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What happened to the Serebii online chat?

Discussion in 'Serebii.net Discussion' started by Aleksandir, Feb 2, 2018.

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  1. Aleksandir

    Aleksandir New Member


    I am a bigtime pokefan since the release of red on the big brick gameboys.

    My favorite games were 4th gen. I remember the serebii chat being alive at all hours of the day and even late at night. There was always someone to compete with in ou battles and during primetime i remember there being hundreds of people each night trading poke and battling.

    I did not play endgame seriously in gen 5 or 6. But have returned to gen 7 a week ago and was planning on going all out breeding teams and battling and trading.

    Now when i click on the chat there are like 10 people there and no one talks.

    What happened? :c

    My endgame experience is completely tied to being able to chat with people and get trades and battles almost immediately.

    Has pokemon died off that much? That doesn't make sense. Does no one chat anymore?

    Where can i find the same type of thing where hundreds are chatting and trading?

    Before i could start a new game and find someone to evolve trade with near instantly. Now I'm sitting here with an Electabuzz and no one to evolve it to :c

    Makes me want to finish the story asap and give up on endgame if i can't have people available to have a solid ou battle with...

    :C is there a new chat people hang out at??
  2. Kirby

    Kirby ʘ‿ʘ Staff Member Admin

    I haven't been on IRC in years but I'd suggest trying the newer Discord chat. The trade chat just had activity as of 4 minutes ago. I'd also suggest downloading the Discord app if you haven't already. PM me if you have anymore questions.
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