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What Hoenn Remake version will you choose and why?

What Hoenn remake version are you getting?

  • Omega Ruby

    Votes: 70 29.4%
  • Alpha Sapphire

    Votes: 92 38.7%
  • Both

    Votes: 71 29.8%
  • None. I want a Sinnoh remake.

    Votes: 5 2.1%

  • Total voters


Omega Ruby. I went with Ruby way back in the day (even if I bought Sapphire and Emerald later too), and my reasons for the choice remain the same. Groudon's just cooler to me. And I like rubies more than sapphires. Er.
both because they are my favorite gen because of the massive rampage they had and plus i have like 2 pokemon emeralds just so i could complete the dex and it had the rampage of legends :D
plus i hope they have the events where you get to birth island and navel rock best event places ever! and i love the starters :D
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*hugs Absol*
Alpha Sapphire, because I used to play Sapphire. Also I like blue over red, and Kyogre over Groudon. Though I may consider getting both versions, depends on if I like what I see in upcoming trailers/screenshots.
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Hero of the Storm
I always get both version but I have to decide which I was to play first. Probably Sapphire and start with Mudkip just like old days. My problem is I'm moving to US soon and I've got addicted to my PAL 3DS XL so I don't want to be demoted to my shotty little 3DS NTSC screen if I get the games on release day in the states. I could wait longer to get them from AUS or I could splurge and get a new NTSC 3DS XL. Lol Choices choices. Either way I'm excited since I've been waiting forever for these. Hoenn just has that capture to make me keep coming back. Similar to HG/SS and me coming back to playing those simply because X and Y bored me with the lack of post game activities.


Steel-Clad Wonder
Well, It is kinda difficult to say for sure which one I will choose. I'll have to wait and see what kind of in-game Version exclusives etc. there are. But as of now, I am concidering Omega Ruby because Team Magma, and the fact that Ruby was my own first game (not concidering Crystal that me and my Brother had to share) Though, I am most likely going to buy Alpha Sapphire as well. lol


I'll be getting Alpha Sapphire since I played Sapphire back in the day, and it was one of my favorite games...gotta love the nostalgia. My partner always gets the one I don't, so they'll be getting Omega Ruby.

As for starter, I'll probably go for Treecko, since it's the one starter I never really took (I took Torchic in Emerald and Mudkip in Sapphire), and I can build a decently diverse team around it. My partner's said they're thinking Torchic for the sake of having a type advantage against me xD


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Gen III has so many great memories for me, but I'm still not sure if I'm going to buy either at this point. I'm not a fan of supporting remakes - I want new material, people! I skipped over HG/SS for this reason and I've never bought a remake of a game that I owned the predecessor for (I was gifted leaf green for christmas, but I was a kid and don't count that xD I skipped platinum, BW2 etc. as well).

Granted, if it can add a lot of new content and distinguish itself enough I'll probably go for alpha sapphire... Just because sapphire was the one I had as a kid. Shame it's being released in November aka exam season. -_-


Master Collector
Ruby was my choice back in the day so Ill have to stick with that nd play OmegaRuby :D

Will still get AlphaSapphire but Omega will be my played one


The Interceptor

I always preferred Rayquaza to the two to be honest, but Groudon is my second favorite of three.

Pink Harzard

So majestic
I will do both. First Alpha Sapphire because Sapphire was my first game and then Omega Ruby to get Groudon. (If that is found like in the old Ruby)

Alpha Sapphire will be my main and Omega Ruby for things like Nuzlocke's and getting version exclusives.

Funfact: Sapphire is my birthstone.
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Omega Ruby, because red and rubies are awesome and also because I would love to hear the remade version of 'Drought' :p


<----Newest Shiny
For now I will say Omega Ruby, as the original Ruby was the first game I ever bought with my own money. I am tempted to get both, but my brother wants Alpha Sapphire anyways, so unless they add more mega evolutions and make he exclusive, I will probably just get Omega Ruby.


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Ruby because I had Ruby version several years ago. And I need a way to get Groudon since wifi features for 4th and 5th gen are going to be shut down eventually. I have HeartGold and I don't plan on buying SoulSilver, so I wouldn't be able to trade over wifi with anyone.


Panda Power
Since Diamond and Pearl I've been getting both versions of each Generation. So I'll be getting both Omega and Alpha.

I'll probably get Ruby the week they come out. Then Sapphire For Christmas.

Had Sapphire and Emerald way back when, so now is my chance to try Ruby.


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i'm going with sapphire mainly because i like kyogre.


Saiyan Jedi
omega ruby
chances are I'll get the other one later, but for now I'll just get omega ruby

Bolt the Cat

Bringing the Thunder
It's a bit early for me to decide, but going on the originals' version differences, I'm leaning more towards Omega Ruby.

Mr. Reloaded

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Whichever one has Latios in it.
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