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What I did to make Sword and Shield harder and also more fun


New Member
(This does require Pokemon Home and also some time to prepare. But once you are done the games replay value is very high)

1. Capture all pokemon available that are able to breed with a Ditto at the nursery. (Do not capture legendary or baby pokemon). This can just be one of the pokemon within each family. For instance, you can capture just a Caterpie, you do not have to capture its evolutions.

*you do not have to do this. I only did it so now I dont have to ever capture another pokemon

**do not delete your save game yet after this is completed

2. Save these pokemon in Pokemon Home for future use.

3. Randomly select 6 of the total available (I believe there are 271 different final evolutions). These will be the only pokemon you use in your new game.

4. Breed those 6 pokemon so that you receive each pokemon at level 1. This will allow you to use any pokemon at the start of the game (actually once you get to the wild area)
Example: you can actually start the gym challenge off with a Lapras around level 10 and use it. You dont have to wait until the end of the game.

5. Transfer those 6 level 1 pokemon to pokemon home.

6. Delete save data and start a new adventure. Once you get to the wild area you can transfer over those 6 pokemon from Home.

7. I recommend grinding with your starter pokemon and leveling up the 6 pokemon to level 10. Once they reach level 10, release your starter.

8. Now you can enter Motostoke with any 6 level 10 pokemon instead of being limited to the few that are available through the first few routes.

1. You may not use ANY items.
2. You may not purchase anything from poke marts
3. Save the game after every trainer battle
3. You must only use as many pokemon as the trainers you fight. If they only use one, you only use one. If your pokemon faints, you must exit the game and restart at your save point and try again. You may use whichever pokemon you want.
4. There is no healing pokemon until you reach the next pokemon center or have no pokemon in the 'green'.
5. You cannot grind to level up pokemon. Only gain experience through trainer and gym battles. This will keep your pokemon very close in level to the competition.


Lillie best girl
But all 6 of those would get boosted experience due to them being traded. Wouldn't it make more sense to hatch them in the new file?


New Member
They are not boosted since you are just transferring them into Home and back to another file. You dont access the GTS or any trade platform. They should all come from the original captured pokemon.

On the other hand you could transfer over the pokemon you want and breed them in the new file if you would like. Either way works just make sure you do it before entering Motostoke


Well-Known Member
Any Pokémon with an OT that doesn’t match whatever game it’s in gets the EXP boost. If you’re saving Pokémon from one save file and then using HOME to keep them and place them into a new save file, that counts.