym cake
    5th gym hell
    6th gym easy
    7th gym annoying
    8th gym ok
  6. I owned them all on the first try so I'm going to say 7 since the puzzle was annoying
  7. leonheart

    leonheart Member

    i didn't have any problems really with any of them. i guess i'd say the 6th gym. not choosing Chimchar at the start (chose Turtwig), i didn't have a fire type in my team for Bronzor, and i just hate fighting that thing, seeing as fire is it's only weakness. why i don't have a fire type i don't know, but whatever, i'm coping.

    as for puzzles, hated the 7th puzzle. mainly because i couldn't figure out what i had to do at all. when i finally managed to figure it out, it was easy.
  8. pokekid1

    pokekid1 The First Pokékid

    You guys had trouble with gyms. The only problem I had with gyms is my pokemon running out of PP. My turtwig breeze through all of them so easy even with a type advantage. Although I was a dumb noob back then and all I did was train turtwig and gave it useless moves. Now I'm restarting and hoping I have a real challenge, some problems and a real team. If your wondering it will be Luxray, Staraptor, Gastrodon, Starter Fully Evolved, Roserade, and Gyarados
  9. Elementman-Novapoke

    Elementman-Novapoke Well-Known Member

    All of the battles were easy for me, but the 7th and 8th puzzles were the hardest ones.
  10. cloudk

    cloudk hates you.

    No problems at all. But the 7th gym puzzle had me puzzled.
  11. Ludicodaniel

    Ludicodaniel <-If only it was red

    I hated the 5th gym!

    At lv 30, I got beaten. Sure, I got haxxed. Drifblim's first Ominous wind boosted stats, makeing my Vespiquen toast., but, after 2 rather weak routes, Water lv 30's suddenly change into OWNING lv 32-> 36 Ghosts! Mismagius had stupid special attack, and Gengar was stupidly fast, and had stupid attack.

    The 7th gym's puzzel was annoying, but I OHKO'ed Abomasnow with my lv 37 Luciro's Fighting moves, and OWNED the rest. The only foe that actually took a hit was Medicham, from my Luciro's Shadow Claw.
  12. Evil Goomba

    Evil Goomba Elmavid

    The first one cause the first time i did it my chimchar haddent evolved and i starly wasent very helpful...
  13. DieChavsDie

    DieChavsDie Well-Known Member

    I dont have the game yet, but judging with the pokemon I like in DP, I think Ill have problems with:

    4- I like the Ground types. Plus ill be using Turtwig
    5- Everyone complains about this one
    7- Most of the pokemon I like are weak to Ice
  14. Daaku JJ

    Daaku JJ Well-Known Member

    None of them actually, they were all pretty easy...
  15. Djura

    Djura 99% chance to hit

    The gyms were easy. I never lost in any of them.
  16. creepcakes

    creepcakes ad nauseam

    I didn't really have problems with any of the gyms, I also found the 7th gym puzzle fairly simple as well.
  17. Yukie

    Yukie Tingle Cherry?

    Well Candice, the ice gym trainer girl thingy got me pretty mad, and her dumb puzzle, wasn't hard but got me mad as well.

    I think that's about it.
  18. Hakajin

    Hakajin Obsessive Shipper

    Only the third gym. My Pokemon were ahead in level though, because I had been EV training them.
  19. legendary pkm master

    legendary pkm master Water Pokemon Master

    honestly i never really struggled with any gym leaders because i spent alot of time training before any gym so i was always like 10 levels ahead so i was good
  20. meh

    meh suave

    3rd all the way
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