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what gym had you frustrated

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Forretress Fan

Let's Go
Volkner and Candice's Gym Puzzles took me a while, but If you sit down the DS and think its simpler than just trying anything.
Bryon is the only Gym Battle that I had to try twice.


Gym 1-Turtwig razor leaf
Gym 2-Staravia wing attack
Gym 3-Staravia aerial ace
Gym 4-Torterra razor leaf and Pachirisu discharge
Gym 5-Torteera crunch
Gym 6-Torterra earthquake and Staraptor close combat
Gym 7-Staraptor close combat
Gym 8-Torterra earthquake and Palkia spacial rend

Easy Peasy for me!


Explorer of Time
I could NOT get past Volkner. (starter: piplup second best: luxray at the time) It took me a lot of training to get Luxray strong enough to beat him.


Well-Known Member
I only had trouble with the puzzle in volkners and candices gyms. I had to do the second and third gyms over though. Bad typing choices for those gyms. then my prinplup learned brine.


Hey! Listen!
Gym 1-Mach punch
Gym 2-Ember
Gym 3-Confusion, Mach punch
Gym 4-Toxic, Extrasensory... Stuff.
Gym 5-Flame wheel x2, Crunch, Extrasensory
Gym 6-Surf, Extra sensory, Close Combat
Gym 7-lol Infernape
Gym 8-?

Jounin Elite

Well-Known Member
Pastoria's gym had me runnning around in circles for a good 10 minutes D:<.


I never really had problems with the Gym's, though i remember little of my first 24 hours in the game..=[ I remember i just trained a lot!

Full Metal

I only had a few problems with the 7th. Only took me 3 or 4 tries though, might have been a little more. My Pokemon were all under-leveled for every gym except the first and second. Even with the E4 and only mid-40 Pokemon, I only had to reset twice to beat Aaron, none for the second girl (was ground I think), once for Flint, maybe 5 or 6 times for the psychic guy, and maybe another 5 or 6 times for Cynthia. Considering my Pokemon were poorly typed and 20 levels below where they should have been, I think this game might have been too easy. :p


Champ In The Making
Crasher Wake's gym ticked me off seriously.

Tyranitar trainer

Back for a bit
The ice gym ..... the puzzle was EVIL


<Insert Title Here>
because i had piplup the very first gym was extremely easy. so i under rated the second gym and didn't train for it so it took me a few tries


The One and Only
i didn't have many problems with gyms, but the one that gave me the most trouble would be the ice one. for some reason, the odds were with her and i kept freezing.
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