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What Have I Done?

Discussion in 'Non-Pokémon Stories' started by Pikalika55, Mar 1, 2013.

  1. Pikalika55

    Pikalika55 Don't hate the mushy

    Okay, first off, this is going to be a fandom type of fanfic. The fandom is Invader Zim/JTHM (I'm only going to really have one chapter that has anything to do with Johnny and his shennanigans, but I guess I should just say this straight out in order to save myself the time later).

    Rating: ...PG-13 ...ish? It'll have some minor swearing, and occasional violence, but it shouldn't be too bad. ...I hope.

    It's been a while hasn't it? Oh boy... I hope I said everything I needed to say. That "Please Read" sticky was a bit of a doozy.

    Living in uncertain circumstances, the world around me is in disarray. People are breeding stupid, with more stupid, creating redundantly stupid and moronic stupidness. Anyway, I digress, it's fine. I'm just a normal kid trying to climb his way out of the crowds of horridly empty common sense. Seeing as I really don't have a choice, I'm going to have to get through these years of school until I can get out of here. I'm sure I can turn this all around though. Maybe strange events will occur? Something entertaining, both mind, and body. Something... read indeed the hours of my days coming towards me like an oncoming truck, in the restless traffic of the city.


    Chapter 1: Skool Time... FOR KIDS!

    A lovely Friday morning it was; I was on my way to school, actually misspelled 'Skool' if you can believe that, when suddenly this weirdo bumps into me, making me drop the book that I was reading. Looking over at him I notice he's some kind of green skinned... child? His clothes were a strange striped purple color, with fitting black pants and shoes that seemed to go together as an admixture of sorts. I wasn't quite sure what to make of his hair though as it was a slick black color that seemed to gloss unnaturally in the ill stricken sunlight.

    "Come on..." I moaned, picking up my book, which was ironically called 'Peace of Mind'.

    "Oh, I'm so sorry, smelly child of earth." He uttered to me, as if he wasn't from this planet or something to that effect. His voice was notably nasal.

    I gave him a kind of side glare as he continued to the 'Skool'. I shrugged, and thought nothing of it as I continued the rest of the walk to the dry and soiled entrance. The school was simple: a fence surrounded the perimeter, a very articulated and somewhat discouraging playground occupied the space between the fence and school. The hallways were unclean to say the least, and had a strange odor to them- like something had died here, but had decayed fully and all that was left were the bones and hungry maggots behind. Not a deteriorating smell that stops you from even thinking, but an odor nonetheless.


    I wasn't expecting a spectacular experience here, so I just sighed to myself as the somewhat blank expressions on my peers passed me by as I entered the classroom. No real knowledge- er, more just a 'dry' run of being knowledgeable. They all seemed to accept that school was mundane and slow. Still, knowledge is power, power is useful. Besides, all I really have is knowledge...

    Anyway, my classmates seemed to avoid sitting in the front row. Only two people sat in that row: That green kid, and some large headed boy, sitting at opposite ends of the row. Basically, they occupied the top corners if looking to the front towards the teacher’s desk. Inevitably, I sat in a front row desk, as the other rows were full already. The seat was closest to the window, next to the big headed kid in which case he promptly looked at me with an intrigued expression.

    I looked over, and he spoke to me, "You're new here, huh?"

    I looked him over for a second, and said, "Uh... Yeah, I am, I guess?" I was a bit bewildered by the noticeable amount of intelligence he seemed to radiate. I didn't know WHAT he was knowledgeable about; I just knew that he was thinking- deeply and thoroughly.

    "I'm Dib-"

    Suddenly, a kid from behind me tapped my shoulder and whispered to me, "Don't bother with him, he's a bit ka-ray-zee." I only nodded, and looked back at Dib.

    Dib was a strange looking kid, and stood out from the others. He had black hair that appeared to spike up, and against gravity it would then spike backwards creating a sort of exaggerated cowlick that lay parallel to his head. He wore a jarring black trench coat and blue shirt under it that had a little grey face design as its main part.

    "My name is Vic." I told him, ignoring the warning I was given. I'm going to give everyone the benefit of the doubt... for now.

    He leans over to me, and says, "That green kid over there, he's an alien!"

    I could hear a kid behind me utter "Aw, here it goes..."

    I only looked at Dib for a second with a look of disbelief, and then looked over at the green kid, who was inspecting something peculiar on his desk, but I couldn't quite make it out.

    I looked back a Dib, "Uh... What evidence do you have? Other than his green skin, of course."

    He looked at me as if about to say something, and then gasped yelling, "V! Look out!" I instinctively ducked my head, to which that object that was on the green kid's desk flies over me as if thrown.

    I look up, to find Dib quickly searching for the object in vain. I look back at the green kid, who was veiling an innocent expression over his vindictive disposition towards Dib. It was pretty clear, that shot was aimed at Dib, whatever that object was.

    "Did anyone else just see that!?" Dib yelled to the class.

    All I could hear were murmuring voices saying things like "Dib, you do this everyday!" or "Shaddup Dib, nobody cares!" I actually felt sorry for him.

    The green kid chuckled to himself, and then spoke at Dib across the room, "Dib, how can you make such accusations? I am ZIM!! CLEARLY NOT AN ALIEN!" He seemed to exaggerate his words as he stood on his desk. Just as quickly as he rose though, he sat back down.

    Dib was about to say something when suddenly the teacher entered the room. Her hunched over, grey hair brought the classroom to a hush and sent chills up and down the rows.

    Her ancient voice spoke with command, "Dib! Siddown! We have a new student here with us today..." She gazed at me, her glasses seemed to glare at me in the flickering lights above her. "Come to the front of the class and introduce yourself!"

    I sighed to myself, and got up doing what I was told. Reluctantly I told the class my name and et cetera, et cetera. I didn't have anything special to say other than, "... I see the establishment clause is in order, Ms. Bitters." Glancing at her name plate on her desk I looked at the distanced and uninterested classmates staring blankly at me. My vain attempts to spur any sort of reaction lead me back to my desk.

    "Huh, what a learned insect you are." Her eyes lowered, and rose quickly at me. It didn't phase me though as she really couldn't cause any physical harm to me in any case. Legally that is. "Class, we're going to start off with some Math. Now take out a piece of paper and... something to write with."

    I pulled out a notebook from my small backpack I had on me. She seemed to loom over her desk in an inhuman manner. Something was wrong with her, and I probably wouldn't ever find out what. There was this manner about her that followed her every move she did that I just found horrendous and demeaning.

    She wrote a short polynomial equation on the board and said, "Does anyone know the answer to this?" There was something passive aggressive about her voice when she spoke. It's as if this was a trick or something.

    I found it pretty simple to answer, writing all the steps down in a neat organized manner on my page, making clean small letters and numbers. I looked around me to find that nobody really knew what they were doing (one kid using what looked like charcoal or something instead of a pencil), except Zim and Dib. They were still trying to figure it out, when I was already done.

    I rose my hand, and she snapped her boney hand in my direction instantly, saying with an affirmative tone, "What is it!?"

    "X equals 4."

    She looked at me with a somewhat surprised look - only for a second - and then said, "Hmpf. Yes, it is." I was half expecting her to say something else, but alas it was not so. She wrote another equation on the board; this one was definitely more difficult, but not impossible. It was an advanced equation of sorts with many mathematical expressions fit inside. I felt like this was for me, than anyone else. I could feel eyes staring at me as if I was some kind of focal point or something.

    Honestly, I couldn't tell you how, but I managed to get an answer. She snatched the paper out of my hand and read it with a sneering expression upon her face. I could feel her deep rooted hatred for children. She just wanted for me to be wrong. It radiated off of her like it was her libido. Okay, maybe not like a libido, but just this fire that couldn't be started when attempted to ignite from such acts.

    I looked around as she read the page to herself. What I saw was children's eyes just staring at me with intrigued expression and some slight awe. Even Zim appeared to be slightly impressed, that is until he noticed I saw him, in which he rolled his eyes promptly.

    Ms. Bitters had finished looking it over, and said with reluctance, "...Correct." She made a low groaning sound in disgust at my own prowess. "Don't expect any special treatment from me. The school year is only beginning, and there are no honors programs running due to low funding..." She glared at me one last time before moving onto teaching how to do that first polynomial math equation.


    The day moved forward to lunch/recess. Of course, lunch was first, and I had prepared a sandwich for myself in order to avoid having to buy any of the absolutely horrid food the school prepared. I have no idea WHAT was in the food there, but it wasn't edible. It was brown, and it bubbled with gasses from bacteria, I'm sure of it.

    The cafeteria, an equally dirty and musty place full of gloomy lighting. The windows were horizontally barred and curved up to the ceiling on the one side of the room. Tables with seating were placed in two rows for plenty of room for the children to sit and eat whatever that it is they were eating. At the opposite end from the windows was the line to get the food and pay for it at the end. It really was a standard for all schools to have it like this, but no school really has food this disgusting and repulsive.

    Only for an effort in familiarity, I sat at the same table as Dib and some purple haired girl. At the opposite end of the table, Zim reluctantly occupied the corner. I guess nobody liked him either. I can infer that Zim and Dib are enemies, but they do share common problems. Both being outcasts and what have you.

    As I smacked on the peanut butter sandwich, I pulled out a book to read onto the table.

    Dib looked over at me and said, "You're pretty smart, huh?" I looked up from my book, ironically called "Lord of the Fleis-The Damned".

    "Yeah, sure." I didn't really feel like talking, even though I couldn't avoid it. I made a small hand motion and spoke with reluctance in my facial expression, "It's not really a big deal. I'll just be floating around here doing whatever it is that needs to be done. So, whatever." I paused for a moment, and then set my hands on the table, fiddling with a corner of a page in my book. I then asked, "What's this about Zim being an alien again?" Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Zim look over with some strange glaring look.

    Dib looked at me with contempt, "I've been explaining this over and over now. He's green, his clothes. You have to be a complete moron not to notice his lack of ears... And that disguise is so... bad."

    "So he's an alien then?" I pushed his buttons a little bit, I'll admit. I found it quite amusing.

    "YES!" He angrily slammed his hands on the table, "He's an alien! How can you not possibly believe me! I mean, C'MON!!" Dib started to point at Zim with an accusing look, "He's green, and he has no ears, and, that get up! Please! You have to be the only one that can believe me!" I looked at Dib for a moment about to retort, but I was cut off.

    "You LIIIE!!" Zim was standing on his seat, pointing at Dib. It caught my attention at least. Anyone not sitting at my table just ignored him. He ran over to my side and said to me, "It's clearly a skin condition, is it not?"

    I looked him over with an unsatisfied look. Yeah, there WAS something off about him, but there was a lack of evidence for both parties. I wasn't going to blindly follow anyone's accusations.

    I looked at his gloved hands for a second and curiously asked, "What's up with the gloves?" Zim appeared to find this question very peculiar, as if he knew I was testing him.

    "Ah, these? Haven't you noticed how grotesque and disturbingly disgusting this city is? That is why I wear them." He gave a very convincing answer.

    Maybe a little TOO convincing. It's like he prepared an answer, or something. I wasn't buying a single word that green kid was saying. His actions were shifty, and off. Though, I won't jump the shark here. Maybe it was something different... Maybe Dib was onto something.

    "Don't listen to him! He's a big fat alien liar!" He had this growing aggravation that was very hard to ignore. He was definitely looking for some kind of clarity and verification with everyone who thought he was crazy.

    I looked at Dib with a small smirk on my face, knowing that Zim could not see my expression. "Dib, how can you possibly think that he's an alien? I've seen this skin condition before... It's very common in areas of South America and parts of Europe." My words were so convincing that even I believed them.

    "See Dib? I am ZIIIM!! The HUUUMAN!!!" He yelled out in his egotistical mannerism. By this point you'd think that all the screaming he does, his voice would be hurting, but apparently this was not so.

    "You know what, Zim!? You're a-"

    Before Dib could even finish, the girl next to him made an extremely loud groan, and yelled, "Would you two just SHUT UP before I rip out both of your voice boxes?!" I'd agree with her if I didn't find all of this so amusing. I mean, some egotistical green skinned kid with hidden purposes, and a kid with a possible mental condition, what's not to be amused?

    I slid over to the girl, so I would be directly across the table from her. Dib and Zim would start to grumble and stare at eachother angrily as they had lunch, or at least attempted to.

    "Are you a friend of Dib's or something?" I asked her. She seemed to know Dib, and well, she WAS the only one who would even sit near him.

    She looked up at me from her lunch. Her purple hair had sharp bangs on her forehead that made her look eerily dark. The way her hair was shaped on her head for some strange reason made it look very square shaped. Anyway, adding to the dark aura around her, she wore a dark black dress/shirt with a skull necklace. Her sleeves and stockings (?) were purple with dark purple horizontal stripes giving a sort of contrast to her whole look.

    There was this deterring feeling about her when she spoke, "I'm his unlucky sister. He and his stupid friend over there are always fighting and it drives me insaaaane. I always have to drag his stupid big head out of trouble because Dad's all 'Gaz! You have to look out for your crazy brother!'. Arugh!" She paused putting what was left of her garbage in a crumpled up ball, tossing it promptly into a nearby trash can with no real effort. "I guess you're that new kid everyone's talking about. Vic, or something...?" I nodded.

    "Eh, yeah." I felt this unpassively chilled air come over to my side of the table. She was... different from the rest of them. There was something about her that made me very pleased. Gosh, now THERE'S someone with an ounce of consciousness and a degree of smartness. "Your dad seems to think highly of you..." I smirked a little.

    She made a small groaning sound and said, "Whatever."

    The school bell rang, and the day shifted to recess.


    Outside, my classmates and I exited the Skool building out the lunch doors to the back where the playground.

    The playground consisted of some metal swings, jagged monkey bars and tower connected to it. The whole thing was just bare metal bars connected together with minimal work. It was very discouraging and yet kids still played on them, having a somewhat grand old time.

    I walked out with Gaz, who was trailing behind Dib and Zim -by the way- who were still bickering something about a piggy.

    I wanted to get a third party perspective on this whole alien thing with Dib and Zim. I'm sure it was just a rude nickname or something, making it seem like Dib means it. So, I asked her, "What's up with Dib and Zim anyway?"

    She sat on one of the cracked, concrete steps, and said, as I sat next to her, "Wouldn't you like to know." Her satirical remark cut through me like a scimitar.

    Making the inference here, I could see that she had this thing for cutting everybody down. It was like her libido- No, wait, that's not right; it was like her special mannerism that made this girl stand out from all the other numb-skulled dead brains around here.

    I laughed a little, out of my own ironic purposes, then said, "Well, if you would be so kind, Gaz."

    She sighed, and then turned to me, "...Fine. Zim is --"

    Before she could even finish that sentence, I heard Dib and Zim screaming at each other very obnoxiously. Their voices now louder than ever before.

    Gaz looked over at me, and said, "I've never seen them be so engaged in argument like that, though."

    At that moment, they both scoffed at each other, and walked their separate ways. Dib walked over to me and Gaz being that I was probably a friendly acquaintance to him by now.

    Dib asked me, taking out a small notepad, "Would you consider doing some reconnaissance of Zim's house, Vic?" Not what I expected to come out of his mouth, though it DID sound interesting.

    I decided to humor him, and agreed, "Sure. But, uh, why?" He looked at me in disbelief. Not that he was surprised I asked why, but more in apprehension towards my too quick of acceptance.

    "W-well, he's going to cook up a plan of action, I know it. I need an eye on the inside. He already destroyed all of my spy cameras, and upon further attempts to investigate, he's found me." He really was dead set on getting this done; I felt I couldn't say no now. "I just need you to somehow get -" Dib took a look at Zim who was leaning on the fence across the way.

    I spoke what he was about to say. "-Into his house. I could just ask him, something like, 'Hey! Zim, can I come over to do some homework with you?' Something like that." I knew exactly where he was going with this.

    I got something interesting going, I wondered how long it would last.

    "That's what I was thinking. Just think, you'll be saving the world!" His enthusiasm was hard to ignore.

    "Ooh! Are you gonna get some spy gadgets, Dib? Like in the movies?" Gaz blurted out in full sarcastic enthusiasm. Dib glared at her in brother-sister fashion.

    I turned to her, and softly spoke, "Look, I'm only doing this because it's something interesting. I don't really care about the saving the world part." She seemed to get where I was coming from with this selfish outlook, and gave me a small thumbs-up before getting back to her game she was playing on a handheld.

    "Be right back." I told Dib, as I got up.

    I made my small trek over to Zim who was thinking to himself while leaning forward on the chain-link fence. Either that, or he was looking at something on his arm. A watch, perhaps?

    I stopped some dirt brush forward. Zim quickly turned around and spoke, "Oh! Viiic! Just the FILTHY DIRT CHILD I wanted to see!!" His friendliness was completely jarring. "I was wondering, could you possibly come over my house later today, like 6?" He mumbled something to himself, and then jolted back to his attention on me. "So, waddya say, friend?" He had a dorky half smile on his face, and eyes closed, extending his hand out to me to shake hands.

    Either this was too easy, or there was something behind his action. Personally, I think the latter.

    There was something on his gloved hand that I couldn't quite make out, so in a quick thinking effort I grabbed his wrist instead, saying, "Of course, of course!" I let go and went to go back to Dib and Gaz when suddenly the bell rang to go back inside.

    Zim slapped my shoulder and spoke as he ran for the door, "Don't be late!!" He was still wearing that dorky expression on his face as he went which turned into for a split second, a mischievous one. It was as if I imagined it...

    End of Chapter One...

    [I hope this turned out okay. .__.''']
  2. Pikalika55

    Pikalika55 Don't hate the mushy

    This one was a fun one to make... I feel. Stuff gets real, and all of the truths are shown in one fell swoop. Yeah.

    (At first I didn't know that you can double-post/bump if you're the author O__o;; )

    Rating: PG

    Tell me what you think! I need that criticism yo!


    Chapter 2: The Truth, and all that Clarity!

    After school, I followed Dib and Gaz outside and we began to walk home together. We only had a few more hours until the conditions of our mission were to be met.

    The sidewalk we walked on was cracked and unclean. Grease stains and other horrors of a clean-freak's nightmare were the norm of any road around here. The city quickly led into suburbia. The houses were bunched together like slices of bread in a full loaf. There was literally no space between each house. So close in fact, if a door were to be put on each side of the house on the second floors, you could jump to the next house with absolutely no effort.

    Dib seemed so inspired and elated that someone was going to help him in his doings, whether they seemed crazy or not. I felt as though this was some kind of destiny. Though, what this destiny entails were unknown to me.

    We eventually reached Dib's house which sort of stuck out like a sore thumb. It was a blue-like color, with an extremely high-voltage electric fence around the front. It was so high-voltage that I could hear and see the bolts of electricity flowing through the wires connecting to each pole.

    Entering the house, I found it was two-stories tall with a living room on the right, and the staircase facing the front door. The living room led into the kitchen in the back. Surprisingly, I've found that their house is incredibly high tech and fully functional in all areas of technicality. I wasn't entirely sure what the technical parts entailed, but it seemed as though the house was engrossed in it. Expressing my feelings on this home, I had to say, it did feel homely even in the dull lighting that followed me wherever I went.

    As we walked through the fully furnished living room - which had a very large television- we made our way through the kitchen. Upon entering this kitchen, I saw an incredibly tall man (in comparison to my own height) that was looking through the fridge. He wore what looked like a white lab coat that obscured his mouth and glasses that obscured his eyes.

    I assumed it was Dib’s dad as the man turned around to see me. Gaz walked by pulling out something from the bottom of the open fridge.

    I didn't even say anything and he walked over, speaking in a very over-the-top tone, "Why hello there son! Is that another friend you've made there?" His hands was covered by a black rubber glove; he extended one to shake hands. I returned the favor.

    "Hello there, Mr-"

    "Dr. Membrane, the scientist!"

    I recognized him from his new television program REAL Science!!. That show is the only one I would dare watch. That is if I were to even watch television in the first place on this blasphemy ridden planet. I contained my slight excitement by saying, nonchalantly, "Oh, it's nice to meet you."

    Maybe I’d always thought he was pretty cool, but a little too crazy about science. Science to him was his libid- NO! ...Science was his thing, and he knew it extremely well, more than anybody I've ever known or heard of. Actually, I think he may be the ONLY one who cares about science. The world is just lacking people like him. He’s smart, clever, and radical in his line of work. I thought about the possibility of him being the embodiment of science. Since he’s the only one so deeply in love with it, one could assume it came from the lack there of in the rest of the world. It probably gave him such a fulfilling motivation. The last one standing: FOR SCIENCE! I amused myself with this thought.

    "Dad, Vic here is going to help me with something, so he might be here a while." Dib told him vaguely. He cleverly left out the whole "we're going on a reconnaissance to track and learn about what an alleged alien is doing" part. Honestly, I had to take everything he did with a grain of salt for now.

    Dr. Membrane kneeled down from his towering size to around my height and asked me, "Do your parents know where you are, little boy?" It was fatherly in a way, but somehow it just seemed rehearsed. It was as if he was just playing the part of a dad, or even related to begin with.

    "Given that my parents are usually on business trips every month, no they don't. I'm usually pretty okay though, so no need to worry about me." I gave the most honest answer I could... for the most part.

    Gaz stopped munching on her snack and added, "Dad, he's pretty smart. I think he'll be okay." She went back to her snack afterwards.

    The doctor stood up and said, "Well well! A fellow smarteneer! I hope you like science too!"

    Dib was getting anxious, "Dad! We're kinda busy!" He was tugging on my blue sleeve.

    I ignored him, "Yeah, it's pretty cool. I like how radioactive rubidium is; after all it IS an alkali earth metal! You of all people should know what I mean." All I could think of on the spot was the unstable alkali metal rubidium for his question.

    "Ahhh! Yes, rubidium!" He seemed to realize something about the element. "Son! You've got a genius by your side." He looked at his two children, "If you need me, I'll be in the lab downstairs." With that, he made a hasty retreat to a door around the corner.

    Dib pulled me into his room, which was located in the next hallway behind the kitchen. It consisted of three shaded circular windows, a closet blocked off by malleable posters of aliens and fictional creatures. Dib wasn’t kidding when he said he was a paranormal investigator as we walked in here. Anyway, in the back right corner parallel to his bed was a computer that seemed incredibly high-tech. There was this “rich” feeling I couldn’t shake about Dib as I noted the computer. Contrasting Dib’s enthusiasm, the computer was riddled with files, papers and what looked like obscure photos of something green with two distinct magenta dots on it. For some reason, it reminded me of Zim, but... why?

    He brought me over to his computer, turned it on and sat on the rolling desk chair. Dib pulled up some photos of the inside of a house, and told me, "This is his house-"

    I cut him off, "Wait, you have pictures of his house? Isn't that a little creepy?" This sudden feeling of deviant morals overwrote my following of his plans.

    "W-well... Wait, I thought you believed me!" He was upset about my question.

    "I didn't say I believed you. I mean, you've yet to show me any proof."

    "I'm telling you, he IS an alien! If you don't believe me, then this mission will und-" He seemed distracted by something on my shoulder. "Is that...?" His hand reached for embedded in my flesh. He immediately plucked it out, "What!? How did he get this screw...thingy in your shoulder?!"

    I rubbed my shoulder and was suddenly stricken with a barrage of dizziness. The feeling had taken out my consciousness just like a wave to a small rock.

    I said something, but I had no idea what. It was as if my brain had taken me hostage into an absurd catalepsy.

    I regained control and shook my head around. My vision slowly came into focus and I peered over at Dib who must have been staring at me for some time now.

    "...What?" I asked holding my head.

    "You said 'I have to get to Zim!'" His alarmed tone took hold of my attention.

    Dib rolled his finger over the screw to get a better look at it. His face made an expression of disbelief, then a sudden realization washed over him just as quickly.

    His eyes narrowed, and then he uttered, "Zim."

    Dib turned his chair towards his computer and pulled out a box. It had a wire that ran to the back of the computer under the mess of papers. I couldn't help but notice his background was an eyeball insignia. I felt like I've seen it somewhere, but I couldn't remember. Maybe it was a famous cult? That wouldn’t have surprised me.

    "What's up with the screw?" I watched him put the screw into the box.

    He closed the box and a program on the computer started. It had a picture of a doctor looking over a default image with a magnifying glass. I stood next to Dib, who appeared to be pondering something.

    For some strange reason, I couldn't shake the very abhorrent feeling of wanting to see Zim. The more I tried to shake it, the more of a headache I got. It was as if my whole being was to do the bidding of Zim… Such a feeling was incredibly implausible. I barely did the bidding for my parents; let alone that alleged alien kid. I needed to be rid of this feeling soon.

    In order to distract myself, I held my head with some amount of distress and asked, "H-how come you haven't... gotten proof yet?" I couldn't think straight, and I could only entertain his notion of Zim being an alien - even if it did seem a bit asinine.

    He looked at me with this glare that pulled at my being to try to get an emotion out. "I just keep trying." That's all he said.

    I grimaced a moment as the wave of dizziness swept over me again, but this time I was able to keep my consciousness.

    The computer made a chime sound to indicate it had finished whatever it was doing, and Dib immediately looked at the results.

    "It's a..." He squint his eyes as if to make sure he was reading it correctly, "Mind Corrector. Used to control a subject's psyche and bend their will." He looked over at me, and he said, "He tried to use mind-control on you!"

    "I think he may have succeeded, because I'm feeling really dizzy right now." I couldn't think of a logical reason behind this. I let the whole alien thing drop all together.

    Making a small sigh, he put his hand on his chin and thought to himself, "But I really need you to be a decoy for me." His confliction was difficult for me to understand.

    The dizziness subsided, "I... guess I'll do it." I could not fathom on how I'm going to do it, but I'm going to do it.


    The time was 5:55 PM and we had arrived in the cul-de-sac that Zim's house surrounded with a bunch of other nondescript homes. Dib explained the plan to me in laymen's terms. I would go in, distract Zim, and he would sneak in behind me with a cloaking device he had developed. His body had completely disappeared from view apart from some very slight distortion of light.

    As we walked up to the house, Dib grinned at me with a dumb look and turned on the cloaking device. I turned towards the house to find it extremely different to any other house I've ever seen in this city. My vision seemed to blur for a second as I looked at the green exterior of the house. There were gnomes in the front, lined up with the cement walkway, to a front door with a bathroom "men’s" sign on it. There were two square windows on the sides, and one circular window on the top near the angular roof, and to top it all off there was a satellite dish on top. This made the house seem incredibly idiosyncratic.

    I assumed Dib was right behind me as I went up the walkway with no trouble, though I felt a little uneasy with those gnomes there. I tried to ignore them and just knocked on the door, no need to dwell on something like that.

    I knocked on the door, and almost immediately it opened to reveal to me what looked like a dog. He seemed to smile at me as his nub arm grabbed my hand, and pulled me inside with a force unlike any dog I’ve known; especially ones who could walk-on-two-legs.

    I couldn't really say what I would think Zim's house would look like on the inside, but it was a surprise that's for sure. The ceiling was what caught my attention first. There were just these purple tubes… they just entangled the ceiling in a jungle mess. Offset to this insane ceiling, a picture of a monkey was hung on the wall overlooking couch; which overlooked a rather large television. Looking in the back, I saw Zim walking in from what appeared to be a kitchen. In the far back of the kitchen appeared to be a toilet, and I could see a sign over it which said "I Eat Food".

    Unsettled beyond a wild degree, I greeted Zim with a small wave. His house was completely unnerving, and I really didn't have any explanation to myself as to why he would have a house like this. To top it all off my headache started to come back a little bit.

    Zim grinned at me, and said, "Hello, my friend of mine!" He dropped his voice when he said 'friend'.

    I nodded, walking over to the couch. "So, Zim, why did you have me come by?" Before I could even sit down, he grabbed my wrist.

    "I need help with something, over here!" He pulled me into an opening which would lead into the kitchen; we passed the 'dog' he had. It was playing with what looked like a small toy moose.

    The kitchen wasn't very distinctive, at all. A stove that looked as though it had been there for ages unused or even cleaned, a fridge on the back right wall, and next to the fridge was the toilet...

    "What's up with the toilet?" I asked, though I felt like I wouldn't get a straight answer.

    "I always get this NEED to use the bathroom whenever I'm in here, so I keep it there." Zim pulled out a chair for me, and then he went to the fridge. He was probably going to get some snacks or something.

    By this point my headache had dulled and was just a low buzz for now. It was as if I was pushing back that was trying desperately to take over my head. Of course, it wasn't succeeding but it was incredibly obnoxious.

    I looked around to see for any signs of Dib when I noticed a trash can on the back left, next to the stove. It opened a little bit, and then shut quickly. What was he planning?

    My attention snapped over to Zim as he brought over what looked like fun dip. I wasn't fond of candy considering the whole addictiveness they seem to have over people, but I couldn't turn down the friendly gesture. He handed me the pouch, and I proceeded to dip and eat the candy on the powdered stick.

    Zim took a seat across the table, "I have a question to ask of you, human!"

    I looked up at him, "Hm?" The stick was in my mouth.

    "What do you think of having your brain removed from your body?"

    I coughed on my dip-stick for a moment, and then exclaimed, "E-Excuse me?!"

    Suddenly, this long, slender, sharp ended, spider like tendrils came out of his backpack. They lifted him up effortlessly making him look a lot like a spider. His face just leered at me with a grinning expression peering down at me. All I could do was back up towards the opening into the living room.

    He laughed maniacally and said, "I must have your smartness. It'll be neeeat!" He dropped his voice again when he said "neat".

    "You… really are an alien!?" My mind could not comprehend the absolute sheer inexplicable circumstances happening before it.

    He laughed again, he took off his eyes (which were contact lenses) and revealed two completely magenta eyes that glistened in the filtered lighting. Next, he took off his hair- a wig- to reveal two black antennae for my viewing horror. Despite this, for a second, my brain registered cuteness, but then suddenly was overcame by life threatening images; then followed by copious amounts of splitting headache - with lines of dialogue from the mind-control screw.

    His dog removed its skin, which was a costume, and the lies became unraveled all at once as a robotic body appeared. To my surprise it started to wave the skin around like it was a flag.

    It yelled, "WEEEHOO!! IT'S NAKED PARTY TIME!!" Completely haphazard- it ran around for a little bit while the toy moose came to life.

    My head was just peeling at the constant truths being thrown at me. They were dark, and so many questions needed to be answered before it could completely sink in.

    I stood back as Zim started forward at me, with his robotic spidery legs giving him a towering figure. I turned around to run for the door, but he was quick to get in my way. His extra legs climbed the wall and hopped effortlessly in my way.

    "Going somewhere, Mind-Slave?" His antennae pushed forward as he kept his insidious grin upon his ill borne face.

    The wave of dizziness came back causing me to grip my head with trembling hands. I wasn't scared, I... I was just confused and outright stupefied by the myriad truths.

    "I..." The force I was holding back in my head was breaking through my wall.

    By this point, the Fun Dip I was given had dropped to the floor, and splattered everywhere with colored powdered candy. Like blood from an animal, it seemed to spread into the cracks in the tiled ground. The colors bounced off my shoes with dancing leaps.

    The moose flew in front of my face. I flinched, and it spoke, "Nyeh!”

    "He's going to WHAT my brain?!" A moment of clarity was pushed through.

    It seemed a bit frustrated, "Nnn-Nyeeehh!" It flew away.

    I understood. He was going to remove my brain.

    Zim advanced towards me again, "Vic! Let me remove your brain before I CRUSH YOUUU!!"

    The moment of clarity faded and I was stranded with a headache once again. I looked around for some kind of way out. There was none. There was no way out of this predicament.

    I could hear my own heartbeat for a few moments as a leg stroked at me, forcing me to jump back in reflex. My eyes were wide, my hands were cold. My body was hot, and I could feel my head pounding with each passing moment.

    I tried to take a deep breath, but it trembled into a wavering gasp. I managed to yell, "N-No way! I-I won't let you!" Little beads of sweat came down my face.
    For the first time in my life, my living status was in jeopardy. I watched Zim just grin at my pathetic disposition.

    He took a strike with his leg at me, this time snagging my shirt and pinning the dark blue fibers to the wall. This was followed by the staking of my jeans and other arm as well. I was to be crucified here and now.

    He raised a leg in front of my face - the pointed end barely touching my nose - and said, "I’ll admit your resistance of my reprogramming module is impressive, but I'm sorry to say that your pitiful h- AUGGH!!"

    Something smacked him out of the way and I was freed. I fell to the ground with sweat dropping off of my face. My hands felt probably the cleanest floor in the city. I’ve never been so thankful for being alive before. I’ve never felt this kind of passion in myself until now. I looked up from my crouching position to see Dib reappear with a metal bar in his hand. He stood over Zim who was reeling in pain.

    Seeing me in my state, Dib pulled me up as Zim tried to recover. Zim's legs retracted into his backpack like worms. It was as if he was in a symbiotic relationship with the backpack. He stood on his legs now, and glared at me.

    I ran towards the door, and pulled it open only to hear Dib yell, "Nyagh!" Zim had pushed Dib to the ground and they started to fight with each other.

    I started looking for something to hit Zim with. I wasn’t going to let my piece of the pain-pie get away. My eyes scanned the room; I saw the little robot was right next to me. It had been just sitting there singing to itself. The singing was just incoherent noises though. The little robot was completely oblivious to the moonstricken events around it.

    I picked up the little guy and threw him at the squabbling enemies. It managed to knock Zim square on the head, and made a very distinct noise as it did. The green alien had not even flinched at the painful connection with the robot. The noise rang for a few seconds as they both stopped moving causing a moment of silence. Zim turned around slowly with a glare in his face.

    This sudden overwhelming feeling of guilt swelled up in my inner being and made me apologize, “I-I’m sorry, Master—“

    I shut my mouth with an appalled look on my face. What did I just say!? I couldn’t take it back, and there was no way to fix what I had just conceded to. My mind started to ask itself over and over as to why it would even think of saying such a thing.

    My eyes widened as he started to laugh again. For some strange reason my face felt a little warm too. Such feelings were only natural, I supposed. I couldn't hide it easily, so I immediately turned around and ran into the cul-de-sac. It was as if I’d become milquetoast.

    The green alien had stopped laughing after he saw me leave, and stood at the front door, “Get back here! I command youuu!!” He pointed his gloved finger at me, screaming at me.

    My brain was betraying me, but my body stayed true. The stalemate between body and mind caused me to just stand there. I couldn’t move. The only light was the filtered streetlamps above me.

    I looked back to see Zim start to run after me. He appeared to be holding a gun: a gun most likely not from Earth.

    He stopped at the sidewalk for some reason, and glared at me again. "I am your master, and you will obey ME!" He took a shot, but missed with comical accuracy.

    "Obeying you will be my pleasure, m-m-- NGH!!" I slapped my own face, and immediately turned around and ran towards the city. Zim was close behind me, I was sure of it.

    The houses were tantamount to each other as I passed them. I could hear Dib in the distance behind us, "Get back here, alien scum!!" Zim had fired the gun again at me which kept missing.


    Each house went passed me one by one. The houses led to buildings, which led to skyscrapers. Empty streets were in my wake. It was a strange sight as just a few hours ago they were full and disgustingly lively. The stores had all closed. The food joints were closed to my own surprise. Even the buildings that SAY they're "open 25/7" were even closed.

    I looked back really quickly. I could see Zim passing under a sidewalk streetlamp with a fierce expression on his face. He wasn’t stopping anytime soon. The guilty feeling started to come up again, but I shook it off, and made a dash once more down the sidewalk.

    Throughout my running, I felt my mind go into shambles. I was having a hard time thinking straight at all. I couldn't even think about where I should go, what I should do, or how should I do it.

    My body pulled me into a dark alleyway and ran to the other end where oblong lights flashed into the darkness. I looked behind me again, and could not find Zim anywhere to be seen.


    The alleyway had brick walls on both sides with gutwrenching smells and sights of the dumpsters that occupied it. Reaching the end of the alleyway I noticed lights flashing brightly from the street before me. I looked out to see a large crowd gathered around a stage. People were yelling and cheering for whatever was going on. Despite the noise, I heard myself panting rather loudly, and beads of sweat started to come down my face in the muggy air.

    The street was crowded with people. It seemed as though there was everyone in the entire city there. A banner hung on the top of the stage that said, "ASDF Band! YEAH!" I could hear people cheering as a band arrived on stage, and started to play loud rock music. The music was far enough away, so it didn't make it impossible to hear anything else going on. The lyrics rang down the allyway- Not really lyrics unless the word "blah" over and over is counted as anything particularly musical.

    I thought to myself flat out, It wasn't musical. At all. In the slightest. It just made my head feel as though someone was prying it open with a rusty crobar- AND ALCOHOL.

    I heard a voice from down the alleyway over the echoed sounds of the rock band. "Vic!? Where are you, you filthy mind slave of mine?!" I saw the green horror walk past the alleyway entrance to which I came. He surprisingly wasn’t disguised. "Tell me your location, NOW!!"

    I preemptively put a hand over my mouth to stop me from saying anything in response. I wasn't letting myself give myself away...by my-own-self.

    He had passed the alleyway now. I thought I was safe. Unfortunately, just as some bright lights flashed, I was exposed. He stopped just short of the next sidewalk, and walked backwards. His head turned toward the alleyway. To my own expense, I was exposed long enough for him to notice. My eyes widened.

    I lowered my arms and uttered a curse in sheer aggravation. The running away was so cowardly. I felt I couldn’t keep doing this. But… Was I justified? He most certainly would have killed me if Dib hadn't given me the chance to get away. My internal struggle went on.

    Wait, where is Dib?

    Zim was gaining on my position. Seeing this, I turned around and made a hasty escape into the space behind the fray.

    For some reason, my body refused to run as fast as I previously was. I questioned why I was running from him to begin with. I’m his slave! Why in the world would a slave run away from his master?

    I stopped with a dazed look in my face as a tall skinny man walked passed me. He caught my eye as a strange adult with short black hair, and wore this strange black and white shirt. There was something about him that struck me as ..."wacky". Walking next to him was a teenaged boy with longer dark brown hair... That's all I could make out by this point. My vision had started to blur and fade with each passing moment.

    I watched as the green monstrosity grabbed my wrist and started to pull me back to the alleyway.

    I think he said, "Vic... You run pretty fast. But you are NO MATCH for MY superior...uh... running... ness...!"

    I felt him stop which caused me to look into the dark haze in front of us. He was still holding onto my wrist, rather tightly now. I could feel his strange rubbery gloves coarse my skin. It felt rather uncomfortable.

    "Jeez, Zim, I didn't think you were into that." I heard a familiar voice. It sounded like Gaz.

    The haze was starting to clear, and I slowly began to see her come into view. She was blocking the path to the alleyway.

    Zim groaned, and said, "Get out of the way, little Dib sister!" I watched Gaz take a sip of her large soda.

    "...Nghh..." I couldn't say anything... Anything coherent that is. It was as though I was watching myself, but through the first person. It was a strange feeling…

    I heard some loud panting and squeaky footsteps coming from the alleyway. The roar of the band was farther down the street now. People had started to move away from the alleyway to follow the band. They didn’t notice anything. It was a moving band... I thought.

    I couldn't tell... but I think the person running towards us was Dib and that not-dog thing Zim owns. They had finally caught up with us, and by this point I was pushing through the mind control. My free will had reached its limits as I tried to convey relief to Dib.

    It was parsed incorrectly when read to my mouth, "Z-Zim, Dib's coming over here..." I raised a finger at the tired boy behind Gaz.

    I could hear Dib panting quite loudly as he attempted to explain the situation to Gaz, but mostly his aggravation towards Zim getting away, "He's... Vic's... Mind controlled... and... Zim... is ... going... brains!! Brains!! He wants his braaains...!" His voice was a bit hysterical.

    I wanted to tell Dib to come and do something quick before Zim takes my brains but... "Dib... You're in the way of the Master..." My free will wanted to throw up, that's for sure.

    I could hear Gaz laugh a little bit like she was laughing down at me, and spoke, "Wow, Zim. You actually managed to be competent at something." I heard her sip once more.

    "Your flattery is acknowledged, foolish girl. But! I will not be stopped by you, or your birth sibling any longer!" I felt him pull me along in a hasty fashion.

    I could see in the darkened haze Gaz and Dib had been pushed down in order for us to escape. I heard a small splash as they hit the ground.

    Suddenly, I heard this loud groaning sound come from one of the two siblings behind us. Zim stops, and looks back- only to immediately run away once more; more fervently than ever before.

    I could hear Gaz's voice, which was really close for some reason, "You're going to feel my wrath now. You hear that Zim?!" Quickly, I felt a cold liquid being splash upon both of us.

    It put my brain into shock for a second, and pulled me back into the conscious land again. My eyes had focused once more!

    Before me was a writhing Zim in pain. The drink splashed on him had a drastic effect on his skin. It peeled and seemed to steam a bit as he groaned.

    I turned around, and asked, "W-what just happened?" I felt the sticky liquid go down my cheek.

    Gaz pushed me out of the way, and proceeded to kick Zim square in the gut. Multiple times: without any sort of remorse or mercy. Just kick after kick... It was a relentlessly brutal attack on his person. I looked at her to see this unbound rage had engulfed her. Her expression was exceedingly dark and sent chills up my spine. For some reason, I felt some sort of partiality towards it. It was a curious feeling that I've never felt before.

    She finally stopped after the tenth kick, "Don't mess with me." She had her forearm raised slightly to point at him with an angrily shaking hand. Her eyes shifted over to me, and she became calm for me. "...Ptuh." The girl started to walk away.

    I stopped her, and ardently said, "Wait! ...I want to thank you for saving me." She stopped in her tracks and looked back at me. I gave her a small smile.

    "You're welcome." She turned back around, "I guess." Then she proceeded to walk away.

    The now docile alien stirred, "Don't walk away from--" Gaz looked back once more with a large grimace. It was so incredibly incredulous that I couldn't even comprehend how she could make a face like that. Zim stopped and made a small mouse like noise. "Squee!"

    I saw Dib walk past her sister with a sidestepping glance at her. He knew better than to even think of talking to her now. Such a girl with a hidden rage inside her could only be imagined in the deepest reaches of one's own brain, I supposed.

    The four-eyed chaser acknowledged Zim for a moment then looked at me. He gave a sigh of relief, "For a second there, I thought you were a goner." He looked back at Zim, "Heh. I don't even feel... anything." He was most likely referring to Zim's physical suffering.

    I saw the “not-dog” walk up to its master, and yelled, "You look like GRApes!!" Its voice squeaked.

    The sticky liquid had settled and I felt ripe to leave for home. "That was... exciting."

    "What?" Dib looked at me as if I were crazy.

    "I mean, he's REALLY what you say he is- and-and... Wow." I wanted to express my excitement through words. The days coming forth were DEFINETELY going to be interesting.

    Zim got up, and just ran away. He screamed back at us with something cliché like: "You will not see the last of me, DIB HUMAN!!" or something. The “not-dog” followed close behind singing something completely unintelligible.

    I gave a jaunty look at Dib and said, "Anyway, I hope this whole Mind-Control thing has worn off now..."

    Dib just shrugged. Honestly, he really wouldn't know, and I probably was asking the wrong person. He just said, "Well, given that it's alien technology, I would assume it’s pretty potent. That... thing." Rolling his eyes he took out a broken piece of something expensive, "I just got it, and he breaks it."

    "No evidence?"

    "No evidence." He appeared as though it had happened before.

    I gave him a disappointed look for the camera, and said my goodbyes. We went our separate ways...


    It would be around 9:30pm when I arrived at my apartment home. It was located at the corner of Maple and DogWood Street. Just coming here gave me a feeling of relief. Things should calm down now...

    My apartment is owned by my parents, of course. It's a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom condo-esque type of apartment. There was nothing particularly interesting about it other than my room. The rest of the place was just a door that led to my parent’s room and a kitchen/living room combo with a nice overlook of the murky city below. The kitchen lay to the left of the entrance with a small dining table for the three of us to sit and eat. The whole space was an “L” shape with a large window in the back. The living area consisted of a grey couch and a moderately sized television. Not that I had ever watched the stupid thing.

    Our rooms were on the right, a door to my room was at the corner of the “L” shape going down, and the bathroom was right next door. Following that was my parent’s room, and then circling back to the front door. The whole place had a white color that dipped into a light purple coloring to it.

    Well of COURSE my parents aren't home, I thought to myself.

    I opened my door into my familiar living space, and entered my bedroom in a dash. Essentially, my bedroom was the only secluded room that had a window. The room had a nice bed with sheets and a blanket that had little drama mask designs on it. To the left of the bed, there was a desk adjacent to the window for my studies. There was a computer on the desk I used whenever I felt like it- Not that there was anything going on in there; lord knows I've watched every episode of "Double Standards: Being Neutral". Sometimes I’ll maybe write something too... That's about it. At the end of the bed was a walled wooden bookshelf full of wonderful pieces of literature. It sat just enough space away from my closet.

    I took a refreshing shower and changed into fitting pajamas.

    I liked my room. It was the only place in the world I knew I could be safe from the stupidity in kin of macabre outside it. Here, I was safe from it all…

    For Now.

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