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What happened to Nando?

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Hav you noticed that apart from RIGHT at the start of the DP series we've not seen Nando? When we first saw him we thought Dawn's male rival but he's dissapeared. Wazzupwithdat?


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Darkai got him.


Actually we got an update on his progress fairly recently. It looks like he might make it into the Grand Festival after all. Just that we haven't physically seen him around the group in ages.

I think its kinda funny how the beginning of DP built him up as if he was going to be this major rival to both Ash and Dawn, and that we would see him competing in Contests and Gyms...and he completely disappears.

I do think he'll re-appear at the Grand Festival, since he's probably the one who will win it and come home with the trophy.


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At least Kenny was rescued from completely falling into the infinetely bottomless hole known as the Plothole. With Nando and his small appearance in the anime is like searching for him with a searchlight, finding him, and then saying that they will come back for him later but then the actually forgot to come back to get him. I wouldn't be surprised to see him pop up in the Grand Festival and give a three mintue speech about his adventures, so we could see that he wasn't that lost after all.

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I do say that they kind of ditched him since we don't see him in the show anymore. I think we won't see Nando until the Grand Festival and the Sinnoh League.


I liked Nando, too. I can't believe they ditched him...

You know, I haven't seen Zoey in a while either....


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He;s off contemplating about whether or not he made the right decision about what to do in his life. Most likely in a forest where other Grass and Bug Types live.


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You know, I haven't seen Zoey in a while either....


Zoey's been seen fairly recently in Japan. She appeared back in Snowpoint City and stayed around a few episodes.



Oh, I guess you have a valid point.

Where is he?

Probably in Sinnoh, battling Gym Leaders and beating Contests.


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Nando is in the same place that the dub version of Zatch Bell and Naruto are.....


He's the Robert of Sinnoh. Appearing in the first episodes, never appearing again (although he had a cameo in DP106) until the GF and winning it.


He's winning Sinnoh ribbons and possibly Sinnoh gym badges off-screen. He has 4 ribbons but I don't know how many badges he has right now since they haven't mentioned that. I guess he'll make an appearance during the Sinnoh Grand Festival.
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Nando.... Nando.... do you mean Naoshi? I TOTALLY forgot about him. I wonder if he's still alive.....


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I agree, he is like the Robert of Sinnoh. Come across as incredibly skilled in his first episode and then disappear until the GF and the League. He's still around, we just haven't seen him in person.


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If he's not going to appear often, then more than likely he'll arrive for the GF to win. Like Robert, I agree about that.

Plus, if he's going to be in the league, you can see why he's been ofscreen for sometime.


Nando should come back! He was a nice touch to Dawn's contest battles.

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Awww...I completely forgot about Nando. It does seem that they've forgotten about him. He would've been a good rival for both Ash and Dawn. As everyone else has commented, I assume he'll show up in the Grand Festival, along with taking home the trophy.


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...Who is Robert?

Robert was this one blonde guy who won the Hoenn Grand Festival. And also helped Ash's Snorunt evolve into Glalie. After the GF, and during the after party, he went on to train for the next GF.

Sounds like a lot what Nando's going to do.
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